Should Margret Thatcher's role in the controversial arms deal be publicized?

  • For history's sake it should be publicized.

    There comes a point in a county's history when they should face up to whatever unsavory things happened in the past if only to get to the real truth of the matter. Margret Thatcher has left office and dies years ago. It may be a problem that something she did will tarnish her reputation but the truth and what really happened historically should come out even if it is for the sake of future scholarly works.

  • Yes, Margret Thatcher's role in the controversial arms deal should be made public.

    The governments of the world and their leaders need to be held accountable for their actions and this can only be done when there is complete transparency. It is time for the secretive actions of nations and individuals to be brought out into the light so that global dealmaking can be vetted by the general public.

  • History should be open

    It is important after enough time has past for people to be made aware of historical events such as Thatcher's role in the arms deal. We will never learn anything if we don't look back with all the knowledge possible to draw real conclusions. If mistakes were made we can avoid them in the future.

  • Yes, If you or I were involved, we would be called gangsters.

    Blair learned his lessons well from Thatcher and took them and ran with them. UK politics is in bed with arms manufacturers and all aspects of private banking and corporate world. Killing, maiming and displacing millions and destroying whole countries and regions is, well, just business now and profits to be made from those fleeing through other criminal trafficking enterprises and if some are well educated, all the better, less money we need to spend on education, more tax payers money for weapons to keep the deadly, disgusting cycle going. A reason why many MPs enthusiastically vote for war and nuclear weapons? Corruption in politics is not good for citizens believe it or not. Citizens abroad get killed, maimed, their lives, societies and cultures destroyed and we get oppressed at home under the boot of profiteering and revolving door culture. Of course you overlook the moral and ethical aspects of warmongering for profit.

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