• Advanced maths = optional, Practical maths = mandatory

    Practical maths involve arithmetic and basic algebra + geometry because these will tend to be used on a daily basis. Some examples include prices (including changes), interest, taxes, budgeting, bills and so on. These skills should be refined throughout years 9-12 from classes like Finances or Management. Advanced maths would include anything from Trigonometry to Calculus, and these would suit people more interested into maths or for those who want a career based around maths. However, for those who don't want a career focused around maths, they can avoid advanced classes, learning practical maths instead.

  • Math should be optional after learning the basics needed for life...

    Unless a student is planning a career in such fields as engineering, science, math, or technology, is algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus really necessary? I have not pursued one of those career fields since finishing college and have never used anything I learned in algebra or calculus since I took those classes. Ever. The only math I have used has been adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, decimals, percents, and fractions and other topics I learned before eighth grade. Yes, higher math is great for learning logic. And it is a good way to challenge students. But if a student wants to be a hairdresser or a cop, why would they need higher math?

  • Maths shouldn't be optional from any year.

    Maths as a subject should never be optional as maths is very important in future and our daily life . For example when we go to buy our daily Groceries to pay the bill we need to know maths .So I think that maths is a very important subject in our life.

  • I agree with the first statment on the affirmative side but I also agree with the one below.

    I like the idea that advance maths should be optional and practical maths should be mandatory. This is becasue most careers have maths involved, therefore meaning that maths is a nessecary subject that needs to be learnt for a successful future. I am a year 8 and I dislike maths but I still agree that it should be mandatory because my dreams and goals for when I'm older involve maths.

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