• I'll assume that you meant, "should they be PERMITTED to wear dresses?"

    Of course men should be able to wear anything that women get to wear. To say otherwise would be sexist. It's very sad that male expressions of femininity are seen as pathological. It's darkly funny that people think that gender conformity is natural, but they also have to enforce it with shame and threats. If we didn't enforce gender norms at all, I suspect that the average person would far more androgynous.

  • Yes, why the f**k not!

    This is 2016, not 1959! If men want to wear skirts and dresses, LET THEM! It's their body, not yours! After all, women get to wear men's clothes so why the f**k wouldn't we let men be able to wear women's clothes?

    People should be allowed to wear whatever they want, regardless of whether they're male, female, agender, pangender, etc.

  • Clothes are only Material

    Many reasons why I would say yes
    1 - better for you health
    2 - better choice of fabrics / colours / patterns / lengths / designs
    3 - they feel better
    4 - many women don't seem to mind

    Our only reason against I can see is we worry about what others might think, well there view is not that important.

    I already have about 20 skirts and 7 dresses which I wear around my home. I am not gay or a drag queen. Not interested in wigs / shoes / fake breasts or becoming a woman but just wearing skirts and dresses. Women wear men's suits and trousers so what is the problem in reversing the scenario. I will def not stop and my girlfriend does not mind. I am in my late 40s and life is too short to worry about minor things like this.

    Wear what makes you feel good.

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