• We need them.

    If you go to any urban high school or middle school in a crime infested neighborhood, they will defiantly have them. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but I am saying that they help protect students. I also think they should be implemented in just about every large high school in the country, even if they aren't in bad neighborhoods, because the larger the school is, the more bullying there's likely to be, which contributes to the likelihood of suicide attempts.

  • They're needed for safety and security.

    I'm wondering: Just how many bodies need to pile up in schools from shootings before we concede that metal detectors are needed in schools? I know there's a stigma with them that is attached to inner city schools, but notice how most shootings have been happening in the relatively affluent suburbs? Let's keep our children safe, please!

  • Metal detectors should be allowed in school.

    I believe that metal detectors should be allowed in
    school. I believe the children are our
    future. We should treat them well and
    let them lead the way. We should do
    everything within our power to protect them.
    We need metal detectors to be allowed in school so that we can prevent
    school shootings.

  • Yes, metal detectors should be allowed in school.

    In order to ensure the safety of students, it is important that metal detectors be allowed in schools. Knives and guns can be easily hidden in clothing, backpacks, and purses, and without metal detectors they could be easily sneaked onto the premises. Metal detectors are deterrents to the bringing of dangerous objects into the school, and so should be allowed.

  • Not so fast.

    However, metal detectors can disrupt the school day. What if a screw fell into your backpack and then you have to be searched? Or if you have a metal case for your phone? If there were many people with this, the school day would be put off by an hour at least. Braces will set it off, and will disrupt pacemakers as well because those can set them off since neither can be conveniently removed. Metal jewelry can also set them off. As far as guns and knives, 3D printing allows for a knife and gun to be made out of nonmetals. A metal detector cannot stop a nonmetal object. Even objects as small as a metal staple will set it off. Metal belts will set it off. I could go on a long list.

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