• Of course it should

    Weed is as dangerous as alcohol, I think that people exaggerate when talking about weed saying it cures cancer and whatever (it can help prevent it especially when vaporized or eaten in edibles since smoking anything causes cancer), i think weed is a perfectly fine drug to be legal (also psychedelics)

  • Yes, Marijuana should be Restricted like alcohol

    Both impair judgement, though in different ways. Just as public drunkenness, intoxication is not tolerated neither should public stoners or highs. This doesn't mean criminalized, but people should be educated to keep it at home or private locales or placed in a 'drunk tank' (in serious cases) until the effects wear off.

  • Yes, marijuana should be treated like alchohol.

    Marijuana should be treated like alcohol: regulated and taxed like sales of alcohol. Marijuana is not that dangerous, so criminalizing it does not make sense. Far too many non-violent drug offenders have been sent to prison and turned into hardened criminals, because of small amount of pot possession. Marijuana should be decriminalized, taxed and regulated just like alcohol.

  • Yes, it should.

    Marijuana is a safe recreational drug that is much safer and has fewer side effects than alcohol and is more close to caffeine, which is not regulated at all. In fact, it is also a great medicine and has helped thousands of people either recover from or better live with thier illnesses and injuries.

  • Marijuana should be treated like alcohol

    There is no doubt in my mind that the myriad benefits of dealing with marijuana in the same way as we deal with alcohol would be useful for both governments and society on the whole. Although some people have troubles with the drug most people do not and the tax income alone would be gamechanging.

  • No, to reduce hypocrisy and make drug education more credible and effective.

    Marijuana is far safer than alcohol because it does not stimulate aggressiveness and is not nearly as addictive. You’re not going to find alcohol or even cigarettes tested as much as marijuana. If you have to choose between alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco, marijuana is the gateway to health and longevity

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