• Are you guys crazy

    Marijuana is sooooooo bad for you, if you think for one second that its better than drinking than your wrong. Marijuana is worst than drinking because your body doesn't have enough time to tell you when to stop, but for drinking your body tells you when by making you throw up. I'm not saying that either of them are good but Marijuana is worst

  • Yes marijuana should be legal

    Why 1 .Marijuana has medical benefits a in ancient years scientists discovered that they used weed to cure some illnesses
    2. There will be no more marijuana trafficking
    3. It is less dangerous and less and less addictive than alcohol or tobacco
    4. Legalising marijuana can create jobs like:growers,processors,delivery and others

    Less people under bars.
    Violent crime decreased
    More money to governments.
    Fewer accidents
    Safer streets

  • Marijuana can hurt you and your body

    Why i think it should be banned for everyone because smoking marijuana can cause depression like my friends brother nice big guy but really mad and depressed all the time that is because he smokes marijuana and it can also cause schizophrenia what this does is it makes you hear things that were not said and the drug users often find themselves lacking on motivation.

  • Marijuana is bad

    If you think about it Marijuana is an illegal substance which people shouldn't smoke as it makes you feel different taking you away to a different world and it is illegal because it is damaging to the body and the mind. The government don't do it because they wan to

  • It's All About Rebellion

    Holland has legalised marijuna, with many cafés that sell such drugs. However, contrary to what many people would think, more people in Holland choose not to use marijuna. They say it is because the drug is so readily avaliable, it isn't as "special" to have it. Once the urge for rebellion is removed (legalised), we will not have as big of a problem as we have right now.

  • Yes, it should.

    If marijuana gets legalized I guarantee we will suddenly have an influx of teenagers using and abusing it than getting into even more car accidents and putting themselves into bad situations. As it is things like alcohol and cigarettes should not really be legal either, but it would be way to hard to undo that.

  • Marijuana is proven bad for many reasons!!!!!!!!!

    I am doing a research project and it shows that marijuna is just as bad as drunk driving. Also 42 billion dollars are spent every year in the US for just marijuana! All that money could go to help fix our debt problem or find a cancer cure but nooooooo!!!!! You guys have to go out and be potheads who are just as bad as alcholics!

  • It keeps them out of jail for stupid reasons and we can now get the real criminals

    The same as my headline, also it's not that bad, it's the same as drinking, or smoking cigs and they allow those in the world so why not weed! It's just stupid people should learn that everyone might try it or do it so why go to jail for it, just make it legal.

  • It is not morally acceptable.

    This act is neither morally or ethically correct. Not in any religion does it say that you can take drugs and damage your body and even if you do you must do so responsibly, In the Bible, it quotes, Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.' This implies that you must treat you body with the utmost respect and follow God's command.

  • Yes, within reason.

    Marijuana for recreation purposes is a complex animal- while it isn't particularly aggressive in side-effects like "hard drugs", it still generally doesn't have a good influence on people when used for a specifically recreational purpose. Personal anecdotes aside, it's a bad habit that permeates the personality and does not encourage professionalism. Just like excessive inebriation is not acceptable, so too is being under the influence of a drug like marijuana.

  • Marijuana should stay illegal

    Marijuana is very addictive. It is a scam to get money from consumers. It is also a deadly weapon. It kills thousands of people. They cant stop smoking it because it is extremely hard to stop. They should hunt down the marijuana producers. They should not just leave it alone.

  • There's more then just you out there

    Pot is great:3 it's the cure to my depression and the cute to all my horrible thoughts I've never been happier why would you want to take some ones happiness away?? That would be like taking candy form a little kid. You just don't do it. Pot has saved my life more then once

  • We've all been lied to!

    Okay first marijuana isn't even bad for you. It's never been proven to have led to someone's death and it doesn't kill brain cells like they've always told me in fact marijuana stimulates brain activity! Marijuana has a ridiculous amount of medical uses (epilepsy, autism, cancer just for a few examples) and marijuana even stopped cancer cells from growing in a certain study and left the healthy cells be. Finally if it was legalized, taxed, and regulated the way it has been proposed (at least in my home state) it would generate 180 billion in tax dollars if not more! So why have something illegal that's healthy for you and could generate a lot of money for the government? LETS END THIS RIDICULOUS WAR ON WEED AND LEGALIZE IT ALREADY

  • Less of taxpayers money

    Marijuana is one of the most sought after "drugs" and is also what most people go to jail for possessing. The reason our jails are filled is because of this. It just wastes taxpayers money, I would rather smoke than drink. When you smoke you are more conscious but when you drink you can black out and do things you regret doing

  • Why Just Marijuana

    Substances should be illegal because of their health hazards, not just politics. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have never heard of marijuana use (excluding THC concentrates) causing death.
    Tobacco use has a high chance of killing users over time.
    Alcohol can kill directly, cause diseases when consumed in excess, and cause users to make completely irrational choices that can result in death.
    Both are legal... But marijuana is not
    I know marijuana has its dangers, but are they really worth the tax money our government spends to fight it. Why should our government continue wasting money fighting something that doesn't even kill its users?
    Cant make sense of it.

  • I think so, yes!

    Marijuana is a relaxer. It calms you. I have a lot of stomach problems and I cant eat breakfast or even sometimes I cant eat all day. Wake up smoke get a good healthy breakfast and feel good. It also helps with depression or negativity. It relaxes your body and your mind. Tobacco is legal and look at the deaths and stuff from it. Alcohol is legal and look what that causes. You can be 18 go and fight for your country, possibly die but you cant even sit down and have a beer . Why shouldn't weed be legal? everyone's going to smoke it anyway..

  • Not until alcohol is illegal again.

    Alcohol is infinitely worse for human beings than marijuana is. Have you ever heard of a guy smoking a joint, blacking out, and beating the living hell out of his girlfriend? Didn’t think so. I could go on, but I’m sure every point I could make has already been addressed here somewhere. It’s a pretty simple concept, anyways.

  • Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol

    Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, yet alcohol is legal. Marijuana has been known to relieve nausea in cancer chemotherapy patients, and has also been used as a pain reliever. Hemp is another benefit of marijuana. Hemp would be good for the environment because it is a indestructable fiber, that is completely biodegradable. Instead of spending billions of dollars keeping something illegal that has the benefits such as marijuana has, is costly, ridiculous, and senseless. What positive benefits does alcohol actually have? It causes liver disease (Sclerosis of the liver), psychological problems, and is the most harmful drug in use today. So, there is no reason that marijuana should be classified as a Schedule one drug, along side of cocaine and amphetamines and is illegal......really? It makes no sense at all. We would profit more legalizing it, than we are spending keeping it illegal.

  • No

    Marijuana should not be illegal. it should be taxed and regulated. marijuana can be a good treatment for many medical issues. The manufacture of cannabis and products made from it could give the economy the boost it needs to get the United States out of this severe recession. Marijuana should not be illegal because we're only hurting this country.

  • No

    No I do not think marijuana should be illegal. There is no reason to keep it illegal. For one, the government could tax the hell out of it like it does alcohol and cigarettes, and this would help with the state budgets. Also, alcohol is worse in my opinion and it is perfectly legal.

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