• All middle schools have lockers

    A locker makes all students feel as if plouffe would be a normal school with lockers I'm a fifth grader and I already spend my day lugging a backpack a locker helps keep things orderly and allows students to express themselves and some students dream for a locker to put their backpacks in

  • We need lockers!

    Students can have severe back, head, and rib pain due to a heavy bag. It can improve their time management and keep all their things secured and safe so no theft of your mobile device or your money occurs. This is a good way to help you practice your responsibilities. Having coatrooms can easily be a way a person can steel things. They can walk in there, steel something or even hide your things. Having lockers will prevent that from happening. Some people may think it's a waste of money, others think it's a huge RELIEF to know that your safe.

  • Students should have lockers to help store all their stuff

    Students should have lockers because in 2009 19 million students were victim of theft of personal items. I personally do not have a locker; however I wish that I did because my coat, binder and chromebook make my backpack super heavy. That does not include the everything else in my bag, such as my textbooks.

  • Trust the middle schoolers

    Looking at the no part, I can kinda see why they don't want lockers. But see on the bright side!
    Middle school is a big leap from elementary school. More dances, more work, in all, more of almost everything. If you still have cubbies, where are you going to put your homework and binders? Plus, middle school is where the money comes a bit more into the game. And some people just can't hold it stealing money. Plus, students should learn responsibility by having a locker.

  • It helps prevent health issues

    Carrying a bag can cause stress to your shoulder and cause potential injury. For example, a person could burst a blood vessel, which hurts. Also, schools often force students to carry heavy textbooks with them to every class, which could put pressure on your back. Finally, students could tear a muscle from a heavy load

  • Why we should have lockers at school

    We should lockers at school because people wont steel our stuff at school.When people leave there backpack in the class an everyone is gone and a kid sneaks into the classroom and gets somebody's inportent' papers and the boy/girls come back and say wheres my stuff, so that's why we should have lockers at school.

  • Why we should have lockers at school

    We should lockers at school because people wont steel our stuff at school.When people leave there backpack in the class an everyone is gone and a kid sneaks into the classroom and gets somebody's inportent' papers and the boy/girls come back and say wheres my stuff, so that's why we should have lockers at school.

  • Backpacks are heavy and disorganized

    I own a 52 pound STUFFED backpack! Finding stuff isn't always easy.........Having a locker makes you organized and helps take the weight off your back! I also take my phone and Ipad to school and I don't want it to get stolen so a locker provides a sense of security.

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  • Yes they should have purpose to lockers

    Becaus they need some where to put all of there things and some things techers give them for example the books are hevy like there scence books math books and social studice and maybe ther ELA books that is ehy they need lockers and sinc l ame in iddle school l now how hard it is to carry all my things

  • They should learn to write and spell instead of worrying about lockers.

    Look to the left - see all of the spelling and grammar mistakes? Maybe you children should learn to spell and write and worry less about your lack of lockers. Maybe lockers could be a benefit/incentive for any student who maintains excellent grades and passes state testing. This generation of entitled little brats don't deserve anything but some discipline!!!!

  • No they should not.

    Lockers in middle schools are not needed. Students can carry a backpack and it will cost the school way less money. Students only have a few classes they do not need to have excess room just to put books in. Usually they have a backpack anyways so what is the point.

  • We should not share lockers

    Make a debate about sharing lockers that is what my project is so please do it it would be very helpful for my classes and all the other fellow periods it would make peace happen in the world again life will come back together no one will fight anyone else

  • Lockers are drop off points and pick up points

    We students have so much supplies that its not always easy to carry around books and clutter! Students need safe and secure places for all of their needs. Lockers allow students to express themselves and to keep stuff tidy and neat. I vote for lockers and everything that comes with them. LOCKERS.LOCKERS.LOCKERS.LOCKERS

  • Lack of lockers is not the problem. Heavy backpacks are.. Focus on that.

    New to the US and see how my 11 year old daughters has to carry so many things in there for her classes that it is ridiculous.
    Schools system needs to move more to digital and allow for just strictly necessary items to be carried with the kids.
    Have you seen the lines for lunch with kids carrying over 10 kgs?

  • No no no

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  • No more lockers!!!

    Middle schools should not have lockers:
    ~ kids waste class time going to their lockers because they forgot their books
    ~ it's a waste of money and time, Madison county got rid of lockers and saved $200,000
    ~ we have iPads so we're currently collecting less papers and books
    ~ waste of space... Kids are trampled in the halls
    ~ another place to hide drugs!
    ~ how many people actually use their lockers????
    ~ less noise! A locker slam can be very disruptive during test and work times
    ~ if it causes a problem for back injury or it's really heavy... Then teachers could build shells or something
    ~ many kids have locker problems
    ~ locker clean up days take time away from classes
    ~ y would we need clean out days if lockers are supposed to keep us organized anyways

  • No they should not

    I think they should not because people forget witch hallway its in and it will cost the schools a lot more money and there is just a few classes in middle school. What is the point if you already have a book bag
    and you wont have that much homework.

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  • This topic varies on pros and cons, but I dislike lockers!

    The question "Should middle school students have lockers?" should be answered by the students themselves. Most of the answers in the yes column are about organization and back problems. What would a student say about those things?

    Speaking from experience, the school forced us into getting a locker if we carried a book bag, but we had to pay for the locker after being forced to get one!?
    We also had "locker clean-out" days, in which the classes were cut short clean out the lockers, which saps away from learning. Why would we need clean out days if one of the purposes for a locker are organization? (I'm referring towards people in the yes column talking about organization.)
    Also, what time do the students have to organize their lockers? That organization time could be used for learning!

    In addition, it takes time to locker and they can be late to class by rushing to locker in one part of the school to rush back to the other to get to class!
    Some schools even have one way hallways where you have to rush to get to your locker for the next class and rush back through the school to get around to it! Don't forget about the "No running in the halls!" rule.
    Running can lead to many disciplines!

    It is true that personal items can be put in bags such as phones, purses etc. They can also put heavy books in their locker and bags to take a load off of their back.

    Looking at both sides of the argument, only students should decide if they should get lockers! I personally don't like using them because they are too much to deal with. I am way too lazy to learn which ways I have to twist it and also remember the numbers.

    So get a students opinion! See what they have to say about organization and back pain!

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