• Ladies wear pants

    We need the cash flow that this new industry would create. Men should not wear woman's skirts they should have skirts made just for men. Men should shave their legs also and this will create more jobs. Marketing new products. This will let the girls see more of their men.

  • A skirt is not gender-specific piece of garment

    It is a common phrase these days, but it is the 21st Century and people should be allowed to choose and wear clothing that suits their personalities. Why are skirts for women and pants are for both genders?
    Why is a woman allowed to pick and chose between flat shoes, running shoes, construction boots and heels and a man is pretty much denied the same? How would any woman feel today if her employer will explicitly require her to wear only skirts and heels? Should it be sexist's opinion? Should it be harassment (or a form of harassment)?
    A man should be able to wear whatever he prefers and feels ready to wear. One condition only...Appropriate grooming is a must!

  • Equality In Dressing

    If men can't wear skirts then women can't . If we have equality in everything else in America then why can't we have equality in dressing?If you were told that pants are illegal how would you feel? Would you stand up for yourself? If a man wants to wear a skirt let him ear a skirt!

  • Sure, why not?

    There are a few reasons why a male should wear a skirt if he chooses. Anatomically a skirt is well suited for a male. Skirts can be comfortable, even more comfortable than shorts in hot weather. And the biggest reason is freedom of choice. Why should women be the only ones to have freedom in what they wear? While not every item that a women wears is suitable for the male body, there are many items that can be suitably designed so as to be pleasing or at least acceptable to the inquiring eye.

  • It is not Crossdressing!!!!

    People need to know that if a guy is using the skirt does not make you a crossdresser. Using girly make up and wareing a skirt and bra make you a crossdresser. If every guy uses skirts i do not think that it would be bad. I kinda like using a skirt because it is like a cape for your bottom. Also people need to know that you can alwas ware a kelt. I use one sometimes and i love it!

    P.S. There is nothing rong beeing a crossdresser but people need to know the diffrents.

  • Skirts are not sexual but just a garment that both men and women can wear.

    Equality to fashion! There is no law against a man wearing a skirt like garment just a needed change in the way culture reacts here in the USA especially !!! Skirts are not sexual but just a garment that both men and women can wear. Should become common and found in all men's and women's clothing retail departments.

  • I only can ask: why not?

    Sorry for my english, my language is german. There are no parts of clothes women don't wear. As a man I am not a person second class! Why shouldn't I wear the same clothes also worn by other persons? Only I decide which clothes I would like to wear, not other people.

  • YES and fast

    Why NOT I look at all the things woman can wear, styles, colors and ask what the Hell. As a man it sucks to have so little to chose from. I hope things can change and fast too. I also ask why its like, and who is the biggest ones agents waring what is thought to be ladies apparel.

  • Yes, that helps men's health

    * Overheated male parts are gone, sore skin on the leg's inner sides too.
    * Also, I have seen tinnitus diminish whilst wearing a skirt.
    * Men have waited too long to take up their freedom.
    * Skirts for men can be produced much cheaper than trousers. That saves resources for the world.

  • It makes more sense

    Well men aren't supposed to have there junk all bunched up in pants. This would probably be the reason that so many guys are having so many medical issues. Now if society would grab a clue and realize this and not look down on it. Just maybe the guys that do wear them (like myself) would feel better about wearing them in public. It's kinda ridicules that the ladies can't wear guys or ladies clothes, and not have to be worried about being labelled as gay. But if a man starts wearing ladies clothes then people frown and look down at them. I don't get it at all, considering skirts were men's to begin with. What needs to happened is that famous guys (actors and such) need to start wearing them all the time. If that happened then it would become okay for all men to wear them. Because when someone famous does something society is good with it....Dave

  • Why would they?

    If the question was "should men be allowed to wear skirts" then I would say yes obviously people should be allowed to do whatever they want. However as this wasn't the question I'll keep it relevant.

    I don't think men should wear skirts for the same reason I don't think they should wear tights and high heels or doggy collars or saddles. Skirts were not designed for men. Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned but I just think that a man should be a man. I don't mean going off in to the woods to punch a bear, I don't even mean not moisturising, but really where is the cut off point?

