Should military spending be cut? Should the Pentagon budget be reviewed and subject to cutbacks?

  • Military spending should be cut in specific areas, as it's percentage of the total budget it excessive.

    Over 40% of the government's total yearly budget goes to military spending. Compare this to the rates of spending in other first world countries. For instance, the UK is 8% and France is 5%. Our total military budget exceeds the combined total of our 10 closest competitors in military spending. While defense is certainly important, the spending has become excessive and needs to be carefully reigned back.

    Posted by: jaanekyon
  • Congress is neglecting our youth, our future.

    We are spending too much on defense. We already have the best and most advanced military technology, but we almost completely neglect education. I know that education and public funding for schools are managed by the state government, but there is so much that the federal government could do for public schools.

  • Defense Spending

    We need to pull our troops out of countries that no longer need our services. Congress is the ones forcing us to spend the extra dollars in support of their friends who want and need a large Military budget. Why are we spending money on Russia defense missiles? Enough is enough.

  • The government is spending more money on military than the health and education of its people in the U.S.

    We have almost 50% of the military in the world. Why in the world should one country alone have such a huge and expensive military when we are not having another World War? We are even spending more money on military than we are in improving the lives of the U.S. citizens. We have 13 trillions of dollars that we owe and spending so much on our military wont help that problem.

  • Military spending needs to be cut, especially when there are so many civilians suffering, domestically.

    We have an absolutely outrageous budget for the military. It dwarfs the spending of other countries', and there's basically no reason for it. We could easily be subsidizing things, like health care, education, and mass transit initiatives with all the money we could shave off of our defense budget. If we worked more on our international diplomacy, I think we wouldn't need so many troops.

    Posted by: ExoticCurt
  • Yes, military spending should be cut back, by pulling our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The military should be pulled from Iraq and Afghanistan. It's time to stop spending money, helping other countries and, instead, help our own out with finances and get the troops home. The best way to pull the economy out of the trouble that it is in is to bring the troops home.

    Posted by: HealthyMose59
  • When there are no wars, the Pentagon budget should not increase, or even remain the same.

    The Pentagon has a self-interest in staying in business. The military provides a lot of jobs and contractor income. If the Pentagon budget is cut back, people lose their jobs and the contracts end. But, for the military, staying in business means war. Without a war, the military is a waste of the taxpayers' money.

    Posted by: SixCristobal
  • Yes, because the United States spends disproportionately more on the military than all other countries.

    First, The U.S. spends more than 6 times the amount that China does, the next highest military spending country, to the tune of 687 billion dollars. Second, this increase of spending does not necessarily make the citizens any safer. Third, the spending does not increase our ability to wage successful wars without great cost. Fourth, the money would be better spent on social programs within the country.

    Posted by: GrotesqueHeriberto89
  • We spend more than 15 countries COMBINED

    Our allies plus the United States accounts for over 2/3 of the world's spending.Drfense spending. As for future threats, the teal issue isn't what's happening overseas but rather what is happening here at home. We have broken homes, a growing gap between the rich and poor, and racial relations have only gotten worse under Obama. The money we send overseas can be better spent here.

    We are hurting ourselves from within. The biggest threat isn't Russia or China but rather our own descent into moral decay.

    Yes cut military spending, pull out of bases around the world. Japan and Israel can defend themselves. They have a military or self defense forces.

  • Redesigning our Federal Budget

    The U.S should decrease the excessive amount of money that is being spent on National Defense. National Defense is excessively using money that we don’t have into preparing for future wars that we ultimately create. The U.S Should instead focused on subsidizing other program that would help the Economy on the long run, for example, community and regional development; putting money into this program helps small businesses expand and would ultimately help boost the economy. Its not just about cutting money from national defense that would help, but instead redesigning the federal budget, put more money on sections/Programs that actually help boost our economy

  • Stop world policing

    Occupation in foreign countries has done nothing but get American soldiers killed and the problems in the Middle East only get worse. The DHS is useless. Federal law enforcement, especially DEA, is worthless. Reform justice system, end war on drugs. Stop militarizing police, no more no knock warrants, no more stop and frisks. This type of policing is disgraceful. This fear mongering, pushing the war on terror is another way to fill the pockets of military industrial complexes just like the war on drugs is money in the pockets for the prison industrial complexes. The war on drugs and the war on terror has become a war on American liberty. These wars were avoidable had we not adopted this world policing foreign policy and the justice system is a joke. We house 25% of the worlds incarcerated people and a majority of the people in prisons are nonviolent drug offenders. The fact is 9/11 was a result of terrible foreign policy and this unacceptable overcrowding of prisons is a result of terrible domestic policy. The American people need to grow a pair and stop buying into this terrorist propaganda. The state that is the U.S. is in, is sickening, people are completely uninterested in the direction this country is really heading and are willing to throw all their liberties away because of the made up Arab boogie man lingering around every corner. I would rather endure the inconveniences of too much liberty than to embrace tyranny with a guarantee of a little safety.

  • Unnessacary Money being Spent

    The US should decrease its military spending. The government spends over six hundred billion dollars on the military. Threats will always exsist, but I feel that the US has taken it too far. The US deploys troops everywhere around the globe. Even in areas where there is no preceived threat. For example, there are troops deployed in Itlay. There is no real threat in Itlay ,and the Italians have proven that they can keep order and control in their region. The government could get rid of the troops from Itlay saving money.

  • Muh oil wars

    I can see that the fact that the US spends much more on military then every other country is covered. So let me ask you something : what is the military really protecting right now? And don't say freedom we are fighting a overseas war against enemies that we had no quarrel with until we invaded there country. Saying that the current US troops are fighting for freedom is like saying that British troops fighting in the colonies were fighting for freedom as they were both foreign wars of aggression. And don't say that classic line "well I don't agree with our policies but I still think that we should support the troops" because you sound like this "well I don't agree with hitlers policies or his decision to attack France and the ussr but I still think that we should support the troops .

