• Duty to your country

    You don't need to be in an active military station, but it should be required for a time to aid the military directly, be it through medical aid, cooking, or directly producing military machinery. On the same token, the government should probably stop picking fights with every other nation as it is their job to protect its citizens.

  • Yes, I Believe So

    In several other countries, citizens are obligated to join the military once they reach a certain age. This enhances their sense of national pride and duty, and exposes them to the harsh reality of combat, which increases their respect toward the military. This is something that, I would suggest, many youth can benefit from, and would unite our country through common service.

  • Understanding our Veterans

    If more citizens understood the sacrifices made through active service, we would have less homeless and jobless veterans. It is impossible to continue being at constant war, and expect that our veterans can continue to come back home to find their jobs lost and services ended because states move funding elsewhere. Having a constant supply of new recruits allow for more people to get into college, paid, and have less student loan debt. Plus the financial freedom to pursue technical private sector jobs. It is purely win win.

  • Yes it should be.

    Not only would it be very beneficial to the people as individuals - increasing physical strength, instilling discipline and promoting national pride - but it would strengthen the nation as a whole with a very large standing army, dedicated citizens and the compulsive military service would rid us of the useless and leave us with the useful.
    Of course there should be a restriction to stop people under 18 or 21 entering a war-zone as sending children to fight wars would just make the nation appear un-civilized and desperate.

  • I dont like

    I dont like fource because the nation is always talking about freedom and the military is no different because this is a free county and we be always free do matter what . This country should be free . The militaryis a good way to protect the country thats it

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