Should men be able to carry man purses/satchels without getting criticized?

  • Absolutely! Why not??

    During this tech day and age there are more reasons than ever to carry a satchel (I like the way satchel sounds better than purse but they are the same thing.) My husband loves carrying one because now he could place all the items he likes to use and needs (I.E. Cell phone, e-reader, chargers, keys, etc.) all with the convenience of being at his fingertips. Usually his wallet is thick with papers, etc. I love that he no longer sticks it in his back pocket which may create future problems due to the amount of uneven pressure on his back when he sits.

  • Absolutely yes, Why not!!!

    I am 36 and was stuffing my pockets until 2years ago! I went to a theme park and was carrying one of those nylon bags with drawstrings. I had it filled with a charger, phone wallet, meds, water and a few other items. From that day on I used this nylon bag until it fell apart. I've always liked purses on women but never thought of having my own. Needless to say I got in to a leather backpackish type purse that I currently use but I hate that it side loads. I want just a purse that is practical and large enough to meet my needs. I live in a small town and criticism runs deep. However I DO NOT CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY OR THINK! I think all men should be like this and not give a rats*** what people have to say. I am happy I found this thread!!

  • The idea that

    Men are criticized for carrying handbags let alone "bags made for men" is one of the dumbest things I have honestly ever heard that the human race can come up with. It's a BAG for god's sake. It's where you put stuff in it because you can't carry everything in your pockets. It has nothing even remotely to do with gender. Are most adults all still acting like little children regarding this matter? GROW UP.

  • We have bigger issues to worry about

    It's just a bag, why does this have to be divisive along gender lines? There are bigger issues to worry about. If a guy wants to carry a bag then her should do it and people shouldn't judge. There is no reason for this to be an issue for debate

  • Makes good sense to carry one.

    Sitting on a wallet is not good for your posture and can cause back pain. Keys in pockets can put holes in the pockets. Too much change in your pocket with your keys, chapstick makes the pockets bulge (until the keys poke holes in the pants pocket and you loose everything. Now add a cell phone and unless you are wearing a belt you are probably going to loose your pants with all that extra weight. Bottom line, it makes sense to carry a purse and it can be a fashion statement.

  • It Follows Form, Function and Fashion

    Form: As long its color palette does not belong to the feminine, neutral ones are best and you can also show a part of your personality with it.

    Function: If you go to work with a laptop and few documents or so man purses/satchels are convenient and more practical than a backpack. Each type of bag has it use or purpose.

    Fashion: They look casual and some may be used for the office, either way man purses/satchels are adaptable meaning they can be used in a wide variety.

  • Why can't they?

    Why do we have to label everything by gender? It is just a bag. People can be judgemental about things like this but there is really no good reason. Why should it not be acceptable ? There are bigger things in life to worry about than men carrying a bag.

  • Yes, but don't call it a Murse.

    Men should be able to carry a bag or a purse just like women. To say otherwise is just imposing another double standard.

    Don't call it a murse, this implies a double standard. We don't call pants by a different name if they are worn by a man or a woman so call the purse a purse. Every man should carry a purse.

    Posted by: bags
  • I have a heavy leather satchel that no woman would look feminine wearing and it makes my life a little easier.

    Most of us carry a phone, tablet and the chargers plus other manly things like a small flashlight, wallet etc. We can't stuff these things (and whatever else) in just our pockets. The people around me all share the same thought. Do what you want to do. And I do.

  • Nothing wrong with it at all.

    Men should carry purses, it just makes sense. Backpacks are just to big and bulky and pockets are most of the time too small.

    Just get one and carry it, are you going to jail for carrying a purse - NO, so get over it and carry a purse and be happy.

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