    Are men going to wear frilly panties and bras so that their moobs dont sag when they get older? If we keep going down this road then we will eventually come to a point where it's difficult to distinguish between a male and a female human and it's already difficult enough for me to get a date.

  • They probably shouldn't, but they could if they really wanted to.

    The wording says,"should men wear skirts?" Not,"should men be allowed to wear skirts?" So, I'll assume that the question was intended as worded.

    I have no problem with men wearing skirts if they want to, I wouldn't try to stop them and I wouldn't ridicule them. But I have to say that generally I do not think that they should. I think that skirts are attractive on women but not on men. In fact, I think that they look a little bit ridiculous on men and would never do it myself. Everyone has their own tastes and I would never deny someone else theirs, I just don't like it personally. In my opinion, there are things that are flattering on women and there are things that are flattering on men, but there are rarely things that are flattering on both. Even the things that both men and women wear (pants for example) are usually cut differently to fit the difference in body shape, body type, and overall image. So, if a guy wore women's jeans, he would probably look equally ridiculous (to me) as I might think he'd look in a skirt. Like I said, I don't really care what people do, but I PERSONALLY do not think that it looks good to wear clothes that do not fit your body type and do not portray an image that is flattering and consistent with your gender.

  • Only a idiot would ask this question

    If the topic said should men be allowed to wear skirts, yeah that's different talking about freedom of what you wear but this ask if men should wear skirts... Let me put it this way.
    1. Should girls sag?
    2. Should girls work out shirtless like guys?
    3.Should girls go in mens bathrooms?
    4. Should girls have penises?
    5. Should girls have names like Jack or Bill?
    6. Should girls be allowed into all men colleges?
    7. Should girls be allowed to play NFL with men?

    Ovboiusly as you can see their are many distinctions between men and women that should be kept. Also personally since I don't support gayness I also don't support this on a personal level as a result.

  • It Makes Them Look Weird

    I'm not trying to enforce any kind of policy that men CAN'T wear skirts, I just find that if a man does wear a skirt, he is less attractive to me and most other people would categorize him as a girly boy or something of that nature. Second of all, skirts are not designed for men in the first place, if you want to wear a skirt-like piece of clothing and don't want to be labeled wrongly as a gay man, wear a kilt instead. Kilts look so much better.

  • No pants for women

    If we are going to make clothing gender based then it make sense that we have women only wear feminine looking clothing and stay at home bring up children. BUT we are past this type of thinking lets move to the future without barrier to all . Best wisjer to all

  • Hell no, it's ridiculous.

    If you can't figure out why men shouldn't wear woman's clothing you are already a mind numbed moron. Male and female compliment one another to make a whole, they don't need to meet in the middle. I feel sorry for children growing up in the midst of all of this foolishness.

  • The question asked has nothing to do with equality

    The question never asked if it was legal, or moral, it asked if we think guys should wear skirts, and I very firmly believe not. Men used to wear robes, togas and kilts and skirts and all the like. But once pants evolved it was no longer necessary for men to wear skirts. Thank the heavens. Pants were specifically made for men, and left the women to wear the skirts. This is how we should keep it. Men should not wear skirts. The pants were invented for a reason.

  • Skirts is a woman icon

    I just wonder that which man that want to wear that skirts. If a man wear that skirts, it is has the same meaning that he shows to the world that he is a girl. And how about the men's genitals? Or something like that, that skirts will not being fit to them

  • I believe the question was should they

    The question is not "Can they" which is obviously true. The question is "SHOULD THEY". As a completely straight guy, yeah the answer is a resounding no. Dudes did wear skirts in ancient times. Should they today? Um hahahaNO. STAHP. As if I didn't have enough nightmares already. If you want to be queer, be my guest and wear a skirt. If that's what makes you happy. However, DONT expect people to just accept it as normal. Its queer and shouldn't happen. Please don't give me another reason to avoid people.

  • You can't force them

    I have nothing against shirts, whoever wears them. Anyone can choose to wear a shirt if they want to. But I'm not going to tell anyone (male or female) what they should be wearing. "Hey Steve, you should be wearing a shirt today." It would be like saying to a woman that they should not be wearing a shirt. People should be allowed to wear whatever they want.

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