Should men with boobs be required by law to wear a shirt or bra when they are out in public?

Asked by: philochristos
  • For modesty purpose

    If purpose of bra is modesty and support, it should not make a difference whether for men or for women. Anyone with sufficient breast tissue should be required to wear. Perhaps boys should need to start wearing training bras earlier just in case they need one when they are older.

  • Yes, but not a law

    I wear a bra because without one my chest just hurts went they bounce. If a woman wears one, it is normal. All a bra does is support the breast/ tissue. Since, I have worn a bra, my back issues have gone away. So, yes I am a male and proud to wear a bra.

  • You should wear bra.

    I am a male and have been wearing bra for the last many years. I feel pain if I not wear bra as my breasts swing side ways. I am wearing 42" C cup bra. My wife in fact encouraged me to wear bra looking to my large breasts. She use to buy Bras for me.

  • Definitely you should

    I'm a man with female like breasts and I was told over 30 yrs ago by a breast care nurse at my Doctors to start wearing a bra. It has helped over the years and it soon became just a daily routine as it is for countless numbers of real women. I hate going bra less and though it's difficult at times and humiliating it's just part of having breasts I suppose.

  • Yes, strongly encouraged.

    In my early teens I developed breasts. My older sister's 34B bras fit me perfectly (I tried them on secretly). I loved the comfort and support of a bra. But by the time I hit age 20 I had grown tall and very thin and my breasts nearly disappeared. I wanted to wear a bra, but my parents were very religious and insisted that bras were only for girls. Fast forward into my mid fifties and my breasts have gradually grown back. I'm larger than A cup, but not quite big enough for B cup. My wife has hinted that maybe I should wear a bra. Any time she is ready, I am. I love having breasts and wish they were C cup or even D cup. I don't run anymore, so my breasts don't bounce and jiggle. They are quite firm anyway, and they are nicely shaped. Besides, I love it when they jiggle when I walk. By the way, I'm not overweight, so they are not just 'man boobs'. Going shirtless at a swimming pool or at a beach is now definitely out of the question. I cover up at the beach. I would love to be forced t wear a bra, starting with a sports bra.

  • Tops for everyone, or tops can optional for all!!!

    Instead of getting upset because of a chest (a biologically non- sexual body part), it seams simpler to allow optional tops. I think it's wrong If only some humans can go without tops. I personally don't find man boobs attractive, but it seems better to just allow optional tops for every creature!

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  • A good bra never hurts

    Yes men with large breasts should be required to wear a bra. Not only is it good support for the girls but prevents them from hurting later. When you go out in public you should always wear a bra. It keeps them in place and keeps them from being sore later on. I know from experience, I am a male with large breasts and I wear a bra full time. I am a size 44f cup it's hard to hide them so I don't even bother anymore. I wear underwire and long line bra. When at the beach I wear an underwire swim bra. My wife is very supportive of me needing to wear one.After all it only a article of clothing. So if you have a big rack of moobswear a bra.If you wear a nice one you won't even know you have one on. I know I need one so be respectful and put one on when going out. Support what God has given you
    You might even get some very nice compliments.

  • Yes they should

    Wearing a bra is essential if you have developed female type breast like myself., I wear a selection of different white bras, sometimes an A cup sometimes a C cup, but mostly I am a 38 B cup size. I find it more comfortable, and in fact I now actually enjoy wearing a bra. As a matter of interest my wife actually likes me to wear my bras.

  • And women should not be required to either

    It's absurd how demonized we have allowed sexuality to become. The sight of a naked person in public now has so much shock value that it simply shouldn't have in any mature society. We label them sex offenders even if no sex crime has been committed. It has gotten to the point where nudity and sexuality in entertainment experiences more resistance than gratuitous violence and gore.

    You also have to consider just how impossible something like this would be to enforce. Will it be limited to people above a certain BMI? Extended to people who are just generally unattractive and cause people to complain?

    Posted by: Quan
  • Shirts should not be required for anyone.

    The idea of forcing people to wear shirts is absurd. People who have so much time in their life to worry about if someone with boobs, either male or female, is going shirtless, simply is not in the right state of mind to be making these kind of proposals.

    Some men even have boobs without being fat, caused by a medical condition.

  • Not by Law

    We would be discriminating against large men if this became a law. The only reason women must have a shirt on versus men is because the breasts of a woman are sexualized. Man "boobs" are not. There is no reason to require a man to wear a shirt (where it is allowed for men in general to) just because he is bigger then the normal, socially attractive man.

  • People are not born to be restricted by clothes

    We are not born wearing clothes and there should be no laws stating that anyone of any sex or race or age should be obligated to wear any such thing because a few people feel embarrassed by this. I for 1 believe that anyone should be able to wear what they want when they want, regardless of whether its in the home or out in public. Shaming a person only causes damage in the end.

  • Why not just lose weight and eat right?

    Wouldn't that be the easiest thing to do? If a guy has gynecomastia then it is a different story it if a guy is simply overweight then the best thing to do is lose the weight. So I'm going to have to say no because that is the simplest solution.

  • Nobody should have to wear a bra!

    Neither men NOR women should be "required" to wear a bra! And anyone should be equally allowed to go shirtless if they feel like it. It's 2015, I think we should be able to handle the sight of BOOBS. It is some old outdated misogynist crap that bras have become a socially "required" garment for women. Even those with little A-cup boobs feel compelled to wear a bra even though there is no realistic need for "support" at that size. It is ridiculous.

  • Eh. I think we should do away with bra requirements all together.

    I am a male and I believe women should have the right to or not to wear what they want. To force people to wear something bc the way they were born just sounds very discriminate and I thought USA was about freedom, but we take it from every thing

  • Not by law required

    Bra's are a support garment to wear. It has nothing to do with a law! A law about COVERING the breast area exist but it doesn't men wearing a bra.
    Everybody can say, yes men should because of equality, but that is a different subject. Women should cover the breast urea because of possible sexual concerns which is really a problem.

  • No, men might be humiliated by this requirement.

    Because it is legal for the average man to go shirtless in public and--obviously--not to wear a bra, it would be discriminatory to require men who are "well endowed" on the top to wear bras and/or shirts. If it's offensive to someone to see a man not wearing a shirt, it's easy enough to look away. This would also be an impossible law to enforce, and put a needless burden on police.

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Anonymous says2013-09-21T14:58:54.873
So men can have an equal opportunity to develop breast cancer and fibrocystitis?