• Ladies wear pants

    We need the cash flow that this new industry would create. Men should not wear woman's skirts they should have skirts made just for men. Men should shave their legs also and this will create more jobs. Marketing new products. This will let the girls see more of their men.

  • A skirt is not gender-specific piece of garment

    It is a common phrase these days, but it is the 21st Century and people should be allowed to choose and wear clothing that suits their personalities. Why are skirts for women and pants are for both genders?
    Why is a woman allowed to pick and chose between flat shoes, running shoes, construction boots and heels and a man is pretty much denied the same? How would any woman feel today if her employer will explicitly require her to wear only skirts and heels? Should it be sexist's opinion? Should it be harassment (or a form of harassment)?
    A man should be able to wear whatever he prefers and feels ready to wear. One condition only...Appropriate grooming is a must!

  • Equality In Dressing

    If men can't wear skirts then women can't . If we have equality in everything else in America then why can't we have equality in dressing?If you were told that pants are illegal how would you feel? Would you stand up for yourself? If a man wants to wear a skirt let him ear a skirt!

  • Freedom to wear whatever you want

    Women have the choice to wear trousers or skirts, so why should men not have the right to wear whatever they want ? Nobody can prohibit to a man to wear skirts or dresses. For Scottish men, it is not a problem to wear a kilt. Anyone should wear whatever he wants.

  • They wore skirts before trousers.

    Men from around the world have worn skirts from way back in Roman times, and still do in many countries. During the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, male athletes from at least 5 nations wore skirted clothing. From a common sense perspective, skirts are more suited to the male anatomy and they are just more comfortable. Skirts made for men, not men trying to look like women.

  • Why the hell not?

    Men should wear whatever they want to wear- pants, skirt, dress, makeup, whatever. Just as women should wear whatever they want to wear.
    There is nothing about skirts that is inherently female. On the contrary, the kilt was a MALE garment for thousands of years. To claim men shouldn't wear them if they like is just ignorant.

  • Why not, same reason as why women can wear skirts and trousers

    More comfort, better for ones health and sperm count. By origin mens wear. From experience I must say that driving long distances whle wearing a skirt is much more agreable than trousers as one doesn't need to free the family jewels often. Telling someone that he can't wear a skirt is discriminatory.

  • It feels comfortable

    I just purchased my first skirt today. I'm a guy. It feels cooler than shorts, freer than pants and doesn't look bad. Clothes are clothes. I'm not quite sure what my wife will think. She's conservative, but open minded. We'll see. I want to try it out and figure for myself if it's what I want to continue to do.

  • Say no to Suits

    Suits have become the uniform for men. To variations no matter the weather. I live in Australia. It's heading towards 100 degrees and the fashion industry thinks so little of mens comfort but lets women wear flimsy skirts and dresses. Well guess what? It's HOT. Suits are uncomfortable ugly bags of rags and men need a skirt of variable lengths to accommodate the occasion and weather. Lets get onto it Fashion Industry.

  • Why not !

    It's clothing, isn't it. As long as it's appropriate for a man why not, too tight ot too short would be bad for everyone. It would be cooler in some situations, same as a women and impractical in others, same as a women. No heels, that's not what it's about.

  • Why would they?

    If the question was "should men be allowed to wear skirts" then I would say yes obviously people should be allowed to do whatever they want. However as this wasn't the question I'll keep it relevant.

    I don't think men should wear skirts for the same reason I don't think they should wear tights and high heels or doggy collars or saddles. Skirts were not designed for men. Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned but I just think that a man should be a man. I don't mean going off in to the woods to punch a bear, I don't even mean not moisturising, but really where is the cut off point?

    Are men going to wear frilly panties and bras so that their moobs dont sag when they get older? If we keep going down this road then we will eventually come to a point where it's difficult to distinguish between a male and a female human and it's already difficult enough for me to get a date.

  • They probably shouldn't, but they could if they really wanted to.

    The wording says,"should men wear skirts?" Not,"should men be allowed to wear skirts?" So, I'll assume that the question was intended as worded.

    I have no problem with men wearing skirts if they want to, I wouldn't try to stop them and I wouldn't ridicule them. But I have to say that generally I do not think that they should. I think that skirts are attractive on women but not on men. In fact, I think that they look a little bit ridiculous on men and would never do it myself. Everyone has their own tastes and I would never deny someone else theirs, I just don't like it personally. In my opinion, there are things that are flattering on women and there are things that are flattering on men, but there are rarely things that are flattering on both. Even the things that both men and women wear (pants for example) are usually cut differently to fit the difference in body shape, body type, and overall image. So, if a guy wore women's jeans, he would probably look equally ridiculous (to me) as I might think he'd look in a skirt. Like I said, I don't really care what people do, but I PERSONALLY do not think that it looks good to wear clothes that do not fit your body type and do not portray an image that is flattering and consistent with your gender.

  • It Makes Them Look Weird

    I'm not trying to enforce any kind of policy that men CAN'T wear skirts, I just find that if a man does wear a skirt, he is less attractive to me and most other people would categorize him as a girly boy or something of that nature. Second of all, skirts are not designed for men in the first place, if you want to wear a skirt-like piece of clothing and don't want to be labeled wrongly as a gay man, wear a kilt instead. Kilts look so much better.

  • Only a idiot would ask this question

    If the topic said should men be allowed to wear skirts, yeah that's different talking about freedom of what you wear but this ask if men should wear skirts... Let me put it this way.
    1. Should girls sag?
    2. Should girls work out shirtless like guys?
    3.Should girls go in mens bathrooms?
    4. Should girls have penises?
    5. Should girls have names like Jack or Bill?
    6. Should girls be allowed into all men colleges?
    7. Should girls be allowed to play NFL with men?

    Ovboiusly as you can see their are many distinctions between men and women that should be kept. Also personally since I don't support gayness I also don't support this on a personal level as a result.

  • Why is it necessary?

    I don't see the reason for a man to wear a skirt. I don't even think men have an interest in wearing skirts, therefore, why is this even a debate? To be honest, if a man wants to wear a skirt then he should go for it but I just can't see where a man would have an interest to wear a skirt unless he's a feminine man or homosexual.

  • No pants for women

    If we are going to make clothing gender based then it make sense that we have women only wear feminine looking clothing and stay at home bring up children. BUT we are past this type of thinking lets move to the future without barrier to all . Best wisjer to all

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