• Recess is Beneficial!

    As a 13 year old, know that I speak from experience, and i'm not just some concerned soccer mom.

    Recess is good! Let me get something straight: NO ONE IS TOO OLD FOR FREE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

    Sure, we have PE. But do we decide what we want to do? Nope. Some obese potato of a teacher tells us to run 15 laps and do 500 burpees or something while they sit there and grade us. (On a side note, can we get some better PE teachers please?)

    Oh yeah, sure. We need to be mature and focus on studying instead of playing. And that, folks, is why so many people are obese these days. BECAUSE PLAYING OUTSIDE IS WRONG.
    Are you trying to say we should spend our childhood hunched over books? Is that what YOU adults did? I should think not. And if you did, well, you were a kid a long time ago. Get with it.

    Bullying. So apparently, kids will get bullied at recess. NEWSFLASH: THAT HAPPENS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TOO. Yeah, I got into fights back then, too. And you know what? It HELPED. By facing a bully head on without needing an adult, kids develop social skills and learn to stand up for them selves, and that's a HECK of a lot more effective than those stupid anti-bullying campaigns. By doing things without "telling an adult", kids AREN'T SO DEPENDENT ON A HIGHER FIGURE. Basically, the more bullying there is, the less bullying there is. But I digress.

    And, just FYI, recess isn't the only place bullying happens. There are these things called hallways, see. Also, locker rooms. And Bathrooms. And - you aren't gonna believe this - SOCIAL MEDIA! (Gasp)

    There isn't always going to be someone to monitor each and every student. Character is defined by what you do when no one is looking. Kids should stand up for themselves. What, you gonna teach a class on that? Some things aren't taught by teachers. STOP TRYING.

    I simply don't understand how recess is wasting time. We need to learn, we get it. The 18 hours of homework each night have made that pretty dang clear, thank you very much. But for we can't spend each and every waking minute of our childhoods STUDYING! We need breaks TOO! Breaks allow you to rest the mind and focus on something less stressful, thereby increasing productivity for later on. I don't recall having ADHD for running around outside for 20 minutes. IT DOESN'T HAPPEN.

    I'm going to quote an argument. "In elementary school, it is just the beginning so you can have your freedom."

    Thank. You. So. Very. Much. For opening my eyes. I now understand that we aren't allowed to have freedom because we're a few years older. You know, we'll be adults one day, too. You'll be old. This lesson will stick with me forever.

    Old people don't get freedom. Oh yes, revenge is in motion, my fellow students. Revenge is in motion...

  • Recess is a very important part of school, for young and old kids.

    I just don't get the arguments against middle school recess. Saying middle schoolers are "too old" for recess is a completely invalid explanation who's supporting reasons are nothing that makes actual sense. Studies show that physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, allowing students to do better with structured schoolwork. Also, don't use the "We already have P.E./Gym classes" excuse, because the last time I checked, the more the better. Plus, since recess is unstructured time, students can use it to just have fun, or wind down during a stressful day. A recess is also perfect for social interaction, which kids of all ages need a lot of. Recess can even be used as a study window, or for visits to the school library. The best way to schedule a middle school recess is to use the "Lunch Recess" method where Lunch and Recess are combined and put into one time slot (it should be about 35-40 minutes long at least). This a great idea because it models an adult lunch break because more freedom is given.
    Well, that's why I support middle school recess. I hope that a lot of people out there will spread this to school administrators, who will hopefully think about this kind of positive change.

  • We kids need recess to survive middle school.

    We kids need recess in middle school because we need fresh air and that will give us blood flow to the brain. I know that most kids will take advantage of recess but most kids enjoy every bit of it like me and my friends. I know that schools need a lot of faculty members to keep us kids in line and I know that they would need to shorten the schedule by at least 3 minutes to have 15 - 25 minutes of recess, and that's all we need to concentrate so the school board should consider it.

  • We need it.

    I think we could all use a break in the morning and the afternoon. Teachers and students. Just a short 10-15 minute break in the morning and afternoon during school.

    We just woke up early in the morning and are really tired. We need a break, just a short one. To let our bodies rest and get ready to face the day. Now, I'm not saying that we need a nap time but just something to let us rest. We don't want to be tired all day! Don't you see us limping along in the hallway all slouched over? That's because we are so tired!

