• I am for this

    1. If you hash out a contract before you get married, that could be a real eye-opener and help prevent some of those doomed-from-the-start marriages. C’mon, we all know of at least one…2. If there are kids, this could help make the end of their parent’s marriage a lot more amicable and stress-free. There would be a plan, and the kids would presumably grow up knowing about the plan. My parents divorced when I was a teenager/young adult. It was the uncertainty about the future that made the divorce so stressful.3. Let’s say the contract expires, and the couple stays together. That’s another kind of vow-renewal to celebrate.4. So having a contract with an expiration would be an option. If a couple wanted to make a go of it ’til death does them part, that’s up to them. Those kinds of marriages could still exist, it’s not an all-or-nothing deal.5. I have to wonder if having a contract to renegotiate every 5, 10 or 15 years wouldn’t cause some people to examine their marriages and get a little counseling every time the contract comes up. Like marriage tune up. Sounds like an opportunity to make a marriage better or walk away before it becomes bitter.This could be helpful in matters low and high. Roles in relationships could be renegotiated at renewal time to account for changes in time and space. A woman who married a man because he was promising only to discover a few years down the road that the man was a lazy bum who could not keep his eyes off her income would have an opportunity to renegotiate.

  • Marriages should have options.

    I feel marriage should be more like a contract for a certain period of time with an option for renewal. This would cause people to not be able to grow as complacent, nor take the other party in the marriage for granted as much as can happen when marriage is a life-long commitment. Being faced with the potential of no longer being with your spouse should cause a person to work harder on their relationship and sort problems out, rather than take for granted that the other person is just going to put up with it because they can't leave until your dead.

    I feel a contract system of marriage would encourage personal growth. People change throughout their life. I'm not the same person I was when I was in high school, and I'm not the same person I was when I was an undergraduate student. The current system of marriage makes it harder for people to change without lifelong negative impacts on their spouse, especially when the people get married at a young age.

  • Marriages should not expire.

    Marriages should not expire. When you marry a person, you are entering into a life contract with them. That contract only expires when one person in that contract dies. If marriages were to expire, that would undermine every thing that marriage is supposed to be bout, therefore increasing the shallow nature of modern society.

  • Marriages should not expire.

    Marriages should not expire. The inherent foundation of marriage is a lifelong commitment, and herein lies the humourous question of "why would a lifelong commitment come with an expiration date". The introduction of an expiration date would be just as stigmatizing as mandating the use of prenuptial agreements. It robs couples of the essence of why they are getting married in the first place.

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