• Shut it down

    McDonald's has a insurmountable negative impact on people, animals and the planet. They are greedy and irresponsible. McDonald's is almost solely responsible for the mass farming of cows and poultry. Which is not only causing the unnecessary abuse of millions animals it is literally poisoning our soil and killing our planet. Not to mention the devastating effects it's having on our health as a whole. They need to be shut down until the take responsibility for the devastation they have caused. They should be forced to make significant steps to clean up the mess and stop their irresponsible food practices. Starting with the mass farming( caused by the dollar menu). Which subsequently also caused the obesity of thousands of Americans.

  • They have feeded them fast food that was very high on sodium, fat, sugars and everything

    Since 2000, we've become the most obese nation in the world.
    For any parent who allows them to go to mcdonald's should be shot
    and people flat out ignored the health risks of the food giant. Diabetes, heart failure, heart attack, and that's to name a few. Ban it now

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