• Marines should speak out against Trump

    Marines should speak out against Donald Trump. He accepted a Purple Heart while dodging military service. Military members, including Marines, know what it takes to sacrifice and receive a Purple Heart. Marines fight for our rights, and are as entitled as anyone to voice an opinion. This includes those that run for president.

  • Donald Trump should be condemned by the Marines

    Donald Trump's candidacy is going down in flames - and this new headline should add more fuel to the fire. The Marines should definitely speak out against his candidacy, for the simple reason that his military opinions are completely insane, which puts Marine soldiers directly in high-risk situations that could otherwise be avoided.

  • He isn't the commander in chief yet

    Though the military shouldn't bad-mouth a sitting President, Donald Trump hasn't been elected yet. If a Marine has an opinion about a candidate, he should be allowed to voice it. Being in the military doesn't mean you cannot hold your own opinion. If the Marine Corps in general has an issue with Trump, well, the brass should wait until after he has lost the election to voice it.

  • Military is not supposed to speak about politics

    Members of the military are not supposed to speak about politics and government affairs. If the men and women feel so strongly about any particular candidate then they should simply cast their vote to show their opinion -- doing so in an honorable way. I would hate to think soldiers are biased.

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