• Any other system is impractical.

    I think maturity should be based on a person's age. I think this is the only realistic way of rating maturity. Obviously for a given age, people's maturity will vary a lot, and some people are mature at a younger age than others, but in order to assess this, someone would have to come up with a maturity test, which people would have to take. This is impractical.

  • Yes, it should be

    Maturity should be based on a person's age because, by logic and reason, a person grows and learns as they get older. But this is not always the case, as I have seen people younger than me way beyond their years and more mature than me, and people much older who are emotionally crippled.

  • Maturity shoudn't be based on age

    Like the person in the last reply maturity is something that happens at someone's pace. People are different so people will react to different things. Lets say a 13 year old watches something 18 years old (taken for example) if their mature and they probably won't really mind or they wouldn't make a big deal compare to other people but then i can understand when people things they should measure things of age because you dont really know who's mature and who isn't

  • No, maturity should not be based on a person's age

    No, maturity should not be based on a person's age, but legally, there must be a distinction between "minors" and "adults." People develop differently based on their environments and social upbringings, so there is no exact age at which a person becomes "mature." There are average ages researched by scientists, but there is often much difference in nature.

  • Maturity and age do not always correlate

    If you keep up with the news, you can read stories about young people doing mature things, while older people get caught acting like idiots. It is obvious that maturity is something that happens at its own pace and while it usually increases with age, it does not always do so.

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