Should Math be replaced by Philosophy, once it becomes useless (like calculus or algebra or things like that)?

Asked by: Dab8er
  • Should intermediate Math be replaced by philosophy?

    When math goes into things like calculus or algebra or imaginary numbers and etc., should we replace it with less useless information that people (students) actually care about? While I was having to find the x in a math problem I started thing about what the internet has told me about basic metaphysics and stuff like that as an example. Or "why does x have to be found?" Philosophy would be a new subject. Instead of math for 12 years straight, it should only last around 7.

  • In life not everything is about math. There is God and Jesus in the damn world what the.

    The world has more things to care about than math. For God's sake think about global warming people. We are gonna die if we don't F-ing stop it. The Lord did not make math bro seriously he just let it pass through cuz it makes us go crazy. Philosophy is needed in our lives for our future.

  • Thats fucking autistic

    I can understand that not everyone will need calc, but algebra, nigga almost everyone uses that daily whether they realize it or not. You also need algebra for nearly any job on the planet. On top of that, math and philosophy are comepletely different, you need math to actually solve problems accurately, you need philosophy to theorize how you could solve a problem and then you still likely wont be able to solve it.

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  • Math is an essential part of life.

    Math is an essential part of everyday life. On what terms can philosophy replace math? What is the comparison? Math is essential and compulsory, while philosophy is about abstract ideas. Philosophy isn't needed for intense fields like engineering. What on earth do you expect to do if you can't handle math?

  • No it should not.

    We all use math everyday, to tell time, to handle money. Math is more than formula's and equation's, its logic, its rationality.

    People use algebra in their daily lives when they make decisions about health, fitness, financial and money matters and when cooking. For example:
    A group of 5 goes to the theatre. The cost of ticket and popcorn is $55 and $25 respectively. What is cost per person?
    Or, People who cook, use simple algebraic expressions to adjust the ingredients in a dish depending on the number of servings desired.

    Calculus is the study of change. Even if you never use calculus in your career, it changes how you think about the world and solve problems. For example:
    calculating minimum payments due on credit cards, determining the length of cable required to connect two substations.
    Exposure to basic mathematical concepts is always beneficial to everyone.

    While I believe Philosophy is important and should be teach I think it would be irresponsible to replace math by it.

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