    Another reason is that there is to much commotion, and wrestling to get to our next class. We turn left, turn right get pushed around and shoved this way and that. Wow! It makes me want a break just thinking about it. Think about it! Put yourself in this situation. Squeezing through the hallway, getting shoved around by the people around you, when you get to you class your exhausted. All this commotion is just to much.

    In addition, we need a break from teachers. No offense to them, but we just don't want to hear your yapping all the time! "Do this." "Do that." Woah, hold up, more or less, shut up! We don't want to hear it! A break where teachers are not aloud to talk unless asked a question. I think that would be and awesome break.

    Also, in the afternoons, we are so full of energy that we can barely concentrate. In a study reported by the journal Pediatrics, children with as little as 15 minutes of recess a day behaved better in class than their no-play counterparts. I remember from my elementary school years of having at least 30 minutes of outdoor play, in addition to gym class, every single day. This would also give the teachers a break. And it s important to note that recess involving nature is shown to be most effective in giving the brain a break, and this can be especially true for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, like I have, so an out door recess would be a good break in the afternoon.

    For all these reasons we need a break. Tiredness, to much commotion, teachers and energy.

  • We should have recess.

    Yes I think junior high should have recess because P.E. isn't enough because in P.E. they just play things like badminton. We should have recess because it gets your blood flowing and prevents heart attacks and stops obesity rates. Recess helps you think in class better because now your not bored and your grades will be better.

  • Students need recess .

    Being in a classroom 6-7 hours a day can be exhausting. Getting at least a half an hour of recess helps improve social skills, makes kids happy, gives kids and teachers a break, and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Although most people think that PE is enough, not everyone has PE all year which means some people aren't getting any physical activity during the day. A lot of people think that yeah, recess is for elementary kids but it's not middle school students have even more stuff to take in during the day, which means they should get a break from all of it.

  • Kids Are Stuck Inside All Day!!

    Kids need to be able to get outside for about 20 minutes per day. Studies show that recess helps kids get higher test scores because a break lets them get their energy out. Recess also helps with test scores because it charges them for their next class or subject. Adults don't work 6 hours straight every day, the usually take a coffee/lunch/resting break, why can't kids in school too?? Recess helps kids get prepared for the real world, believe it or not. Why shouldn't middle schoolers get recess, it's not fair and it helps them with school.

  • Students need exercise

    Kids need to exercise because they might not get enough pe and if kids want to do their home work they would be able to d it with friends. They also could have a fun experience by playing outside with friends. I think kids in middle school should have recess!!!

  • Recess should be given

    Kids never get outside. They got there noses stuck on social media and video games. They need to be outside If kids don't go outside they won't be very healthy. Recess also relieves stress. It would be good right before a test. I think all middle schools should have recess.

  • Yes Most Definetly!

    I am actually working on a argument paper where i have to state whether I believe we need recess or not. As an 8th grader you can probably tell I do! So if anyone has any tips ,websites , or opinions that they would like to share you can email me at jaidynshultz@gmail.Com


    Could you imagine 600 kids on one play ground. Cause I can’t. Think about all the problems now at elementary and that's only around 125 kids. I think there shouldn't’t be recess in Middle School. Because for one there would have to be a lot more teachers out there with you, seconded it would make days longer, lastly it would get us prepared for the real world.

    Ok so divide 600 divided by 25 that equals 24 teachers. Some people might think having teachers around every were you go is kinda cool ,but I think different that’s kinda creepy to me. Whats the point of having recess if your surrounded by teachers? I don't think its worth it.

    "It's only 1" That's what you probable think every day at school." Well thats how your going to feel in Middle School. You originally get out at 3:22 ,but if you had recess it would become 3:40. Thats to long. So if you are tiered now just wait till middle school. It might seem like no big deal that 18 minutes but if start at 8 and end at 3:40 thats just to long.

    “ What no recess in High school.” Thats how your going to feel when they say no recess. No recess gets you prepared for the real world. Like in high school the only break you get is in the hall way. So if you have it now you’ll will unprepared for life. I don’t think its going help you anyway.

    First more teachers ,seconded longer days ,and lastly you’ll be prepared. I think there shouldn’t be recess in middle school. Loud noise , lots of teachers ,and lots of kids in one area. Just not worth it.

  • No, P.E. gives enough exercise.

    P.E. gives enough exercise. Also, middle schoolers have a lot of learning to do. In elementary school, it is just the beginning so you can have your freedom. In middle school, it is a whole new life. You will have to learn more challenging things. Recess will take your learning away.

