• The answer is why not?

    Parents are held responsible for the raising and upbringing of a child. Therefore whether this child is a month old, a year old, or in their teenage years, both mother and father should be making time for this child. And paternity leave provides this opportunity to fathers, who for many years have been labeled the ones to bring home skrilla and know nothing about changing a diaper. Which is why now is the time for this to change.

  • The answer is why not?

    Parents are held responsible for the raising and upbringing of a child. Therefore whether this child is a month old, a year old, or in their teenage years, both mother and father should be making time for this child. And paternity leave provides this opportunity to fathers, who for many years have been labeled the ones to bring home skrilla and know nothing about changing a diaper. Which is why now is the time for this to change.

  • Dad's deserve leave too

    While the mother does indeed carry the child for 9 months, the father is also a huge part in the creation of the child. Therefore, he has just as much right to take time from work to bond with the child as the mother does. Not only is paternity leave a great time for a father-child relationship to take place, it also is a great way for the father to support the mother. By sharing household duties and the new responsibilities of parenthood, the mother is less likely to develop postpartum depression. So many women struggle from this source of depression; having more support from their husbands or boyfriends is one way to help avoid falling into that pit. If paid paternity leave were to be implemented in the benefits of more companies, then it would also promote women getting back into the workplace; it would help eliminate the gender stereotype that women should be homemakers and baby-makers while the men 'bring home the bacon'.

  • Paternity leave isn’t just good for mom and dad, but the kids, too.

    Even for as little as a few weeks, paternity leave after birth can bring equality to gender roles of the family.
    Fathers naturally develop better parenting instincts after taking paternity leave.
    Fathers who take paternity leave are happier and have long lasting relationship with their kids.
    Paternity leave creates more stable and happier families with less conflict.
    Children whose fathers are involved for their care at early stages are tend to be happier,healthier, do better at school, have greater self esteem and fewer behavioural problems.
    Couples who use paternity leave are less likely to divorce.
    Couples share domestic tasks mutually and have 11% fewer conflicts over the division of household labour.

    Here are some other woman who share my view.
    My hubby took 2 and a half months off and it was his idea. He wanted to so he could help put and we could both adjust to having a new baby. Thank goodness he did. Our boy was colicky the first couple months so it was a life saver. I’m extremely lucky as he also has taken additional time off coming up in the summer, fall and winter so he could spend more time with us as and family and bond with our boy who is 6 months now. I think not only is it a help to me but so beneficial for our son to have that extra time with his dad. I’d recommend if possible for dad’s to take any time they can because you never get the time back with your kids when they are so small.

    My SO took paternity leave for 6 months paid. Our son was born 3 months early and hospitalized for 2 months, and then we had a mass amount of hospital visits out of town and I do not drive. I’m really really glad he was able to be off work for all that!

    The child and the father bonding are very important.
    I just took a mommy and me baby class and we were taught having the dad in the early stages actually helps a whole different side of their brain.

  • Yes they should

    They should get it to help the mother, and become close with the kid.
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  • Men should definitely!

    Although fathers aren't giving birth to the child themselves, and the woman is totally putting in more effort, the couple is still having the baby together. This means they both should spend as much time with the baby as possible. Also, the mother just GAVE BIRTH! Wouldn't it be much easier on her if her partner was around to help out with anything she needs? Especially if she had a c-section and was just cut open. She's not going to want to take on the hassle of a newborn all by herself.

  • Of course! Its more than just a recovering process

    Its more than just a recovering process. Men should be able to have the time to spend with their child and to assume the responsibilities of taking care of the house and the child alone. Parenting should be 50/50 and if only the mother is taking a leave and assuming all the responisbilies, why not the father be able to have that chance as well?

  • Men Deserve Leave!

    I feel men deserve leave especially if the woman has had a c-section because as I woman myself having a c-section, I can say that it is very hard to move around after having being cut open and having stitches and / or staples. I also feel men deserve this option because the woman did not create the child alone and the male deserves a chance to bond with his wee-hour old/days old child. It gets them into the routine of being a parent ( for the 1st time dads, especially for times when the woman has appointments the child can't go to.

  • Yes please !

    I'm a father and I missed out on so much at the start of my babies life because I was working I would have loved to be there in the first couple months. Maybe not 9 months like women get but I think 2 would be a good start thanks

  • I think fathers should get paternity leave

    Because what if the mother needs a little help? Fathers are just as important as mothers. Mothers need support with a new baby! It will be difficult for them to handle it on their own, plus, men getting paternity leave will help them become better dads, and that's a good thing.

