• Yes, Pence has considerable experience.

    Yes, Mike Pence is a fine choice as Donald Trump's VP running mate. With more than a decade in the House of Representatives, he has the knowledge and wherewithal to get things done in Congress. Pence also served as the governor of Indiana, so he's familiar with the challenges that confront the executive branch of government.

  • Pence: the best choice amoung few

    Mike Pence is not a famous politician. He really is not known at all outside his own state. He has little name recognition, and the average voter would likely fail to name anything that he has accomplished.
    This is good. This is exactly what Donald Trump needs.
    Donald Trump is not a politician, but he is famous. He has as much name recognition as a person could ask for, and it's nation wide. The average voter would still fail to say what he has accomplished, but they've already shown that they don't care.
    Pence gives Trump what he needs: a lower profile politician to back him up. A sidekick that makes him look like more of a superhero. Pence is the perfect person to fill that role.

  • He's a solid choice.

    I think that Mike Pence is a solid choice for Trump's VP. He has the political experience that Trump does not, so they should be able to balance each other out well. Pence is a strong conservative and also holds Christian values, so he should be a boost with Christian conservatives who are considering Trump.

  • Yes, maybe it will help him loose votes.

    If Trump wants to win, choosing MIke Pence as VP does not seem to be a politically sound choice. Not only does MIke Pence have policies that Trump vehemently opposes, like supporting free trade deals, he underlines the hypocrasy in the campaign in even bigger ways. Maybe he will lose supporters.

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