• Yes, middle and high schools should have recess.

    I think a fifteen minute break to get a snack would be good for teenagers. I am not saying they should go out to the playground, but a snack break would be helpful. Teenagers get hungry too, and they are not allowed to eat in class. A small break may help them study and pay attention a little better.

  • Yes, they should.

    The brain is a lot like a computer and it needs 'quick saves' every now and again to back up data. Giving the mind time to relax between courses is healthy and helpful to younger people whose brains are still growing and whose learning potential is so much higher than an adult's.

  • Definitely we should

    I am 18 and a senior in highschool and I still say we should have recess. 25 minute lunch is a nice break but students don't get any physical excersize. I used to take weight training and can definitely see a difference in my productivity and awareness when I took it vs now. The only reason I can't take it is I have an ap as an "elective" and a language. I'm also ADHD so I get extremely jittery if I do not do sports or communicate. However even people without ADHD still should benefit from recess. People keep complaining about their kids not getting enough exersize or being to hyper yet nobody does anything in school other than have doctors proscribe aderal which for MW exercise works twice as well as taking a drug that makes me angry and not hungry.

  • Yes middle schoolers should have recess!

    They should have recess because the obesity rates in America are more than high....Kids need more excersie than sitting in a chair all day.. Recess would also make blood flow go to the brain when kids run around so they can do better in school work....They are still kids.....Kids also need social interaction....

  • Middle schoolers and high schoolers should have breaks....

    When I get into middle school next year I want to have recess because kids who don't get breaks from school work will stop paying attention in class. Our grades might decrease because so much is crammed into our minds and their is no time just to talk to our friends. My aunt teaches high school and I teach there sometimes too. The kids get quarters off and they have great grades (I can tell because I grade their papers.!!) this is what all kids should have, breaks.

  • Siesta time yes!

    Two short 15 minute breaks allows students to relax. Also, many jobs require two short breaks, such as nurses and technicians (in fact all union jobs require breaks.) In many Spanish countries a siesta time is set aside during the work day to relax. High school students are so stressed out, a recess gives students a much needed break time.

  • Everyone benefits from a break!

    Research dating back to the late 1800's proves that students will learn better and faster when their efforts are distributed, not concentrated. That is, work that includes breaks and down time proves more effective than in long stretches. A snack and a 15 minutes break would "refresh the students mind"

  • Yes, we need recess.

    I am a junior in high school and all I can think about is how I can't wait to get home and relax. School is stressful with all the work they give us. It would make every student relieved to have a 15 minute break to catch up in a class or study for an upcoming test, or even just sit and relax until their next class. Our minds need a break during the day instead of being told to sit down, shut up, learn. It's a lot of pressure and we can't take it. Teachers want to know why we don't do our homework? This. This is why.

  • Yes need to

    I believe that middle and high school kids should have recess because it will help them focus in class, and it would get their energy out, and we won't feel tired and run down after every class. Also if none of us wanted to play we could hang out with friends, and it would be fun.

  • Have more fun in school

    Students work themselves to the bone in school doing work and need some breaks as a kid you want to live while your young. A big part of this is socializing in school with their peers. This is not a big request due to the fact that recess is only 10-15 min long and students need to release some energy

  • No recess for high schoolers

    High schoolers are to old. I interviewed my sister and she even said that recess would be boring and she is WAY to old for that stuff. And they won't run around like little kids do, if anything they should go to the gym, not run around like little kids

  • No because then it would take learning time off and we only have so much time in school.

    I already said why
    Because it would take learning time off of school and because we are already older
    We don't need reccess but it would be nice to have a 5 minute snack break so that is my opinion on this why middle schoolers and high schoolers should have recess or not

  • Unnecessary for older students.

    Catering to time wasting nonsense is one of the reasons our students cannot concentrate on tasks for any given period of time. Middle and high schoolers are not small children who have to eat every couple of hours. Middle and high schoolers arlso have study halls, which serve as free periods.

  • Gym and Lunch

    High schools don't need recess because we have lunch and gym. Lunch and gym is where we have free time with our friends. We sit at lunch where we can eat and chat at the same time. Gym is also like lunch except you get to play sports with your friends and chat with them as well.

  • We are older not kids

    Little kid need to get out and we can get sick and the winter that why middle schools shoud not have recess and it will take of learn and high shcoolers are teens and middle schoolers are going to be teens thats why we dont need recess to to teens

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  • Yes we should!

    Okay, honestly, high schoolers and middle schoolers are CHILDREN. Why do people insist on rushing childhood? Sometimes, education and adulthood are corrupt. You are yet a child if you are in middle school or high school. Yes, we need recess. We need free time. We are stressed with homework, tests, bullies and ect. We need our free time. Just because we are in the "big bad high school" doesn't mean we aren't kids dying to have fun. Case closed. ;)

  • No recess for Middle School or High School

    No recess for middle school because it take a lot of time and it also bored to learn. High School and Middle School are not kid anymore so they do not have to learn about recess.. High School and Middle School have to study hard and have free time period.

  • No because its distracting

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