Should middle school students be expelled for bullying?

  • Not their fault!!

    Sometimes kids dont mean to be rude and bully, but the kid thinks so and tells people they r bullying. Thats not cool!! So if this rule applied then kids will get expelled for no reason and no good colleges will except them. They wont get a good education!!! Thx

  • Yes, Middle School Bullying is unacceptable.

    As a former victim myself, I absolutely do not tolerate bullying. Even if a Bullying victim does tell an adult and they do something, it just won't stop unless action is taken. Bullies have no place in our schools and if they cannot shape up their attitude, then they shouldn't be attending if they continue to antagonize students. I wouldn't suggest expelling them right away. The bully should get five strikes against them: One for to back off, Two as a warning, three as detention, four as a week-long suspension, and five would be expulsion. If we do this, the suicide/homicide in schools rate would go down greatly. And most of all, students can be free of such torture.

  • Yes, middle school students should be expelled for bullying.

    There should be a zero tolerance for bullying. Middle school students are just beginning puberty and they are super sensitive. They still have their baby fat and some children can be very cruel. I have been reading more about children committing suiced because they have been bullied so much. Now, it goes past the simple bullying, though. Now students post horrible things and pictures on facebook. It has become viral.and kids have no chance.

  • They should be expelled on certain grounds

    If it's physically harming someone repeatedly that is wrong and horrible to do. And people shouldn't do that regardless. HOWEVER, if it is bullying by words i.E "You're dumb" that shouldn't be grounds for being expelled because it is merely words and doesn't leave any permanent effect at least most of he time.

  • Yes, students who bully should be appropriately punished.

    If a student is shown to be a constant source of distress for other middle school students, then he should be expelled. Bullies can cause extreme emotional and physical pain in their fellow students, which causes the bullied individuals to be unable to gain the intended benefits from the school system.

    However, this shouldn't be the first step in the disciplinary process. Other means of punishment should be attempted before the child is completely expelled.

  • It is wrong

    Its not right would you want someone pushing you around like that and making you feel bad about yourself no you wouldnt they dont know what goes on at their house they could be getting abused who knows just at least try to know things before you try to bully people

  • Yes. Middle School Bullying is a big problem in everyday life for kids.

    As a parent, on multiple accounts, my son has faked being sick to stay home so he would avoid bullying. Other days he might come home with large bruises up and down his arms and legs, one time even with a black eye and bloody nose. Because of this, and being a former victim of bullying myself, I have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. I have asked the school board to institute a rule where bullies get expelled, starting with that child, and it has worked. Bullying in the school has gone down, and the major bullies that were still there were expelled, bringing the bullying rate down even lower. It is a perfect system, and a lot of parents, including myself, love it because it protects our kids from these horrible bullies.

  • Bullying lets everything go worse than ever

    A student's life must be the happiest as he/she cannot enjoy those experiences later and if he gets bullied on that particular time,the person who's bullying must get expelled as fast as possible because if this bullying doesn't stop,it could lead to the child's death as they are very soft and they can't bear bullying.If that child dies,the person who is bullied will also get a severe punishment which may make that child also leading to death

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  • Definitely...Here is why

    The victim of the bully not only needs time to heal but also the victim needs to know they will be safe for some time. Also the bully needs to learn that any form of bullying is unacceptable. When we do small things like lie we think that it is ok to do it again, and soon you think that a big lie is ok. Just like a lie, bullies think that once they do it it is ok to do it again, and soon they have committed a felony. We need to teach what is right and wrong. A small firm talk won't solve the worlds problems we must enforce bigger consequences to let these kids know that doing the right thing is good and doing the wrong thing will result in a lifetime of regret.

  • Not unless their are abnormal circumstances

    Complete expulsion from school without return is to harsh of a punishment for simply calling people names, and it is hypocritical as well. If you're going to demonize bullying because it adversely affects another students education, then why would you send out the bully, preventing him from getting an education of his own. Now, there are obviously some extenuating circumstances, such as sexual harassment, physical bullying, and repeated, nonstop offenses, but those are usually extremes, not everyday occurences.

