Should marijuana be legalized all over the United States?

  • Legalize Recreational Marijuana

    There is no reason not to legalize it. The people (youth) that want to consume marijuana will do it if it is legal or not. Legalizing it would not be a factor in their consumption, that is moral. If there are so many health reasons to not legalize it, please, make them known. Simply legalize it and teach the country's people about the effects, which would actually help more than just saying "YALL BETTER NOT DO IT - YOU'LL GO TO JAIL" You cannot overdose from marijuana consumption, but you can die 5 minutes after excessive binge drinking or chain smoking for a few years. There is only a chance of cancer diagnosis if one 'smokes' marijuana: not vaping, drinking, or eating it. No reason not to!

    Oh, and put the tax money to our education, transportation, and minimum wage increase. (:

  • I think that marijuana should be legalized all over the United States as soon as possible.

    I think that marijuana should be legalized all over the United States as soon as possible. It's ridiculous that it is still illegal to smoke a natural plant in America. This is a waste of the county's very precious, limited resources. This money would be of better use for something else.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legalized all over the United States.

    Yes, marijuana should be legalized all over the United States. Making marijuana illegal has not stopped people from smoking it, so why not allow states to profit from it's use. Marijuana is not a lethal drug and is much safer than alcohol which is legal. Marijuana also has beneficial medical use.

  • It might as well, for revenue purposes.

    I don't smoke, have never smoked, and don't like when people do smoke, but I still think it might as well be legalized. People who really want to do it already do it, and we're only shooting ourselves in the foot by not legalizing it because it just means we're not generating any tax revenue from it. Plus it keeps otherwise harmless individuals out of prison.

  • Marijuana helps in some ways.

    Marijuana has not done any harmful effects like most say (-killing people). Marijuana has many good qualities. As a medicine, it can slow down the effects of cancer. I understand that it could be harmful if misused, it could be a gateway drug to harmful drugs. Though marijuana in itself is not harmful.

  • Legalize Marijuana Today

    Marijuana has been used for over million's of years. Why is it not legalized now? Marijuana has been used to cure many of illnesses and could be use to treat many illnesses today such as cancer that still does not have a cure. Marijuana should be legalized everywhere starting today

  • Marijuana should be legal!!

    Teens consume alcohol because they are told not to they also use weed because they are told not to. Marijuana is not even close to being as potent as alcohol or other drugs. It should be legal because why not so many people already do it so i say we make it legal!!

  • Yes marijuana should be legalized over the united states

    Marijuana should be legalized around the United States because, people enjoy smoking the herb "Marijuana" because it gives them a funny feeling in there mind which some people such as "Pot Smokers" if they ever legalize Marijuana they should make tablets of it then sell them and then people will get there satisfaction will be made .

  • Legal or decriminalize either way

    No one who smokes beats up their wife and kids, unlike booze; It is a plant,, unlike other drugs that have to be made,, no distilling needed, it will be used anyway legal or not, more people would benefit medically if no chance of punishment,, Tobacco kills we know, No deaths have been related to smoking pot, prove me wrong,

  • We need to keep Marijuana out of the wrong hands

    Marijuana should be legalized for medical uses only. If the drug fell into the wrong hands it could be very harmful. Marijuana may be considered safe, but so are alcohol and cigarettes,the two substances that are responsible for a majority of american deaths. Think of all the issues we have with drunk driving, do we really need that with high driving.

  • No Marijuana Legalization

    Currently, the United States shouldn't legalize marijuana across the country. We shouldn't legalize this drug at all because it can have devastating consequences for prolonged use. Our country needs to reduce marijuana use by spreading the proper amount of education. Plus, we need to stop states from legalizing this drug.

  • No, marijuana shouldn't be legal.

    Although a lot of people think marijuana is safe, I'm not personally convinced. I agree with the federal law's stance on marijuana. There are already legal drugs (nicotine and alcohol) in the United States, and they cause a lot of problems and burdens on society, including cancer, drunk driving accidents, and more. Until more studies are done on marijuana, I feel it should not be legal.

  • No, marijuana is useless.

    No, marijuana should not be legalized all over the United States, because marijuana does not have any useful qualities. Anyone who thinks that marijuana has positive health benefits can simply take marinol instead. Marijuana, and driving while high especially, kills many people each year, and no amount of getting high is worth losing your life over.

  • Marijuana is useless

    Marijuana does not need to be legalized because there is no reason to legalize it. Sure people use it medically but do they really need it is the question we find ourselves asking. And if we legalize it more people will request it and more people will receive it and eventually everyone will have the right to it.

  • Why would you harm yourself?

    What is the point of doing something that may harm your body? Why would you put yourself in harms way? Why would you other at risk? Marijuana could cause you to be out of your mind which could maje you crash into someone or even gamble your money away. This is a useless product. JUST SAY NO.

  • No only medically

    I think marijuana should be legal medically, with a prescription in the US. I don't think it should extend any further than that. There are drugs with worse side effects than marijuana that are prescribed now so if it can help people I think we should use it. There is no benefit to allowing it recreationaly though.

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