  • This is a pointless question.

    Men do nothing to deserve paternity leave. It is the woman who carry around the baby inside her for 9 months. They are the ones to have to be careful with what they eat, or what they do. The women are the ones gaining weight, and putting more pressure on their back when they fetus starts to grow bigger inside them. Men are to provide for the family. Meaning while the girl is resting, regaining her stability, and caring for the child the man should be bringing home money for her and their child.

  • No women did all the work for making the baby fathers did NOTHING!

    No, because the father's body did absolutely nothing to make the baby. The father's body doesn't need to recuperate at home nor does the father have his hormones out of whack. If men get paternity leave just to "bond" with the baby then women should get 2 maternity leaves one to recover from giving birth and pregnancy and the other maternity leave to "bond" with the baby.

  • Time off for what?!

    What does his vagina need to recover from? And what kind of a woman is so dependent on her husband/boyfriend that she needs him taking care of her after doing something as natural as giving birth. A hundred years ago women used to plow the fields, squat, have a baby then go do the wash by hand. When did we get so soft? And what job is it that the father is at for so many hours that he cant come home and cook dinner/clean/feed new baby all in the same day? He doesn't need time off he needs to work harder at home when he finishes his work day.

  • I disagree

    Men should stay at work.....My Father wasn't home with me to bond, why should Fathers get it now?? I'm just as close to my Father even if he wasn't home during the day.
    This Politically correct world is making me sick. I'm a woman and didn't have any kids, I don't even think women should get a year off. I think if you want kids that badly, and like I hear so many Mothers say how much they love their kids, then stay home full time with them. People say they can't afford it. They can't afford it only because they want all the material things in life, which is not always the most important thing.

  • i disagree

    you have to relize yes the women did it all but relize your husbands gonna be home and doing everything cleaning cooking do it all while you relax sleep do what you need to do so idk why you are saying no if theres a positive side to you women and a good husband would help around the house while you rest

  • Neither parent should get paid leave.

    Neither parent should be entitled to paid leave just for having a child. The world is GROSSLY over-populated! If YOU chose to have a child, why should your employer have to pay for it. Just to be civil, understanding, and just, both parents should be able take unpaid leave at their option for a reasonable amount of time (say 12 wks). If you're too poor to take a few months off unpaid, you probably aren't in the appropriate financial situation to even have a child. Simply put - having a child is a very selfish thing to do. If YOU chose to, that's your problem - not your employers or mine or anyone else's.

  • Paternity Leave for men is unnecessary given the opportunity cost.

    Not to get into too hypothetical of an argument, but if companies were forced to give paternity leave to men and women, for months at a time, it would seriously injure the economy and all businesses. This opportunity cost is greater than the necessity for men to be at home with the mother taking care of the baby; on a equal rights standpoint, women are more than able to take care of the baby and themselves. Men can always see and interact with their children after work and on the weekends, there is simply no need to pay two people for months at a time so that they can raise their children.. If a couple wanted some time off with their new child then they should have saved. Its not the burden of the business to fund both of them.

  • Time off for what?

    Leave off from work should be dedicated only to the mother. This time off allows her to mentally and physically heal after giving birth. Additionally, the mother can nurse the baby and acquire the sleep that is needed to bounce back.

    The father of the baby should continue to work and support his family. Taking time off, especially without pay, would cause a financial burden.

    If the father believes that he won't get the same "bonding" time with the baby, come home at a decent time, spend time with your family in the evenings, and on the weekends.

    As a society, we have become to believe we are entitled equal rights, yet I don't see the father giving birth to children, or women making the same wages as men. This is not an equal rights time, it's a time of what is best for the child. Having the father home at this time doesn't help the mother out.

    The only time I could see Paternity Leave being an option was if there were complications in the birth and the mother was unable to take care of the baby herself.

  • Men should not get paternity leave from work.

    I think men, should not get paternity leave as they are not of much help with the new member. Most of the men can't take care of the baby and can't even take care of themselves. then there is more work load on the mother. As far as bonding with the child, a good father can bond even in less time, if he spends quality time, instead of quantity.

  • Men should not get paternity leave because, by using that logic, women should get two maternity leaves.

    The reason maternity leave exists is for giving birth and recovering from child birth, which men cannot do. So, the basis for paternity leave would be a "mental break" from their work, and women can fall into this category as well. So therefore, if men get paternity leave, women should get an extra maternity leave, regardless of having a child.

    Posted by: elizafekla

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