Should menthol and other cigarette flavorings be banned?

  • Flavoring should be banned

    As a country, we pay for the bad habits of others. I understand the freedom to do what ever we want but we will pay for it in the long run. As people get sicker and sicker from preventable diseases associated with smoking, these individual will generally be from lower income areas and overtime, they will not be able to pay for the cost of their medical bills. This will lead to everyone else paying higher medical cost.. Flavoring is a way to get our kids addicted. The CDC has proven the majority of individuals that take up the habit will be under the age of 18 and flavoring is a way to make our youth feel cigarettes are safer. Freedom is one thing but making us pay for the bad habits and preventable diseases of others is preying on our freedom.

  • It is nothing to have around.

    People that are around the smokers that breath it with all the chemicals in it. Cigarettes have a worst effect on them by being in a second hand smoking areas with everyone that has been smoked in areas, many people with breathing problems can not be around anyone that smokes

  • Menthol and other cigarette flavorings should be banned.

    Cigarette flavorings tend to appeal to a younger clientele so whenever possible they should be banned from cigarettes.This way young people will not have to use their somewhat underdeveloped brain power to decide whether to smoke or not because it just no longer appeals to them because of the flavors.

  • No, menthol and other cigarette flavorings should not be banned.

    No, menthol and other cigarette flavorings should not be banned. I do not think that flavored cigarettes are more likely to make children want to smoke and adults should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies. Flavored cigarettes are no more harmful than non-flavored cigarettes. If there are no menthol cigarettes people would just smoke non-menthol.

  • Menthol and other cigarette flavoring should not be banned.

    Enough with government sticking its nose where it doesn't belong! The citizenry of America are adults, not a bunch of children. If the government wants to take care of children then they should focus on the mountain of poor children living in America. Banning cigarette flavoring will not accomplish a single thing other than, yet again, punish and restrict Americans exercising their right to engage in a legal act and substance. Let's all take a guess, it's the Democratic party attempting to stomp on America's freedoms, yet again.

  • Menthol and other cigarette flavorings should not be banned.

    There is nothing wrong with adding flavoring such as menthol to cigarettes. If people enjoy cigarettes with flavorings, and as long as cigarettes remain legal, people should be able to purchase them. Although cigarettes are bad for people's health, it is a free country and people should be able to enjoy things that are not healthy.

  • No they shouldn't.

    There is not reason to ban menthol or other flavored cigarettes. They say that flavors encourage children and teens to smoke. I do not believe this to be true. I don't think a teen is going to say, "gee they have those menthol cigarettes, yum, I think I will try it."

  • They should not be banned

    No, I do not think that menthol and other flavored cigarettes should be banned. It is the right of a citizen to choose to smoke, and those are just different varieties of cigarettes that are allowed to be sold. It is infringing on Americans' rights to ban any type of substance like that.

  • Flavored cigarettes not more harmful

    A lot of American citizens smoke, and most will probably never quit. This is a choice they make, and although it is unhealthy, it is not our job as a country to keep people from enjoying their unhealthy habits. Some people enjoy menthol, so let them have it. I do not believe anyone would quit smoking because menthols became illegal

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