• It is awesome.

    I have been shaving my armpits for 5 years now. I like it better and it feels better. I also noticed I do not smell as much. My wife seems to enjoy it as well. I think everyone should do what they are comfortable with, but I just think a shaven armpit looks better on a male or female. What is the hair really there for anyway?

  • Yes, Men Should Shave Their Armpits

    It would look a little odd for a man in our society (U.S.) to shave his armpits, but he should be able to do so if he wants to. For one thing, if a man shaved his armpits it would cut down on that "hard working man" smell that some guys can have. Also, it might look a little neater for a man to not have loads of visible underarm hair. It might take a while for us to get used to, but men should definitely shave their armpits whenever they want. Personal choice should always trump someone else's idea of masculinity.

  • yes

    A men should be able to shave his armpits if he pleases. pubic hair on armpits can sometimes be uncomfortable, and it doesn't affect men at all to have our armpits shaved. Plus i think lady's like hairless armpits any day over armpits full of sweaty hair. Men are free to shave their armpits.

  • Preferences does matter

    So I'm a male and do not shave anywhere besides my face BUT I come from a "hairy" family. They do not agree with men shaving due to their "traditional" views which is why I do not shave while living here at home but once I'm ready to move out, I'm at least trimming it all! Throughout high school I was picked on BY MALES for having more body hair than everybody else so I have always been self conscious about it and I don't like it at all. Now I'm in my last year of college and still hate showing my arms in public because I have not seen a person with more hair than me. That does not make me a female or gay, like a lot of people like to believe. I'm just not comfortable having all this hair when many "manly men" are much less hairy and do not understand what its like.

  • Cleaner, Looks Better, Smells Better

    I shave mine and it looks and feels great. So much easier to wash, apply deodorant and I find that they don't get as smelly when I do sweat. I absolutely hate seeing guys with long, unkempt hair sticking out of T-shirts etc... It looks terrible. If you don't want to shave them, at least keep them trimmed, please!

  • Get rid of smell from sweat

    Some people say armpit hair wicks away sweat - that only works if you raise your arms overhead all day long so that the air can dry away the sweat. If you keep your arms down, there is no way the sweat is going to be wicked away because it has nowhere to go and it still stays in that region and starts breeding bacteria.
    People who don't remove armpit hair either do not have a problem with having body odour or don't realize that they do :)

  • Body odor!!!!!! No

    No matter how clean, u will still smell. Stench woozing from the inside of clothes and armpit area of shirt looks dirty. Hair traps dirt. Shave and look clean. Don't be dirty to look manly. Men shouldn't be dirty and unkept. We aint cave men. SO PLS SHAVE IT NOW

  • Body odor!!!!!! No

    No matter how clean, u will still smell. Stench woozing from the inside of clothes and armpit area of shirt looks dirty. Hair traps dirt. Shave and look clean. Don't be dirty to look manly. Men shouldn't be dirty and unkept. We aint cave men. SO PLS SHAVE IT NOW

  • Shave those pits!!!

    I have shaved my underarms for as long as I remember. It feels cleaner and I sweat much less. Also I think it looks better than having all that hair sticking out. I think you should be able to do what you feel comfortable with without being embarrassed it is your body after all.
    Trimming my chest and pubic hair enhances the feeling during sex.

  • They smell better when they do

    So yes, for the sake of good hygiene, I really wish guys would start shaving their pits. Gender standards aside, it's just practical. The only thing pit hair does is make it smell worse under there. Why do we even HAVE hair in our sweaty shoulder crevasses? I don't know, but it needs to go for all humans.

  • Should men shave their armpits?

    No! We are not women we are men. It is getting very strange today, as if being a "normal" male (masculine) is a bad thing. Same goes for guy's shaving chest and legs, very effeminate. Swimming and body building I can understand the reason for it other than that just odd to me.

  • Natural Is Hot, Shaved Is Not

    Few aspects of de-masculinization are less healthy looking or appealing than a guy who shaves his armpits. Or chest hair. Or pubic hair. Or legs. It has nothing to do with hygiene. The trend began with women who want to control their men, e.g., Delilah. It exploded with gay porn for old pervs who have fantasies about pre-pubescent boys. Body builders obsessed with gigantic muscles are a totally different perversion. It's also part of the clone wars to destroy individuality. When guys go through puberty, we develop hair on different parts of our bodies, some a little, some a lot. It's natural. Mowing down these outward and visible signs of masculine identity indicates low self esteem, shame, fear, or other psychological problems. Natural is hot. Shaved is not.

  • Body builders, Competitive Swimmers and devout Muslims only!

    Why should a guy be as smooth as a lady or pre-pubescent boy? In my opinion, it looks completely disgusting and awkward! If you compete in bodybuilding or swimming, you have at least an excuse. If you're Muslim, that's your choice. I see nothing wrong with trimming them if desired :-)

  • Men should not be naked mole rats.

    Guys are supposed to have hair under their arm pits. God made men and intended them to have more hair than women. Why change that? You may smell a little better, but you also deplete some of your masculinity. It's like you haven't hit puberty yet. I want a man not a per-pubescent teenage boy. That is all.

  • No!

    Men should not have to shave their armpits if they don't feel as if they need to. Men still need to be men, why take everything away from them? The only reason women shave is to remove excess hair in order to be more feminine. Armpit hair really doesn't harm anyone, so why should men have to remove it?

  • No, that is excessive

    Men shaving their armpits is a little bit excessive. Women shave their armpits because having a hairy body is seen as masculine, hence why women shave. Men obviously want to be masculine, but in certain situations men can shave their armpits and look good. It would be more reasonable for them to keep their pits trimmed.

  • Shaving no, trimmed yes

    A clean trimmed arm pit is very very sexy! You don't want to look like a 10 year old boy, men need arm pit hair women do not . However, you do not want an out of control big hairy bush under there that is gross. Keep it trimmed and simple.

  • Okay but Ridiculous

    Women shaving armpits is a relatively recent custom in the western world. Shaving/grooming pubic hair is a result of clothing styles and not wanting to show hair around skimpy panties, bikinis, shorts, etc. In general women, compared to men, are relatively hairless and shaving what little hair there is makes the few hairy body parts more like the rest of the body. Men, on the other hand, are generally hairy and shaving does nothing other than make a previously hairy part of the body look ridiculous. Shaving also keeps orifices clean. Two often used orifices are the genitals and the mouth. Genitals are washed after sex but it's difficult for men to shower or completely clean faces after eating so facial shaving is a custom for men. Frankly, in general, shaved men are as unattractive as hairy women.

  • Shave your armpits

    I believe that men should shave their arm pits as women do too. Maybe some women don't like to be seen as 5 year old girls and how they have an expectation to be hairless. It makes me maddddd!! If men can't to something simple to be clean then why should women!

  • Probably not a good idea.

    I decided to shave my pits because I was going to Florida with several girls and I didn't want to be the hairy guy on the beach and the roller coasters. However, when my mom found out, she basically called me stupid and feminist, and I got more embarrassed than I ever would have gotten there.

    So it's your call. It depends who you're with and who's going to judge you. I personally am letting mine grow back out and I probably won't ever shave them again. Besides, hairy pits are more comfortable.

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Anonymous says2013-05-25T22:47:22.347
I think men should only shave their armpits if they want to, just as women should only shave their armpits if they want to. If the individual wants to shave, then they should, if they don't, then they don't have to.