• Skirts and Dresses are "only" Articles of Clothing - with many different benefits and advantages; worn in various styles and designs by men and women

    People with "closed, narrow minds" should "NOT" dictate to the rest of any society how each individual should dress or be comfortable. All clothing has a purpose, with it's main purpose to cover, protect, and comfort an individual's body. Additionally, there are various heath benefits from some articles of clothing for support, protection from weather, and many other issues. And of course there is the issue of style for so many people - "and that is the one that is guilty" of having too many people dictate to others in society what they wear or do "not" wear. And they label things men or women - or fashion or ugly or cute or gay or so many other names.

    In most countries they do not have these issues because they do not have the dispensable income or funds Americans or some over well to do countries have, so they wear whatever is available and do not care what it is styled for. And many countries because of weather and history have both men and women wearing skirted garments daily.

    In our society, there are so many men who "must" wear support pantyhose 365 days per year for health, circulation, vascular, swelling, pain and prevention of loss of leg issues; that wearing of skirts and appropriate dresses made for men would be so much more comfortable than having to wear those support pantyhose under jeans, pants, and suits every day; especially on those very hot days in extreme hot climates. For business type environment - they could wear a nice skirt suit in stead of trousers with the skirts coming down just below the knees; as women used to before their dress code got so much more casual and their skirts in their skirt suits got shorter and then the suits went away to just a blouse and skirt or blouse and pants because they no longer wear pantyhose.

    There is nothing gay about this because gay guys do "NOT" want to dress up in this type of clothing; and this is "NOT" cross dressing because these are "NOT" guys trying to be women or look like women; they are "NOT" wearing all the make up and all of that stuff. They are just wanting to be more comfortable while wearing a "health garment" they "must" wear every day the rest of their life; and any woman who has every worn pantyhose in her life before they went out of style for women, will tell you they "DO" get extremely HOT under pants and jeans, and are MUCH COOLER under a skirt.

  • Clothes are only Material

    Many reasons why I would say yes
    1 - better for you health
    2 - better choice of fabrics / colours / patterns / lengths / designs
    3 - they feel better
    4 - many women don't seem to mind

    Our only reason against I can see is we worry about what others might think, well there view is not that important.

    I already have about 20 skirts and 7 dresses which I wear around my home. I am not gay or a drag queen. Not interested in wigs / shoes / fake breasts or becoming a woman but just wearing skirts and dresses. Women wear men's suits and trousers so what is the problem in reversing the scenario. I will def not stop and my girlfriend does not mind. I am in my late 40s and life is too short to worry about minor things like this.

    Wear what makes you feel good.

  • It's their life

    This entire ruling around what we should or shouldn't wear (ignoring biological sex for the moment) seriously irritates me. As humans, we don't even know our purpose on this Earth, so we have rough outlines for what we are expected to do. Already, our lives are hard enough, so why are we making it even harder?
    Overtime, rules surrounding clothes have changed- but this seems to be more for the female sex than males. Female-presenting people are able to wear jeans/ pants without heads ever turning. I have nothing against these people; I love the idea of self expression. What I do have an issue with, though, is the fact that male-identifying people are not able to wear anything remotely feminine, without being double-looked. Even as small as a pink tee - (is that guy gay?!). But why? That is always my question to these things. And the simple answer is that people just don't know anything else; don't understand this belief.
    However, nothing seems to be changing for the majority of people and it is really unfair! Obviously it will take time for these 'controversial' things to be 'accepted' but where has that even began??

  • Lets break through the barrier !

    So many of us want to make skirt and dress wearing for guys mainstream and we bemoan the fact that very few of actually do anything about it.

    Who will join me in an active movement to make our voices heard ?

    If you want to get this going for real, please email me at paragirl@cheerful.Com Sensible answers only please !

  • Most of us want to...

    Of course men should wear skirts or dresses. The great majority of us are deeply envious of 'women's rights' allowing them to wear clobber that was originally designed by men for men anyway. The only historical paintings and statues you'll find anywhere in the world showing knee-length skirts – are all of men.

  • Time to stop the double standards that exists between men's and women's clothing

    We currently have a situation where women can wear men's clothes unchallenged, but if a man chooses to wear and item of clothing, such as a dress or skirt, designed for women then it is regarded as 'odd' or 'abnormal'.
    Attitudes do need to change - all clothing should be 'unisex', which would mean fashion freedom for everyone.
    I am a straight guy who chooses to wear dresses and skirts whenever I can, because I find them so much more comfortable to wear and enjoy the freedom they provide. I love the fact that there is so much choice available in terms of styles and fabrics - by contrast, men's clothes are positively boring!!
    My own personal favourites are sweater dresses, also maxi dresses and skirts, but I do also own and wear other styles of dresses and skirts. I should add that I go out as a man wearing a dress or skirt, I am not trying to pass myself off as a woman.
    And the best bit...... When I get a compliment from a woman about the dress or skirt that I am wearing, and the fact that I 'dare to be different and challenge the system'.

  • I'll assume that you meant, "should they be PERMITTED to wear dresses?"

    Of course men should be able to wear anything that women get to wear. To say otherwise would be sexist. It's very sad that male expressions of femininity are seen as pathological. It's darkly funny that people think that gender conformity is natural, but they also have to enforce it with shame and threats. If we didn't enforce gender norms at all, I suspect that the average person would far more androgynous.

  • Yes, why the f**k not!

    This is 2016, not 1959! If men want to wear skirts and dresses, LET THEM! It's their body, not yours! After all, women get to wear men's clothes so why the f**k wouldn't we let men be able to wear women's clothes?

    People should be allowed to wear whatever they want, regardless of whether they're male, female, agender, pangender, etc.

  • Is this a joke

    I wear men's clothing all the time and it is considered okay and now even fashionable. Men shouldn't be insecure or feel inferior when it comes to fashion. A great company that actually designs dresses for men is Vestitio Malato, specifically designed for men as the company rebels against toxic and discriminating stereotypes.

  • Is this a joke

    I wear men's clothing all the time and it is considered okay and now even fashionable. Men shouldn't be insecure or feel inferior when it comes to fashion. A great company that actually designs dresses for men is Vestitio Malato, specifically designed for men as the company rebels against toxic and discriminating stereotypes.

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