• It doesn't belong in the same group as heroine

    Classifying marijuana with drugs such as heroin and ecstasy doesn't make sense because it has shown potential for medicinal use and isn't nearly as dangerous or addictive as harder drugs. Also, a person who is high on marijuana is generally less of a threat to themselves or others around them than a person who is high on something like meth, and there is less chance of a deadly overdose.

  • Yes, it should be reclassified.

    Reclassifying marijuana as a schedule II drug will allow it to be prescribed by doctors and to be used in research. This could be one step closer to making marijuana just as legal as alcohol, or possibly even caffeine and aspirin. This a is a very postive step and could create revenue.

  • Yes, marijuana is not comparable to other schedule I drugs

    This battle has been raging for decades and seems to be slowly reaching a conclusion, that marijuana is not the substance of nightmares that it was thought to be. Movies like "Reefer Madness" and the like stoked American fears of the substance, but when compared to crack, cocaine, and opioids it is a very harmless substance.

  • Yes, marijuana should be reclassified as a schedule II drug.

    According to the FDA, a schedule I drug does not have any valid medical use. There are many medical professionals who prescribe marijuana to remedy a number of health issues, such as depression, migraines, and even cancer. The fact that marijuana has been legalized in several states and decriminalized in others means that the FDA should look into reclassifying the drug, as it has been proven to have valid medical uses.

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