Should marriage be regulated by the federal government?

  • Yes, in order to establish...

    Yes, in order to establish common underlying framework and reciprocity across all 50 states and all US territories.

    The States would then leverage this framework to further refine their own system that represents the electorate. The State version would be managed and regulated at the State level but would have to adhere to the principles established at the Federal level.

    Otherwise, without a Federal framework, you would have a confusing patchwork of varying State related systems and potential lack of reciprocity that would require the intervention of the Supreme Court or Congress to rectify. With the mobility of the average citizen increasing every decade, there is no reason that marriage and divorce laws should share a basic framework across the entire US. People are now leveraging this confusion for their own advantage in both marriage and divorce proceedings.

  • ! No !

    The government shouldn't regulate Margie because of the way people my think it is sexist. Gays can get married black and white or lesbians to .Most aren't accepted and this is because of regulate from the government like gh gh gh gh gh gh gh. Ghhhh h h h h

  • No, the states should.

    Marriage needs regulating, but not by the federal government. It should be kept on a state level. This way, citizens can vote how they want to define marriage. Without some regulation, it creates a slippery slope. Regulations protect the citizens. Otherwise, you could have older men marrying younger girls illegally or polygamist sects wanting the right to marry. Anything goes would cause more trouble.

  • No, government should stay out of marriage!

    When we get the government involved in our personal lives, that is when our personal freedoms are compromised. Marriage is bewteen two people who love each other. Marriage can be hetrosexual or homosexual. The more that we allow government to dictate our lives, the less freedom we will have as Unitede States citizens!

  • Marriage Shouldn't Be Regulated

    Marriage does not need to regulated. When or why people get married is up to them. It is their relationship and they should be able to go about it the way they want to. This includes both heterosexual and homosexual couples. There are many other more important things that the government needs to regulate and focus on.

  • No, marriage should not be regulated.

    Marriage used to mean something in this country. It has been on the decline for a number of years. Divorce used to require a substantial amount of work to achieve. In our modern day and age, marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper. I do not understand why the marriage issue is of concern to anyone.

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