Should media be allowed to report on the private lives of politicians?

  • Yes, it is Necessary

    If we were blindsided one day by someone who is in of high position that we thought had the right morals could be dangerous. It can potentially harm whatever country the person is in. We should be able to know the candidates background to see if they have the right mindset to run for office.

  • Looks can be deceiving.

    Some politicians may be deceiving the public, giving them politically correct views and not sharing what they truly feels. Therefore we need the media to report on politicians' private life to understand what they truly believes. A politician with a hidden twisted mindset may some day make a poor decision base on his twisted ideology. It may be too late to regret supporting the politician after the bad decision is made.

  • Of course they should

    If a politician is dishonest enough to cheat on his wife, he's likely not the most honest statesman.

    If he is cruel enough to ostracize a gay child, he will be cruel to those he claims to represent.

    It's very simple. If you become a public servant, you must endure the scrutiny which comes with it.

  • Yes, they should

    Be allowed to do the reporting. However, like most "news" these days, this type of reporting is all about ratings. I personally don't enjoy reading about such things, except where it influences policy. The solution, stop reading the crap and they will eventually realize that it isn't making them money, and they will stop.

  • It is necessary

    It's fair that we know the personal details about the people running our country so we can have an insight as to whether or not they will complete their job professionally and well. We have a right to choose our leaders fairly, and we can only do that by learning of their personalitises. If we allow celebrities to be tormented by media, who make little difference to society, then why not politicians who in the end are the basis of our countries.

  • I don't agree that we should be aloud to report on politicians private lives!

    Politicians are Human beings and deserve the same amount of privacy that you and me need. Think about if you were a politician, would you like some privacy or would you want your life to be known by the public?
    People like journalists report on politicians lives without even considering the politician, the politicians family and the politicians friend and how it might affect them, not only that but journalists tend to make their news more dramatic by adding little white lies.

  • Private life has nothing to do with someone's abilities or efficiency !

    The phrase private life says its all, it is merely "private". Hence, it has nothing to do with the public. When voting for a candidate, how do you make up your mind ? Do you choose one over another because that person is a good samaritain ? Definitely not. Your choice goes to the candidate that has the best ( according to your point of view) program, the candidates that embodies your ideals.
    If I cheat on my wife, does that influence the way I manage the budget ?
    Let's look at history.
    Rousseau, the french philosopher, abandoned his 5 children, yet he wrote a whole book on how to educate children, and his philosophy is still taught in French High Schools.
    Voltaire, another french philosopher, is famous for his fight for religious tolerance. Did you know that at some point of his life he was a racist ?
    Does that reduce the quality of the work of these two great writers ?

  • It's a tricky subject.

    It is true the media and the press should play a watchdog role in American culture but the constitution also establishes a right that every U.S. citizen is protected from a search unless there is a reason for it. So unless we need crucial information we should respect their personal life.

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