Should Mayor Rahm Emanuel be removed from office?

Asked by: ModernMichael
  • He sucks at politics

    He supported the closings of 49 public schools, crazy gun laws, created a teacher strike, raised taxes, supports turning my old school into a selective military enrollment academy, etc. He has done enough damage to Chicago and has got to go. He's destroying the city of Chicago. . . .

  • To state the obvious, yes!

    In 1861 most or Lincoln's cabinet hated or at least disliked him. His wife told him to fire Secretary of state Seward among others.

    The only one he canned was Secretary of War Simon Cameron, a Pennsylvania boss, "so corrupt the only thing he wouldn't steal is a red-hot stove." Lincoln said.

  • He's Made Good Decisions!

    At least, that's what I hear from my family members who still live there. I haven't lived in Chicago, in decades. Were they easy decisions? No. Was everybody happy? No. Still, they were smart moves.

    Consider the public schools that Emanuel closed ... The closures will hit schools that are both underperforming and underutilized. Companies do the same thing to create a more productive operation. The 50 schools being closed will save money. And, I might add, about 100 schools were closed before Emanuel became mayor (going back to 2001). This isn't something new. It also opens the door for other options, i.e. Charter Schools. Seven were approved, in the past 90 days, to open in Chicago. That provides quality education choices. It isn't a war on education or teachers. Funding for Public Schools has been cut, across the nation, by Dem & GOP leadership.

    I don't think Rahm Emanuel is perfect, by any means. But he is doing what needs to be done. Since the Great Recession, we've seen a record decline of government jobs, i.e. teachers, firemen, law enforcement, etc. Many are feeling the pinch. Some states have gone to shorter school days, in an effort to stay financially afloat. Is that a better option? I don't know.

    The bottom-line, this Great Recession changed life in America as we all knew it. It has changed careers, how companies do business, how banks operate, how state & local governments think/plan, etc. We have seen neighborhoods turned into ghost towns, & icons of business crumble. Nothing is the same. To move forward, we have to accept those changes and rebuild. That is the only way we are going to lift ourselves out of the ashes. It won't be the same, but that doesn't mean it will be a bad thing. You can't walk toward your future, if you keep your feet cemented in the past.




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