• Good concept, horrible results

    Megan's law should at the very least be modified, so that people cannot find out if there is a "Sex Offender" (More on that later) nearby. This stupid system incites unnessecary violence and vigilante justice and often just punishes innocent people due to a past mistake. The recidivism rate for sex offenders is 5.3%, the lowest among any type of criminal. "Sex Offenders" Include, but are not limited to streakers, statutory rape,sexting, hiring a prositute, prostitution,bestiality, incest, date rape, rape, and child molestation. I believe that most of these people should not even be on a list, the only possible exceptions (who's name would still have to be shielded from the public) would be pedophiles and child molesters, rapists, and non-consentual incest.
    Weird story, but years ago my family was friends with another family and this women was insane!! She knew where every Sex offender in the area lived. Long story short her Police Officer (Detective) husband (I wish I was kidding) was caught mis using A POLICE COMPUTER to send pictures of his junk to a 13yr old girl (or a decoy, I forget). They moved away after we moved away and he got his pension revoked and is now in prison. Megan's law didn't protect anyone in this case, in fact it just made her paranoid and scared of the outside world.

  • Ditch the political bandaid. More Often Than Not Its Someone CLOSE to you

    Who is the offender. If its your brother or husband is it reported? Or is it a family skeleton in the closet?? Too many unreported cases. Also there appears to be no data on pedophilia being a certain and definitive CAUSE of MOLESTATION (not just a correlation). So many people registered, because of pictures?? We dont KNOW % of population who would look at the porn but have no interest in attacking children, because of child porn laws making it impossible for them to come forward. NOT ENOUGH DATA ALL AROUND. The registry was never meant to protect the public, it was meant as a LE tool. No more.

  • It should b abolished

    It doesn't protect anyone it so ant do anything ya u can look people up and see if someone is but if u tell ur kid not to do something g they do it anyway and kids contact people on the Internet well parents u r the ones who let them u don't block that but yet u Block TV shows well people do stupid stuff and people make bad choices but some people r in the wrong place at the wrong time and some reason falsely acused.Of.Megans and these people get convicted anyway I mean endangerment of a miner gets u on megans law but if u drive with ur Childers in the car without a car seat that's endangerment of a miner so should u b charged with megans law. Megans law ruins people life even the ones who didn't do anything just wrong place wrong time so the law is useless tier 1 wrong place wrong time tier 2 made a bad decisions and won't do it again. Tier 3 had sex with a minor go to jail go on probation for a few years done civil sex afforded will repeat this and should b put I jail for a few years and parole for 15 years because they have a sick problem and will do this constantly. But society of puts everyone in one boat like Hitler did to the jew good job society let's keep makeing mistake and not fixing them.

  • Megan Law Hysteria

    None of our lawmakers understand what ex post facto law is. Can your believe that sexual misdemeanors now cares a life sentence retroactively? The Virgin Mary had Jesus at 12 years old maybe God should be on the Megan List for life: or maybe you understand it was a probably a human that did the dirty deed? All these people having sex don't kill people yet the intent of the megan law was to protect sex acts with a murder intent but there is no due process in any of our States anymore. States keep changing their laws every year for their megan requirements and all are ex post facto law violations. Our Constitution says: No state can pass any ex post facto laws yet our stupid legal system says punitive punishment laws are not laws- what a way to end-run our Constitution. A woman gets an illegal abortion, some say killing a child - guess what - no punishment whatsoever: I thought Trump made a serious statement here. The legal system is Out of Control and this sexual hysteria has to end. The Megan Law seems to be an over kill to the highest degree. If due process was still valid in this country a person found as a danger to society should be flagged but we now have over a million people on a list that want sex with the intent to commit murder - get real. Where is the list of terrorists, thieves, killers, gun violators, parole violators, pet killers, knife cutting freaks, truly mentally ill freaks and fire setters in my neighborhood? The Black people are another select group being betrayed by this country. If our lawmakers can't follow our Constitution than they should be put on a list, executed for treason or jailed.

  • Unconstitutional and inhuman.

    Everyone deserves a second chance and once someone has went to prison and spent time on probation, they shouldn't have to keep paying for a crime for the rest of their lives. God says don't judge or u to will be judged and by the same measures in which u judged. The law also keeps sex offenders from finding jobs and a place to live which in turn will cause them to be more threatening to the community because now they will commit new crimes just to survive and the jails and prisons are over populated as it is. Abolish sex offender laws and stop this madness.

