Should middle school students have free seating at lunch?

Asked by: xxharley_dawnxx
  • Students should be able to sit by each other in lunch.

    Students should be able to sit where they please in lunch. They should be allowed to do this because it lets them socialize before they start the end period class. If you you don't let them talk during that lunch time they will probably talk to their friends in class. Although we give up some of rights when we go to school it shouldn't mean that they dictate who we talk to. If schools got the choice of who we talk to where would be in the world. Another problem is if schools dictate where students sit we could end up having less people on the table thus making less friends.

  • Free seating at lunch

    I believe students should have free seating because it deprives students of a social skill they will need in life. There is only one good reason for assigned seating and that is to fight off bullying, but if someone would just give us middleschooler a chance we can show that there is way more kind souls than there are bullies.

  • We should be able to!

    I'm a 6th grader, and I have two friends that sit at a different table than me. Administrators say that they make us- FORCE us to sit at an assigned table say that it's for our own safety. But what do we need to be safe from?.. Exactly. Nothing! Are they afraid that we'll do some crazy crap or something? That's rediculous. Me- and MANY others- say "YES!"! We need to be able to sit wherever! IT'S A FREE COUNTRY!!!

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  • We really should!!!!


  • We need a choice of were to sit

    I'm 12 years old and personally I feel that we should have free seating and when I say this I'm speaking for the kids who get bullied at lunch or the kids who never see their friends the whole day I was recently told by school officials that I must go back to my original assigned seat after getting permission to sit with them now I sit alone across the whole cafeteria from my friends in the same lunch period as the girl who hates me and one of my friends who I sat with is in the same situation we both sit alone like most of the kids in the cafeteria if we were allowed to sit were we wanted we would not be permitted to just socializing with certain people if we had free seating there's more likely of a chance that we would make more friends and on terms of how loud it could get if we chose are seats the staff can always set noise limits and if u reach it u could be punished that's why I would agree to free seating( forgive my horrendous grammar I'm a 7th grader)

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  • No we should not

    It's pretty ridicoulous that people are even considering! It's the one time of day where you get to relax and sit with friends! At my school everyone has somewhere to sit? This is really dumb! Just stick with choosing where you are sitting. G g f f g g v

  • We need to fight back!

    All of those who have assigned seating, we need to be loud and fight back! People may tell you to pick your battles, or don't bother because it's not worth fighting for. I believe that as long as there is passion and belief in your cause, whatever it is, ANYTHING is worth fighting for. In history, those who fought for justice achieved it, while those who lived with it didn't. Stand tall, be proud, and don't let ANYONE stop you from getting back free seating!

  • Schools should have free seating!

    Really realize that students need to have some break with friends, maybe it will decrease the irresponsibility in classrooms and help them vent out. I'm talking to you Paul Cavaliere ( our princaple ). It will really help kids vent out and stop depression. Free seating will really help students.

  • No, No and No!

    Bullying happens! Lunch is very chaotic and when you place kids with friends, they might go crazy! You may also make new friends and you can also have fun sitting with people that you don't know. Our school did this and a lot of kids got in trouble for writing petitions! Such as... A boy with the initials FL, another boy with the initials JF and a girl with the initial GD

  • Yes this is why

    This is America. FREEDOM!!! Freedom doesn't come in packages boxes or bags. It's earning the the students should have it as a basic right. Just sayin dudes. It true we need to slow down and pick who we want friends! Who's with me?? Yaaaaa! To be serious yes. We need to be able to pick.

  • It creates a wonderful environment for kids

    I believe that there should be assigned seating during middle school lunches because it cuts down on bullying extremely as well as giving children the opportunity to create new bonds with others. It also gives you a new perspective on how lunch should be, it will make multiple new friendships some that last a lifetime

  • We can socialize

    When we sit by our friends we never hang out with other people. When we have assigned seats we can meet new people and make new friends. We also don't need to stress about where we sit and we don't feel depressed when we can't sit with our best friends,

  • We cant have fun

    If we have lunch seats we cant have fun and we wont eat and get to know each other and that is stupid because we dont even get to talk and i am a third grader i think it should not be a thing it is stupid no more lunch seats

  • Kids should not sit wherever they want in the lunchroom.

    Kids should mix up where they sit in the cafeteria. This can help break up cliques and prevent bullying. When kids change who they sit by each day, they get to know everyone, not just their friends. I am in JHS and from all my schooling experience from the past almost decade I have only gotten to know everyone that I know because of assigned seating.

  • It will cause the destruction of the school

    Assigned seats will help the kids interact with other students and they could possible make new friends. Assigned seats will bring students closer as friends. It will stop the destruction in the cafeteria. If the have free seating the will go crazy an bounce of the walls. Assigned seats is the answer

  • Kids will be everywhere

    No because some kids would not want to be by there
    selves because some people might not like that loner.Also teachers wont be able to find us if were just anywhere there is a girl named cleana who gets bullied and now she has freinds im her best friend. Thanks.

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