Should middle school and high school students have access to condoms?

  • Condoms prevent diseases

    Giving a kid a condom doesnt mean you are giving them the ok to have sex, it just means you are providing them with a way to act responsibly if they find themselves in that situation. If more people used condoms and if more parents would talk to their kids, it would cut down on unwanted pregnacies and tge spread of stds.

  • Access to condoms is a general good for students who may be more impacted by peers

    Students in middle school and high school should have the ability to get birth control as they may be more influenced by peers than family. However, the school should not be the organization endorsing the use of such devices as their funding does not give them explicit right to make such determinations.

  • Yes, middle school students and up should have access to condoms.

    Students grades six and above do not have fully developed brains and they are going to make bad choices at times, so it is important that they have access to condoms become even if they are only taught abstinence, they are still going to have sex. It also hurts society, because it is very likely that a child born to someone so young will require government assistance.

  • Yes School kids should have access to condoms

    The kids today are maturing a lot faster than in previous generations. As a result they are becoming more sexually active and sexually aware at a much younger age. These kids will have unprotected sex if they do not have access to safe sex supplies. It would be better in the long run to prevent underage pregnancy than to try to expect those kids to abstain entirely.

  • No, if they want them they will find a way to have them.

    There should not be open access to middle school students ever regarding sexual activity, but high school students should not have it either. If kids want to have sex, they will find a way to acquire the protection on their own. It is our duty to tell them not to do so, not encourage it.

  • No, middle school students should not have access to condoms.

    No, middle school students should not have access to condoms, while high school students should have access to condoms. Middle school does not have quite the reputation for sexual experimentation that high school does. Providing access to middle school students sends the message that sex is okay at any age. While high school students are better able to make decisions about their bodies, middle school students are not ready to make those same decisions. Furthermore, a high school student is capable of getting a job to support a child if the condom breaks. A middle school student does not have that same opportunity.

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