  • The law is actually illegal and unconstitutional

    To begin with, an offender, regardless of his or her crime, once having served their penalty...Be in incarceration or imprisonment, has effectually "paid for their crime". This is true of every single crime except a sex offense. After these people leave prison the government, under the guise of protecting society, ensures that these individuals lives are destroyed. They are oftentimes unable to find work since many stated including New Jersey can fire someone for absolutely no reason. I can fire you because you are black or gay or a jew or many other reason but if you ever had a sex offense i can fire you and have no fear of legal retaliation. Harassment is typical at work places if someone can actually fund a job. Oftentimes these people are ostracized in their own communities or forced to move thru harassment all because they have a sex offense. In addition it is discriminatory. A convicted arsonist moves in next door....I am not notified. Someone moves in who has killed his family...I am not notified. An ex drug dealer rents the rooms above my family with a history of dealing to kids...It is all silent. The list goes on and on but god forbid someone wants to get a job who once made the mistake of partaking in a fantasy chat room and it makes front page news. There is absolutely no desire on the part of anyone to protect children. If i wanted to abuse a child i would do it and signing a piece of paper once a year wouldnt stop me if i truly was a danger, Nor would people knowing what i was. This law does absolutely nothing to protect anyone. All it does is ensure that these offenders...Which because of unconstitutional laws the numbers are becoming higher and higher each day, have no chance to ever reintegrate into society. A mistake becomes a life sentence and very possibly will force many to turn to a life of further crime in order to feed, clothe or house themselves. In fact there is a law in New Jersey i promise very few people know about and it is used to convict many so called sex offenders. The statute that is used to define a sexually prohibited act actually includes SIMPLE NUDITY if the police feel it was used for sexual stimulation. So watch out...Those pictures you innocently took of your child's first bath or that funny video where your child's pants fell down while playing...Could land you in prison for years and label you as a sex offender for life! The country has gone overboard in its desire to protect children. We all have rights including those who have "done their time" and it is time the law reflected that

  • Wake up people!

    DUI registry? No
    Domestic Violence registry? No
    Murder registry? No
    Bad Parenting registry? No
    Crooked Politician registry? No
    Crooked Police registry? No
    By all means ANY crime deserves justice however why is there a need to punish people twice for the same crime? Ok America lets even the planfield, put my ancestors slave masters family on the registry so I can find them. This is PURE slavery to me!

  • It is a very inhumane law.

    It's not right to ruin someone's life when they have served their sentence already. It's inhumane to label someone with a scarlet letter just because they may have committed a crime in their past that is defined by a set of gray-area-ridden rules. Especially when in some cases there was not even a victim in the case.

  • You've paid your debt to society

    The reason megans law should be abolished, is that when a person pleads guilty he is not told that he'll have to register for life. When I plead guilty back in 1996, not that I was guilty, I had a public defender, I was NOT told I would have to be on a registry for life. Never heard of such a thing. If I had known, maybe I would have went to trial and possibly beat my case. It's unconstitutional, and unamerican. The politicians that promote it should be tried for treadon.

  • You've paid your debt to society

    The reason megans law should be abolished, is that when a person pleads guilty he is not told that he'll have to register for life. When I plead guilty back in 1996, not that I was guilty, I had a public defender, I was NOT told I would have to be on a registry for life. Never heard of such a thing. If I had known, maybe I would have went to trial and possibly beat my case. It's unconstitutional, and unamerican. The politicians that promote it should be tried for treadon.

  • No, Megan's Law should not be abolished.

    I believe that Megan's law should not be abolished. The community has the right to know the whereabouts of sexual offenders. Also, sex offenders should have to register. It is the right of all parents to know where sexual offenders live. If this information is not disclosed, there could be more tragedies like the murder and sexual assault of this innocent seven year old girl for whom the law is named.

  • For Megan Kanka..

    When a seven year old child was sexually assaulted, rape, and smothered to death, and thrown into a toolbox. What did the man do? He threw her body in some near by bushes at a soccer field. I think a 18 year old and 17 year old relationship is totally different from murdering a seven year old. Megan Kanka was only seven years old, she just wanted to see a puppy.. A innocent little girl is gone. How would anyone feel it was their child? After, the fact that they had to lay to rest their daughter. How would people feel if their child just wanted to see a puppy across the street from their own house? Furthermore, having two other sex offenders living with them. Yes, they paid their debut to society, but remember what they did to those children, and/or women. How can people live with themselves? Think of the community, society, families, but also think of our children.

  • Child Safety is Priority for our families, culture, and nation.

    It is hard to say it is constitutional for someone to be forever branded as a sex offender when they may have truly have been rehabilitated. But, is it not a moral right to know if you going to move into a location with several sex offenders who may or may not be rehabilitated? I feel it is needed as children are the future. It is a fact, that children (boys and girls) who are raped, molested or beaten are most likely to perform those same acts when they are adults themselves. I think some updating to the law is needed, and that someone who pays for a sex from a prostitute is not going to be likely one to rape or molest someone. Since they are willing to pay for the service, and if the one providing the service is willing, then it is really not necessary to make them a Sex Offender. Nevada has proven that. Porn, Prostitution, etc. Is mainly illegal because of our puritan beliefs. Just like with children, the more you tell then they can not have something they want, the more they want it. Counties like Amsterdam have very low sexual violence or crimes. But until we get to that point, we need to so what we can for our future generations. I say keep it and update it.

  • Lol no way

    The community has the right to know about sexual offenders. If you committed a crime, you shouldn't be able to simply evade the fact that you committed it. That would open you co committing more. So I am against the repeal. Whomever says yes is a sex offender. The end.

  • No, it should not.

    However, this law should be amended. The definition of "Sex offender" is so broad that it is actually ridiculous. For instance, an 18 year old boy has sex with his girlfriend of four years a week before her 18th birthday. It is consensual. Her parents find out and press charges. That boy has just become a felon and will be, for the rest of his life, listed as a sex offender. Our laws need fine tuning. Megan's Law is a knee jerk reaction to a horrible incident that has spawned other horrible incidents. Rather, this should be altered to having a public list of violent and dangerous sex offenders such as pedophiles, teachers who prey on students and the like. It should NOT allow public picketing of pamphlet campaigns.

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