• Yes,Marijuana must be legal in all states.

    Yes,the marijuana must be legal in all states.because Marijuana is a dry,also it is the most abused illegal substance among youth.some scientific evidence that marijuana use during the teen years can permanently lower a person’s IQ and interfere with other aspects of functioning and well-being.we still have a long way to go in our efforts to prevent marijuana use .

  • Yes, it should be treated like alcohol

    The criminalization of marijuana means that criminal enterprises are involved in its productions and distribution, similar to when alcohol was prohibited. If marijuana were made legal it could be governed like alcohol, and its use could be made safer while tax revenues could be collected on its sale. This would also prevent the use of marijuana as a gateway drug, as it could be obtained from a safe location (such as a store) rather than a dealer who is also peddling more dangerous things.

  • Believe it or not it can be controlled easier

    When something is legal people tend not to want it as much because people feel it is "cool" to break the law with your friends so they try something not harmful but illegal like marijuana. Marijuana can be used as a antidepressant or help preventing cancerous problems. Also can help people who are addicted to cigarettes to not be as addicted or not addicted at all, and then go on the safer route.

  • Why Shouldn't It?

    After all, we allow for the consumption of alcohol which does far more long-term damage to the human body (in particular the brain and liver) and has far fewer positive health effects than marijuana (such as treating depression and improving eye health). We also allow for tobacco smoking which causes practically every form of cancer and lung/heart condition possible. Really, why don't we have greater support for legalized marijuana in light of what we do allow our citizens to consume for recreation? Seems a bit backwards.

  • Yes, It Should!

    Marijuana has obvious medical uses

    According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, there has been no scientific evidence presented to confirm that the gateway drug theory applies to marijuana. To add to that, on average, most Marijuana users use marijuana after using more harmful drugs like alcohol or tobacco.

    Plus, marijuana does not kill a significant amount of brain cells. There was a study performed on rats that gave the rats 95% marijuana smoke and 5% oxygen. Marijuana users do not clog their airways with marijuana smoke to the point where they cannot breath. This test proves nothing.

    There is no evidence that normal amounts of marijuana has significant effects on motor skills.

  • Accepting Drug use is not a Viable Solution

    Legalising drugs will not assist in resolving the issue of drug use. Cannabis affects people's lives and the way that they function, as well as causing them long term harm. I do not feel that alcohol should be a legal drug either, due to the addictive nature of this drug and the fact that it affects a persons actions

  • Marijuana Should Not Be Legal Recreationally in Any State

    It is a bad idea to legalize marijuana in any state for recreational purposes. People do not need to get high for the sake of getting high. It is a waste of time and immoral as well. People need to instead focus on ways to improve their lives so that they do not need to use substances to make them feel elated or mentally escape.

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