Should marine life be kept in an aquarium?

Asked by: abubv1
  • Yes they should

    Yes they should! Because it is more safe for the marine life in an aquarium because human kill marine and other creatures eat them in the sea . It is better for it to be in a aquarium so now human cant kill it and other creatures also cant kill it

  • I think fish should be kept in aquariums

    The reason for this is that if you let a goldfish out into the wild it will eat all the natural fish in the area, such as mosquito fish, and other smaller natural fish this will also happen if you release a carp into the wild/natural habitat.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Should we need to do it

    No! Marine life should be free we are doing more damage to marine life then keeping them in cages and making them scared they should be free and we are changing them into different people now lets free marine life and banned aquariums are you with me or not yes

  • I think they can be in both and be healthy, great animals.

    Take a minute to think about your favorite marine animal. Think of how they swim in the water and gracefully go to the surface. What do you feel when you see that in your head? Well, that animal is being that way in both the ocean and the aquariums. When you feel that way, I'm guessing you feel like that feeling won't be found at an aquarium, but it actually can be.

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  • I do really have good reasons for why they should be kept in the aquarium.

    First of all, it can help them stay populated because there are no predators, right? No. Also, if medical attention is needed, then here it comes! Again, no one really gets to see most of the elegant animals in the aquarium, anyway. In my opinion, they seem happy in there. And everyone explains it like this: Would you want to be put in a cage? (first of all, its a tank) Have plastic toys? (I'm pretty sure they don't give animals plastic toys, because that's kinda pollution, and, AHEM we don't try to kill these animals, dude!) And have complete strangers laughing at you? (Okay um... I don't think that that anyone laughs at them unless their TRYING to be funny..) And what if the babies are born, with no predators and no hunting responsibilities, and they release them and they just wait around for food, AND THEN THEY'RE EATEN! (Bro. Seriously, I don't think that the aquarium keepers will let them go!) Bye. And I don't like you people that vote against moi!

  • Please god no.

    Honestly people only catch marine animals so they can put in a tank for people to see and for money its not right marine animals and any animals should be free. And i know they take good care of the animals but we all know that none of the animals like being held captive.

  • No more of this!!!

    Live free and in wild! Fools we cant assume because we cant understand them, they are the less valued. Living free in the wild! Why does our lives madder more then theirs? Why tell me. I dare you. Set them free! They are amazing we are not! They dont cage others!

  • No more captivity!!!!

    We should not keep living, breathing, things that do have feelings in a cage. If you have seen wild karats, remember this? Living free and in the wild. Just because WE dont know what they say, we do know in our hearts they want to be free. Set them free to set us free!

  • No animals deserve to live there lives

    Sea life need to live there lives because without predators the circle of life is enable to be balanced even if you do kill them they will not have a normal life cycle and humans need to stop messing with them.Humans need to stop and let the sea life live!!!!!!

  • Should we need to do it

    No! Marine life should be free we are doing more damage to marine life then keeping them in cages and making them scared they should be free and we are changing them into different people now lets free marine life and banned aquariums are you with me or not yes

  • Why should they be they need to be freee

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  • Fish need tobe free

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  • The captivity of wild animals is murder.

    The captivity of all wild animals, including marine animals, affects the overall health of the animal. Small enclosures also stunt growth.
    When freeing an enslaved animal its future is death because it is not used to fending for itself in the wild (or hunting- some animals live for the kill[ like sharks for example].

  • Animals have the right to live on their own.

    I may only be 11, but I am very intelligent like my favorite marine animal the dolphin. I support all forms of life no matter what size, shape or sort. They all deserve to life how they want, not how humans tell or force them to. There's an orca at SeaWorld named Tilikum. He killed three people because he was being pressured, frustrated and stressed from the tricks he was taught and the way humans treated him. I honestly don't blame hime, and I would probably do the same thing if I were him. Animals were put on the Earth for humans to care for and keep alive, not to use them as a way of income or an act of selfishness. That's my opinion. I don't agree at all with what 57% of you said and I think you should all change your vote.

  • You shall not

    Who ever's saying yes, think again! Will you sacrifice the marine life's well being for your fun? You can say, "well, they won't be killed!" but the thing is, being dead is better than eternal torture. There is zoochosis, they get pressure when you watch them, etc. Your "fun" is not fun at all for the animals, it's torture!

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