Should military recruitment be allowed in schools?

  • Yes it should.

    Military recruitment should be allowed in school, it is a good way to show students that they have options and do not have to choose just one path to take. The military takes care of the people who sign up and offer a lot of benefits to the family, so it is not a bad thing to look into.

  • millitary

    yes, the military should be allowed to recruit at a high school, because the high school children think they are big so they bring drugs, weapons and etc.
    so if the military came, they may be frightened because they are bigger than they are. they also should be allowed to take them off if they have drugs, weapons and ect.

  • Yes Military Should Be Able to Recruit in Schools

    I would be extremely upset if my sons came home from school enrolled in the Marines. That is why I talk to my sons about making life choices, including all kinds of questions about vocation, marriage, alcohol, and schooling. Preparing your children to make big life choices should take place throughout their lives. The military should be able to recruit in schools because parents should be communicating and educating their own children about the military as a vocational option. Whether or not children choose the military, a military presence in schools shouldn't be a real factor in determining whether a person chooses it.

  • They should recruit along with other employers.

    I don't think the military should receive any special treatment, such as being there without supervision or in the absence of any other employers, but if other employers are being allowed into the school to potentially hire recent graduates, there is no reason the military should not be allowed to also recruit people.

  • Yes

    If schools can hold job fairs and allow prospective colleges into schools, the military should be allowed as well. Some kids aren't able to qualify for financial aide and otherwise unable to pay for college.Every kid has the choice to join the military at some point or another anyway, so they might as well know what the military is all about at a reasonably early time.Military personnel visiting public schools are simply providing information for students and are not using unethical actions to get them to join the military.

  • I'm against the propaganda.

    I wouldn't want to see the military in a school. Most of the wars today are pointless anyway. Military soldiers don't fight for your freedoms. Name one freedom you got since they threw Osama to the sharks. Yeah, didn't think so. I don't want these people who thinks that they are the worlds policemen at schools. People (particularly teens) shouldn't be forced to look at war. Only peace.

  • No, children should not be forced to view military propaganda.

    Schools should be a place for learning that is safe for all students. Schools should help students focus their talents, interests and potential into becoming productive members of society. They should not be places where the military can propagandize students without parental supervision. Students should be taught how to find, evaluate and apply for jobs, not offered up to select groups for recruitment.

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