  • Recess Is For Younger Kids

    No, middle schools should not have recesses. Kids have four years of school left after middle school and recess is not offered for those four years. Recess is for the younger kids in the lower grades. By the time kids are in middle school, they need to be maturing and developing habits for adulthood. There is also the fact that a lot of kids in middle school are starting to think about dating and socializing so recess is not something likely to be on their minds.

  • Middle school students don't benefit from recess.

    Middle schools don't need recess. PE gives enough exercise. They need to learn more and mature. They don't benefit and are almost adults. And what if they're bullied? Recess is the perfect time for bullying, and nobody wants that. And, few middle and high school students think about recess. I don't want them bullied, so no recess, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

  • No Recess For Middle School

    I don't think that middle schools should have recess because it gives the perfect opportunity for something to go wrong. The students could get in fights, start bulling each other or do drugs. The students could also run off during recess and hide so that they don't have to go to class. The time that recess takes up could be used for an assembly or could be used to make a passing period before class. The students are also maturing and need to stay focused on their school work and not what they are going to do when they go out to recess. Without recess, they will be able to use the time as a study hall to get their work done.

    First off, the students could get into fights during recess because of a game that they are playing. One of the students could accuse another student of cheating. This could offend the other child and could cause him/her to strike back with their own type of punishment. Before long there will be a fight among the two. The teachers will have to break it up and call their parents. To avoid things like this from happening the school could get rid of recess and add in spare time for the students to talk in between classes.

    The students that are up to no good will have a greater chance to bully their underclassmen because there are not that many teachers that are outside watching. They will see this as an opportunity for mass destruction on the kids mind. If we didn't have recess then the bullies would have a less likely chance to bully the kids.

    Those kids could also do drugs at recess while the teacher isn't looking. They don't always have to be doing drugs. They could be selling them to the other students and convincing them that the drug will do good things to them. This is how bad habits start and school shootings because of the bad influence that these kids are put under.
    The students could also run off during recess. They would do this to be late for class or even miss class. This would cause the teachers to worry about the child and they would waste class time to find the missing student. If the teachers find him/her, the student will get in some serious trouble. The student could be suspended or expelled.

    Recess is for the younger kids in the lower grades. By the time kids are in middle school, they need to be maturing and developing habits for adulthood. There is also the fact that a lot of kids in middle school are starting to think about dating and socializing so recess is not something likely to be on their minds. The students need to concentrate on their school work. They need to be getting into the habit because when they go to their work, they need to be concentrating on their work and not the co-workers.

  • Waste of time.

    There is no reason to have middle schoolers be attending to recess, by this time they are becoming teens and need to mature so how will running around in a park be maturing for them? It's not necessary they will also be going on to high school and playing in the dirt would not help them be maturely social. They need to concentrate on their studies instead of play around!

  • PE gives enough exercise.

    Middle schoolers need to learn so much in so little time, and a half hour taken away from that can make a crucial change. Kids don't need recess all the time; in one week with recess you waste a good 150 minutes of time they could be learning. Like I said, don't waste the kids learning time please.

  • Middle school shouldn't have recess

    It shouldn't have recess because recess is for little kids. As well as it can be bad for 1,000 kids to be on one play ground. Some people are too mature for recess. Other people might break the recess items. Other people might not be able to fit in the recess items

  • Recess allows bullying

    I think middle schools should not have recess. Recess is where a lot of bullying occurs and there is not enough aides to handle all of the kids. It allows kids to exclude other kids who might not be the best at sports from participating in a recess game such as soccer. Middle schoolers have gym every other day for exercise and also have lunch period each day which gives plenty of time for a break. Having recess also takes away from time that can be spent learning. It would put more pressure on the teachers because the class time would be shortened or the school day would have to be longer to make up for the added time for recess.

  • No recess IN MIDDLE SCHOOL

    Do you want recess at middle school and have a longer day at school? If we get recess at Middle School the day would be approximately 18 minutes longer. I don’t think we should have recess in middle school. I think there shouldn’t be recess at middle school because it’s a distraction, it’ll make school longer and it makes you lose focus on school work.
    There should not be recess because its just a major distraction and it just makes you lose focus on school and grades.

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School should give us more time to talk.
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I love this website
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Recess is very important and lets kids to let lose and have fun instead of being in a class room 8 hours a day.
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We need recess because it is healthy
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This site is amazing
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900 words, eh?
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900 words, eh?
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Schools should give us time to talk an socialize with our friends and make new ones instead of being trapped inside all sticken day! :)