• No, longterm effects are severe.

    When people smoke marijuana and get the feel good feeling they don't know that its just but for a moment. Cannabis sativa is a a very dangerous drug that should not be allowed near anybody, the effects are manifested in the late stages of life or after a long period of using the same.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legal.

    Marijuana should be legalized. Millions of Americans smoke this drug, which has been proven to be mostly harmless. It has many beneficial side effects, many of which include relief of pain and nausea in cancer patients. If legalized it would also create jobs and revenue for the United States economy.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legalized by the federal government.

    Yes, marijuana should be legalized because it can be used to help people with serious illnesses. Another reason marijuana should be legal is because tobacco and alcohol products are legal and statistics show that marijuana is no more harmful than tobacco and alcohol. The most important reason marijuana should be legal is because there are many people in prison for selling or possessing marijuana. Legalizing marijuana will keep families together and help the economy of the United States.

  • Marijuana needs to be monitored.

    I have no problem with marijuana being used for legitimate medical reasons under the protection of a medical doctor and by prescription. However, further than this, I don't believe that marijuana should be legalized. There are negative affects on developing brains from marijuana use, especially to older children and teens.

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