• Is there really any question to this?

    This is why we need feminism. It shouldn't be this hard to fix such an issue. This is about equality. No one is better than another. One gender isn't better than the rest. We need to stop being so misogynist and misandrist and start seeing everyone as equal. We have equal opportunities and equal rights. Is that really so hard to understand?

  • Of course they should!

    Here's the question: why should men get more wages than women? The reason is because men think they are OH SO MUCH BETTER than women. Why should they be so much better? God created man and women equally. In Galadians, it says so too. Men are risktakers, hes, but there are many American heroes that are feminine. It's not like women don't work or anything: sometimes women work better than men! I am currently supporting that both sexes should have equal pay.

  • Equal pay regardless of gender - end male entitlement

    To all arguing for pay based on skill, wake up. Any argument as such is groundless when countless women across the nation holding the same if not more qualification and experience than their male counterparts are still being paid less for their services. To me, this is ridiculous in and of itself. To belong to a specific gender (or race or religion) should not automatically ensure one a higher salary which is unforunately, so often the case still in 2014. Males internationally carry privilege with them and this undermines not only the work that women do, but also the significance of their efforts when they are paid only a fraction of the dollar a man makes. It is disrespectful, unlawful and primitive in thinking considering the day and age it is now.

  • Yes they should

    Yes just yes, we shouldn't need to explain why, it should be common logic. Right now women are being paid 77 cents to every man's dollar which makes no sense. I get equal work, equal pay bit, but why does that mean women should be paid less? Are you saying that women dont work as hard, yes maternity leave and family issues but still, women are equal and we work just as hard, this isn't the 1960's people, I want to see some real equality.

  • Aren't women smarter than men?

    Statistics have continuously shown females to be smarter than men. For example during GCSEs it was shown that females achieved more A* than males, thus why I believe they should be paid equally to men. This suggests that women are expected to perform their jobs better than men. However, it is essential that you take under account what job they are doing and the quality they are performing it at.

  • Its a part of life !!!!

    We should its a part of life i understand that some men have been said to be better workrs but woman have stepped up alot from back then. We all hve the equal right in places like this and i support what has been said to show than females should have the same wage.

  • Yes women should be paid the same as men.

    I think this because women construction workers can be as brave and as strong as men construction workers. Also women are humans to, so they should have all the same rights as men. Also women aren't Bigfoot or something, they should have the same respect as men. That is my argument.

  • Yes women should be paid the same as men.

    I think this because women construction workers can be as brave and as strong as men construction workers. Also women are humans to, so they should have all the same rights as men. Also women aren't Bigfoot or something, they should have the same respect as men. That is my argument.

  • Women should obviously get the same pay as men

    Women's self-esteem and confidence is lower than men's is. Let's say a woman walks into an interview and the boss asks what her skills are. She might say she can do so-and-so. She gets hired. A man walks into the same interview. He says he can do so-an-so and so-and-so. He will probably get paid even more anyways for just being over confidant, when really, he can only do as much as the woman can. And that is just messed up.

  • They defiantly should!!!

    Women are just as good as men.If they work the same, have the same experience, and perform the job well, it should be equal. Women are humans!!! Men are no better than them. They may be stronger or tougher, but in the end, women can do the exact same thing men can do.

  • Men should be paid more.

    It is true that both male and female athletes give the same amount of effort, but the same amount of effort doesn't mean they get the same amount of work done. Men's physical capability is higher, and men sports spark more interest in the world compared to women sports. If they get paid for the amount of attention and interest they get, it is actually equal.

  • Women are the same

    Men are not greater then or lesser then women. Men do not work harder then girls. Girls can be just as good or better the men. Some of our best heroes were women. Men have no right to say that they are better then us. Women get paid 69 cents for every dollar a man gets paid. I just wish it was fair.

  • Women shouldn't have equal pay

    Donald Trump said "women should have equal pay as long as they do as good a job as men" they don't do as good a job as men, they are bad workers who slack off and do makeup during work hours. They need their 'beauty sleep, and are late to work.

  • Depends on the role

    In manual labour jobs where heavy lifting etc is required I don't think women should be paid the same amount as men. It is not fair on men who will be carrying out more work but still get paid the same. If however the role does not require heavy lifting etc then there is no reason why a woman should get paid less.

  • Men Try Harder

    Men are bigger risktakers. This means we try harder and put more at stake. The poorest people are men and are the richest are men. Women only look at the richest not all the imprisoned men or homeless men nor do they care about those people. We Live to Work

  • People should be paid according to their level of ability.

    Men should be paid according to their level of ability and women should be according to their level of ability and wages should not be based on body parts as someone said on the other side of this debate. If you qualify for the pay by all means get it. If you don't work hard, do not tout your skirt as the reason for not being given what you have not worked for. The world has equalized the playing field, so when you get to that office, go work as hard as I work!

  • Men should get more money.

    What if the men work harder than the woman. Cuz I said so that why men should get more money they are stronger smarter they are better in every way. Against women they do more than women they are not strong not that smart and they are not stronger than boys

  • Equal Pay for Equal Ability, Experience, Education, etc.

    People should be paid according to their abilities. Two people can do the same job and justifiably receive different pay. Experience and time with an employer increases pay. If I have been with my employer for two years and you just got hired and we are doing the same job should we receive the same pay? What makes you feel so privileged to receive things that you didn't earn. Pay is a function of many variables: the market demand for a skill, the skill of the employee, the experience of the employee, the period of time the employee has worked for the employer, etc. Equal pay for equal work? No!

  • People should be paid based on their ability

    Granted we are not a socialist country men and women alike should be paid based on their job and ability to do that job. If a male works as a construction worker and a women works as a construction worker they shouldn't be paid based on the sex. It should be based on how well each preforms the job

  • Men feel in the gaps.

    While most women take jobs they are most interested in, and seem to fit more their profile, men do the jobs needed, the jobs women cannot do. Nearly 100% of miners are men. You rarely see female bus drivers, female builders, female soldiers (although nowadays it's more common). So, women tend to look for jobs that they feel they "deserve".
    So, if men weren't doing these jobs society wouldn't be last much longer, and women wouldn't last much on those jobs or wouldn't volunteer, so overall it's not because you are women. If we saw this as blue people and purple people, blue people work all the jobs not because they want to but because they have to, while purple people find jobs they feel they "deserve", leaving all the other jobs to the reds

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