• No or low THC.

    Normally, when people look for medicine, they want something with little or no side effects yet in medical marijuana, they try to increase them. Why? Because the side effect (high) has seems more important than the medical benefits.
    Since the 1960's THC (the one that causes the high effect) levels have more than doubled with hardly any of the neuroprotective CBD left. This makes use of it not only more harmful and less helpful but can also lead to schizophrenia-like symptoms. The varieties such as Charlotte's Web have very little THC and very high levels of CBD that can actually reduce psychotic symptoms in patients with them.
    As I said, the market has turned to the higher levels of THC mainly for the purposes of getting high instead of actual medical needs. Clearly this would indicate that the so called patients may not need it for medicine in the first place and may in fact be faking symptoms or gaining a prescription through less than professional doctors in order to somehow validate their drug use.
    If we limit the sale to only low or no THC, few if any would take it for purposes other than medical. It would look to the public as real medication instead of just another way to get high. This would in turn, encourage states into legalizing it's use. Doctors would be less skeptical about people wanting a prescription and all this would lead to more real patients getting the medication they need.

    In the end, if you want it legal so you can get high, your causing others who may need to suffer for your pleasure.

  • Yes, marijuana brings relief from many medical conditions.

    Yes, medical marijuana should be legalized nationwide. There is strong scientific evidence that marijuana can bring relief from painful medical conditions. People in all states who suffer from these diseases have the right to pain relief. Legalizing medical marijuana allows these people to safely and legally obtain the marijuana they need.

  • Lower crime rate

    It should definitely be legal. The crime rate would decrease and the government would have a new way of making money. But, what about all of the people in prison for marijuana or the people who served time for possession of marijuana? We can't give them their time back...
    Many people die each year from tobacco and alcohol usage, but how many people die from marijuana usage per year?

  • Just legalize it

    It should just be made legal. This has become a pointless and wasteful use of money trying to stop people from smoking pot. It really isn't that bad and I think if we just legalize it, it will hurt the drug cartels as there will be no service they are offering that you cant just go buy legally. It will also give the police more time to worry about worse drugs.

  • Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal Nationwide

    The success of medical marijuana programs in many states should be excellent evidence that it is a positive thing when regulated correctly. I believe that if you look to the fully legalized state of Colorado, you see what a positive effect legalizing a harmless drug can have. That state in particular now has an extreme surplus in their budget and reduced drug related crimes.

  • Medical Uses Are Okay

    I am not a fan of any kind of drug, but if people need a prescription and can go through the process with a doctor to get the marijuana then it is alright. My only fear is that people will, en masse, start to have "ailments" that somehow require pot.

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