• Yes, he is worth that job.

    Merrick Garland should be approved as the new Supreme Court Judge. Even the Senate refuse to approve his nomination, the president can officially appoint him to that post as it will be deemed that the Senate waived their power. All in all if Clinton becomes the president, she will appoint him.

  • The judicial branch needs him

    Merrill Garland should have been approved months ago when president Obsma recommended him. This congress has tried to block this president from the very beginning to force him into the lame duck position. They don't seem to care that it ties the hand of the Judicial branch of the government. They don't seem to realize that it has cost their own party tremendously. That is one of the reason a Donald Trump exists.

  • Maybe, but there should at least be a vote about it.

    I don't know much about Merrick Garland, so I'm not sure if he should be the new Supreme Court judge or not. What I do know is that Congress is supposed to vote on it, but is refusing to do so. As a U.S. citizen and taxpayer, I am furious about this. We all pay these people's salaries, and they continually refuse to do their job (while only being scheduled to work about half the year anyway). They need to vote on whether to approve Garland. If they don't want him to be on the Court, they can vote no.

  • Merrick Garland should not be approved as the new Supreme Court judge

    Merrick Garland should not be approved as the new Supreme Court judge because his political and legal views are radically left of center. He would be a danger to the Constitution. He will get a full hearing before the Senate, and at that time it can be decided whether or not he is worthy.

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