• 100% Agree With Marijuana.

    Marijuana is a safe alternative to other legal drugs you could acquire including "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Prescription drugs. The United States could tax this safe drug and gain way more money, about 7 billion dollars a year just in taxes. This money could help the school and make the yearly taxes go down. Do you agree??

  • To the person that said "No marijuana"

    The "If there wasn't anything wrong with it in the first place, it wouldn't be illegal" statement is not correct because once upon a time slavery was legal and once upon a time women did not have the right to vote. Both of those things were wrong BUT legal, same thing with cannabis. Marijuana is a derogatory term so I prefer to call it by the plant name cannabis. I believe in the decriminalization of cannabis and that it should be medically legal and recreationally legal as well but with obvious restrictions and limits.

  • Yes 420 yes

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  • Decriminalization of marijuana

    Yes it should be decriminalized because jail and prison are for rapists, murderers, mass shooters, heroine dealers, etc. because marijuana is not as harmful as any drug out there. It actually does the opposite of harm although there are a few things that are minor. Marijuana isn't a harmful "drug".

  • Yes it should!

    I believe marijuana should be decriminalized. Police should be trying to find actual criminals not busting people for a dime bag who are just trying to relieve a little stress and smile for a little while. Marijuana is harmless! So many people do it and can still take great care of their kids, hold down jobs and even go to school. Marijuana use does not make someone a bad person.

  • I can only see the benefits.

    I have yet to hear a good reason why marijuana should not be decriminalized. It is a relatively harmless drug, and the possession of sale of it (in smaller amounts) should result in nothing more than a ticket, if that (in my opinion it should be completely legal). Of course, bigger “drug lords” who are dealing marijuana and other drugs in large quantities and engaging in violent, drug-related crimes should be subject to harsher punishments. But your average hippie pot dealer in college definitely does not deserve to go to jail.

  • American history is full of laws that were wrong and later rectified.

    Prohibition, slavery, women's rights, etc. Just because something is illegal doesn't make it wrong, only illegal. This is an issue of individual rights. The right to self determination. MJ is one of the least harmful substances we use today. End MJ prohibition.

  • Yes, cannabis prohibition should end.

    There is no solid reasoning based on empirical evidence to support prohibition against cannabis. It has very little negative effects, and the argument that it is a gateway drug is a correlation/causation fallacy. Smoking weed may correlate with trying other drugs, but so does tobacco, alcohol, wearing pants, etc. There is no evidence that smoking cannabis causes you to try hard drugs.

    And even if it were bad for your health, is criminalization an appropriate response. That is, are hard prison sentences necessary?

  • Yes, Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

    People believe the only ones who cry for the decriminalization of marijuana are "pot heads" who just want to get high all day. This is not so, I have never smoked marijuana before in my life, but I am smart enough to evaluate the evidence. The evidence shows that marijuana is no worse for the human body than alcohol or smoking, so it should be decriminalized.

  • YES, marijuana should be decriminalized

    I think marijuana should definitely be decriminalized! What harm does someone cause by getting high off of it? When is the last time you heard about someone getting into a car accident or harming another person by being high on marijuana? It doesn't happen! Alcohol is way more dangerous, and there's no reason why it should NOT be legal!

  • No marijuana

    No, in my personal opinion, marijuana should not be decriminalized. It is still a a drug, a drug that that alters the way you think and feel and how you react to certain situations. If there wasn't anything wrong with it in the first place, it wouldn't be illegal. There should only be medical used for marijuana.

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