• Corporate tax is fair play

    Many corporations have found creative ways to avoid taxes, as revealed in the explosive "Panama Papers." Microsoft is one such company, so I think it is only fair that they be forced to pay the standard £100 million per year as the corporation tax on their operations in the UK.

  • Yes, Microsoft should have to pay taxes to UK

    Corporations such as Microsoft should be accountable to pay taxes to the UK. The use of tax loopholes is a way for corporations to avoid the tax burden with all their legal resources but it also reduces the monetary resources for the country. Taxes help to keep a country growing and supporting its roads and services for all businesses and citizens.

  • Yes, Microsoft should have to pay £100m per year in UK corporation taxes.

    While I am not from the UK, just knowing how huge Microsoft is tends to make me feel that they should do the right thing by paying the £100m yearly to the UK relative to corporation taxes. When I read that they are diverting revenue to Ireland to avoid doing so, it does not feel right.

  • If they earned it, they should pay taxes on it

    Microsoft, come on! A world-wide industry giant should most definitely be able to pay its tax bills, and surely a company that was until a few years ago viewed as a monopoly does not need to search out loophooles to reduce a tax debt, no matter where it was earned. England is a rather large client and goodwill goes a long way with business partners and is another reason Microsoft should strongly consider doing the right thing.

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