• yes it should

    If you want to live in the country why cant we fight for it? If you can sit there and say "oh I live in the united states of America" but if I were to ask you would you fight for it and you say "hell no" then you need to get the hell out of this country because we are lucky we arent all sex slaves and labor workers supported by some dictator. We are one of the few country`s that has freedom of speech and all I rights why cant you defend those rights?

  • Too much complacency.

    Americans are too complacent, and think the government will take care of them. Now, certainly not all Americans are this way, but far too high of a percentage is. People need to learn to take care of themselves. I don't believe that everyone should be forced into combat (only on a volunteer basis), but everyone should take basic training and serve for at least a year. It would drastically lower crime, increase maturity, make people smarter, more fit, and more appreciative. Although, there would have to be exceptions for those with disabilities or those who are too overweight. We can't force all Americans to be fit.

  • Get your head in the game and help fight for what you love.

    There is to many people hiding behind problems that many don't even have. They just want freedom but they don't want to fight for it. If you want something so bad you have to work for it. So if you want your freedom join the military or stop complaining about what the military is doing.

  • Fight for your freedom!!

    We all live in the US and it didn't become free from someone just saying "this is a free country." NO!!! It became free because there are people out there risking their lives to make it free and keep it that way. I believe everyone should be put into military services for at least a small amount of time. Also they should have the option to deploy if they want to!! That's my opinion!

  • I think that military service should be mandatory.

    Some countries like South Korea is now resting during the war.
    They do not know when North Korea would invade them so many countries should prepare for the wars they don't know when would happen. Also countries with less population should make people come to the military compulsory since there would be a little number of people asking for military service.

  • Yes, it should

    There's no reason as to why able men shouldn't be obliged to serve their country in times of warfare crisis and/or be prepared for hypothetical wartime. Not only that, but it provides a gargantuan amount of benefits, such as: physical conditioning, mental toughening and a chance to help promote equality between young and old men alike. There's so many immature, feeble-minded, snobbish pretty boys nowadays who need to be kicked in the ass and grow the hell up, and I believe that compulsory military service/temporary military training should be implemented as soon as possible.

  • Yes Military Service should be Mandatory

    Military service should absolutely be mandatory. Everyone enjoys the benefits of living in a country where people are risking their lives to save them. If you and everyone you knew had to serve in the military you would have a greater respect for what it means and more understanding and concern for what the country involves itself in. It would increase love of country.

  • Yes, it should.

    It would teach much needed responsibility and sacrifice to our entitled youth. I was kind of lost after college and joined the Navy, served 8 years and it allowed me to complete an advanced degree and gave me the maturity and skills to be a productive member of society. I think it would go a long way in teaching the entitled youth of America about patriotism, responsibility, and sacrifice.

  • Yes there should be mandatory service.

    When there are so many able young men and women in this country there should be mandatory service because I think that every young person like myself should join the military. There are so many things that could be done. People will come out of their service with leadership skills that can potentially get them better jobs. I have learned some of the skills in the Army JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps). The skills that will be instilled in that mandatory service will help you in some way when you get back to civilian life .

  • Yes, military service should be mandatory.

    There aren't enough volunteers and to have more the government needs to offer things like paying university to people. What happens if the country is not in very good in economic conditions and can't pay the university or whatever the government offers to everybody. It will be a big problem.

  • NO they shouldn't

    People on the yes side are dumb, You can't put some random person that doesn't want to be in war out to war. What's the point your only as strong as your weakest link, and if he holds you back, it can cost a life nor a war. People who should be in the military are the ones who want to fight for their country. But I still got to total respect for the people who want to do that because they risk their lives for us, god bless them.

  • Even if this provides benefits many will still perish in the war.

    Many lives will be wasted that could have otherwise changed the world. War is never constructive many lives will be thrown away. Families will outlaw and vote against this detrimental law. This could be detrimental to society and increase racism and patriotism to the point of Nazism. Many people could become criminals because of the fact that they were forced to kill in the war.

  • There Are Enough Volunteers

    No, military service should not be mandatory. There are still people who remember Viet Nam and the draft. War is never an easy decision, but military service should not be mandatory. The rules and regulations of the military do not suit everyone. If a person is forced to go into the military and eventually finds out they just can’t make the grade, they end up with a dishonorable discharge that is an embarrassment for the rest of their lives. As long as the military provides free training and schooling there will always be people enough who will volunteer.

  • Your freedom is taken away, either by military...

    ...Where you follow orders or get shot, or by sending you to prison, which is nearly identical fate. There are enough war-crazy nutters in this world who think they're gonna get a decent paycheck/pension, who will willingly sign up, that a draft is totally unnecessary. Besides which, you get sentenced to a life of isolation, moving from place to place, and crazy discipline for stupid reasons (nobody cares that your shoes are shined).

    To make matters worse, there are religious groups like the Quakers that are exempt. To make matters worse, only men have to sign up for selective service, making it completely sexist, and essentially a form of slavery to the state.

    To make matters worse still, this sick and inhumane thing is voted 61%, meaning roughly 2/3 of the population are controlling jerks who are okay with sentencing the population to be murdered or become murderers. You guys should feel horrible.

  • Not all of us are cut out for war.

    Not all people are built for fighting in a war environment. Why should a scientific mind die fighting for the people he could be helping scientifically? I understand a war draft in a time of great need, but save people who could have better use off the front for the low priority on the draft.

  • Plenty of Volunteers

    The U.S. military has plenty of volunteers who sign up for duty. With enough benefits due to military service, plenty of Americans sign up willingly every year. Military service in the United States should never be mandatory. If the war is justified, enough people will join the force of their own volition.

  • Absolutely Not!

    People should be allowed to do things with free will. It doesn't make sense to force someone to be in the military especially if there hurt isn't going to be in it. It takes a special person to perform a mission not just anyone. The military should only have people in it who truly want to join.

  • Family/ Lose/ Mistake.

    They shouldn't have it mandatory because what if the have kids? What is the country going to do, they would basically be taking responsibility of taking kids moms or dads away from them and they probably wouldn't feel bad if the kids lost them at all. DON'T MAKE IT MANDATORY!!!

  • U.S. Military Efficiency

    Our military, being an all volunteer force, is full of people who want to serve. This enables our army to be more efficient since the people there are not being forced to serve because of some higher power. Soldiers who are drafted and forced to fight for a cause they do not believe in would usually rather be somewhere else and do not strive as hard to fulfill their duties. This is counterproductive of what is wanted from our military. We want a strong force composed of dedicated servicemen and woman who want to get the job done.

  • No, I don't want to die for this country

    When the people of the country are not in charge of deciding the reasoning to go to war, this would be a terrible idea. I'm not going to go fight for some "other country's democracy". If we got attacked or invaded, sure. And in regards to 9/11, it started out as being about retaliation, which I support, but then quickly de-evolved into a mess of a war.

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