Should men be forced to pay child support under threat of imprisonment?

Asked by: Battaler
  • Because its what's right

    We've all been through sex ed. We all know how to make a baby, don't want a baby? Use a condom. Want a baby? Bust away. But don't set a double standard and say just because a woman is carrying the baby she has to pay for it. It takes her egg and your sperm. Don't want the baby? Relinquish your rights. I agree that, a large percentage of the time, the woman gets more rights than the male but that's the legal system and that is something legislators need to change and we, as males need to bring front and center. It isn't fair that the mother can be a proven dead beat but still get custody and child support.

  • It's the law.

    Paying child support is the law- it is a court ordered requirement. You can't just wiggle out of that because you don't think you should have had kids in the first place. Sorry, but you knew that was a possibility when you had sex.
    If you break the law, you go to jail. Don't like the law? Lobby to change it. Don't whine about it.

  • I've Never Met a Man That Had a Kid...

    Rarely do you hear about women having to pay child support, but never do you hear about them going to jail for it. My story is different than most but it does change my outlook that no guy should be forced to pay child support, for any reason, and here's why: males don't have kids. You see, even though I have two kids, I didn't have any kids. Their mom had them, which was completely her decision, we as men cannot prevent a woman from aborting "our" child. Now considering we've been together since I was 12 it's safe to assume she knows the exact nature of the man who impregnated her. But what about women who get knocked up by guys they hardly know? And if they decide to keep the child, as is their choice, who's ultimately responsible for it? Can a man on his own keep a newborn alive? Can a woman? The answer is obvious, and in my opinion is absolute proof that a woman is responsible for her child from day one, whereas a man can up and leave, which women know. Having a child is an enormous decision, one entirely up to the woman, as is the decision as to who she allows inside her. Now with that said, I will not be friends with a man who can't do anything for their own child, because if you can't do nothing for your own kid you can't do anything for me, in fact I find these are the same type of people who will screw their own best friends and family over. There are some rare exceptions where the guy just got a poop deal. But what I'm saying is the decision to have a kid rests solely on the female. She can agree or disagree. Either have kids with someone you know well and will be there for the child no matter what or have kids with a stranger you hope will. Now my story. Like I said I have 2 kids with my childhood sweetheart. She had wrist surgery, got helplessly addicted to pain killers and started going downhill, stealing and feeling nothing became her life, I moved out and she decided it was best our kids come live with me. I've done well on Craigslist buying and selling motorized vehicles and hoarded gold and silver so I haven't had to work in over 5 years, Im not on any assistance and I've always lived with my kids. Going on 3 years now they'll have lived with me, so imagine how shocked I was to suddenly get arrested and go do 60 days in jail for not paying support back in January, judge didn't even care my son went to school in my town from my house, that I have them 350 days a year, nope, all he cared about was making sure the criminals are in jail...So kids bounced between my aunt and brother for the sixty days.

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