• Weed is an effective treatment for mental illness

    Many soldiers have reported Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, following their experiences serving during war. A controversial new treatment has emerged where marijuana is suggested as an alternative form of medicine for these PTSD sufferers. I think this will be an effective treatment because it does not make soldiers dependent on medication.

  • Yes it should

    We have found that marijuana can help so many medical issues. Different strains can help with different things like, stress, anxiety, depression. PTSD falls into that category. When the chemicals are off balance, such as with a mental illness, the THC can help put them back in check so that relief and rebuilding can begin.

  • I don't think marijuana should be used as treatment for PTSD.

    I don't believe marijuana has been tested as treatment for everything yet. They should go through some clinical tests before considering it for use as a treatment. It is important to test new medicines multiple times before bringing it out to the public in order to determine whether the drug is safe or not.

  • No, marijuana should not be considered a treatment until it is thoroughly researched.

    The use of marijuana as a treatment for PTSD has to be thoroughly researched. There must be substantial evidence that demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of the use of marijuana, before making it a formal means of treating PTSD patients. To date we know more about the risks of marijuana use and not enough about the positive effects of the drug. Until scientists can thoroughly research and show whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks, marijuana should not be used as a treatment.

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