  • Expulsion will make the problem worse.

    Kids who are bullies have many problems themselves, kicking them out of school will only damage their future and cause them to have more self esteem issues. Kids who are bullies need help and counselling not to have their basic right to an education taken away from them. Bullying is rife in middle school as it is a developmental stage that kids go through.

  • Parents are to blame not the child

    St this age I can remember being completely ignorant to the rest of the world. These kids who are causing trouble need guidance. Remove them from the environment they live in at home. Do not expel them. That only reduces their chances of living a normal life. You people are sick.

  • Passing the Problem

    No. Bullies should not be expelled. Expelling them does not solve the problem but rather passes it to the next school to deal with, who, in turn will probably also expel them for the same problem the first school dealt with. Instead of passing the problem from school to school, programs should be installed for the kids who need more guidance where their behavior will be addressed properly. Also, statistics show that often the bully is also a victim and more often than not is a victim to their bully parents, who have taught the child how to behave as they do. As a past victim, I feel the pain of those the bully targets but I also sympathize with the bully's plight. Too often is the bully absolutely hated and loathed for their actions, but what many don't realize is that it is not uncommon that the bully is hurting as much as the victim.

  • Depends on the situation

    I think you shouldn't just straight away expel a student because many cases have consisted of a student being suspended or expelled without getting the chance for their explanation of why it was, with many cases being a result of self defense. I think if every part was intentional students should get a second chance as that's what everyone deserves, but if nothing changes, the student does not have the right to torment, hurt and intentionally ruin other school students school years and should be expelled.
    I think it all depends on the situation and circumstance of the incident.

  • They might have problems at home

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  • So my sister has just been expelled for "Bullying"

    I don't think it's necessary to expel them. Ruining a person future for taking a book of saying something that was a mistake is no needed. There should be different` actions taken to combat bullying that are not scare tactics. They new guidance and help. It's like putting someone in jail for smoking crack. It's going to make it a lot worst.

  • They are victims

    Bullies are also victims because they can be treated bad at their houses and that's why they react like that , we need to see behind hi too to se e the problems he is having and to help help him.
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  • Not their fault!!

    Sometimes kids dont mean to be rude and bully, but the kid thinks so and tells people they r bullying. Thats not cool!! So if this rule applied then kids will get expelled for no reason and no good colleges will except them. They wont get a good education!!! Thx

  • Why bullies should not be expelled.

    I think bullies should not be treated badly because most of the time the bullies are the ones being treated bad. By parents or other adults. That's why bullies do what they do because the think 'Oh if people treat me this why cant i do it. So instead of striking the bullies strike the people making the bullies.It's like going into a war taking out all the enemy soldiers (bullies) and then leaving. But if you don't take out the people the training the soldiers then there just going to keep coming. I read an article recently and it said people are going to jail to much for dumb mediocre laws. It also said that jails have been increasingly over crowded. So imagine if we started sending kids to jail or teens jails would need to be every where. There would be no room for any body to go to jail. We would have to start letting people out of jail there would be no room! That's why we need to strike the people making bullies then help the bullies recover to regain there old friends. Thank you for reading if you read.

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Jcdoucet says2017-01-11T02:43:16.810
Yes they should.

I hate to say it but bullying has been around since Adam and Eve. Edicate and respect are a farce ... People are what they are taught (environment). There are consiqences to our actions good and bad. If the teachers, principles, and most of all parents don't teach them some day the police will. Keep letting people (kids, teenagers, young adults) get away with bad behavior with little to no consiquebce they will grow up with an entitled (it's all about me .. Narcissist attitude). Most "normal" people hate those people. Your not doing them any favours by not giving appropriate consiqences. You love your kids? Teach them by example parents and give appropriate consiqences for bad behavior. No games, no friends, no phone, more homework, no being to busy to care.