  • Unneccessary Money Being Spent

    There is more money going towards the military rather than it going to welfare, the educational system and the health care industry.I think that there should be more shelters built and supported because there are too many people out on the street that are not being cared for. Just because they didn't go to school doesn't mean that they put themselves in that situation.

  • The U.S is bullying other nations with its military.

    Most of the U.S foreign bases are a stupid waste of money and unnecessary in my opinion. We are stuck on old Cold War ideology that is not suited for reality and the modern world. The U.S still continues to involve it self unnecessarily in other nations affairs, and still continues to fight stupid wars. The U.S spends more than quadruple the amount of money that needs to be spent on the military. This money should be spent on healthcare, education, welfare, environmental improvement. The military has not effected our freedoms since all of the U.S's military interventions since WW2 have been stupid and not concerning the U.S (remember Vietnam?). If the U.S is trying to be macho powerful and police the world, its not going to work, and it will run itself into the ground and implode itself (which is kinda happening already), and breakup. Nothing is perpetual, what goes up must come down. I suggest before that happens, we should do some major meat knife military cutting, and close our foreign bases.

  • Preparing to fight a pathetic enemy

    If you actually think about it the only major threat at this time is NK which is hardly a major military force run by strategic masterminds.
    The country operates 10 carriers that will never all be needed and its nine amohibious assault ship are bigger than most carriers! What all this money should be spent on is healthcare, education and law enforcement agains crazy gun fanatics! - just saying im only 13 and even I think this

  • Preparing to fight a pathetic enemy

    If you actually think about it the only major threat at this time is NK which is hardly a major military force run by strategic masterminds.
    The country operates 10 carriers that will never all be needed and its nine amohibious assault ship are bigger than most carriers! What all this money should be spent on is healthcare, education and law enforcement agains crazy gun fanatics! - just saying im only 13 and even I think this

  • America is not the world policeman; we have our own problems too.

    US military spending is excessive and extremely high compared to other countries. NATO, comprised of our European allies, maintains already sufficient spending levels, half of ours, but at comparable levels with China, the third greatest spender. The rest of the world can "police" itself. America is already economically, diplomatically, and culturally dominant over the rest of the world... Why do we have to OVERWHELMINGLY militarily so?

    Why should we spend so much on the military, when it does nothing to solve problems that kill and harm way more Americans, such as crime and gun violence? The US doesn't need such a ridiculous amount of spending on "protection" that isn't really "protection," but is really an offensive sledgehammer that tramples on other nations sovereignity.

    Terrorism is guerilla war, and cannot be solved through brute military force. The best way to address terrorist threats is through homeland security, diplomacy and cooperation, and economic sanctions on countries that harbor such threats.

    There are no large scale conventional military threats to fear. There is no reason to fear China. Our countries are economically bound together. Democracy is prevalent in +80% of the world's countries, and democratic countries are reluctant to go to war. There is no purpose for America to spend excessively at Cold War levels, when we already live in "a world safe for democracy," and when we aren't currently in any major wars.

  • Brains over Brawn's

    First off if there was ww3 no one would live after it because that is the nuclear war. As for those who support no you are saying that we should help every countries problems and ruin our economy more. If we choose to cut spending we will be able to cut our debt to the world. Another thing is that we don't need a huge army because there is no war against another country going on right now and we have nuclear weapons and a huge weapon arsenal also think before you act.

  • Too Much Funds

    More than 40% of the government earnings go to military funding's, and not enough on our education. There are so many people that are homeless, and living in the streets. These people need an education. They NEED to have better lives, so they can actually get somewhere. We are too ready for war, and yet none is coming.

  • It is hurting our economy

    I really think that we should cut the military budget. It is hurting our economy by spending more than half if it on the military and not spending as much on the children and even the adults who want and need a good education. If they aren't going to do it for the economy do it for the people.

  • Extensive Military means War.

    Remember Pre World Wars I and II where Germany and the other countries built up their militaries and it resulted in War? The US has built up its military to the point where it is a HUGE war machine. If we are all so focused on keeping peace and being democratic, why are we so ready for war?

  • 25 Cents to a Dollar

    Of your taxes go to the military budget while a combined total of 7.72 cents goes to education/job training, science, international affairs, and natural resources/energy/environment. We should drastically decrease military spending and downsize its arsenal/man power. Then we should invest in these areas to advance in scientific understanding and improve quality of life!

  • All Military Budgets should be cut worldwide

    The reason being is that we spend trillions on something that "might" happen and in the end can't prevent it in the first place. If every country instead spent money on research and education and "Invaded" other countries with teachers, new medicines, new technologies (NOT WEAPONS) then the world could truly start to heal. Military is an invention of the past that has long since surpassed it's usefulness.

  • A bigger army doesn't necessarily mean it is stronger.

    We currently spend more on military than the next 15 countries in the world combined. How about we strengthen our education, and blow countries out of the water with our intelligence, not rocket launchers. Also, the US military's need to pay world police man not only skyrockets the budget but threatens American safety as well. We should use these funds to improve our infrastructure such as schools and job training that make people more independent.

  • America will still be the #1 nation in the world.

    The Preamble to the Constitution states that the government must "provide for the common defense." While providing protection, America has denied the world basic human rights. By doing so, America has denied the world its sovereignty. It is not America's duty to place large standing armies at foreign territories. As the leader of the free world, the United States must lead the world towards democracy with a peaceful approach. Then can we only reduce the defense budget.

  • America will still be the #1 nation in the world.

    The Preamble to the Constitution states that the government must "provide for the common defense." While providing protection, America has denied the world basic human rights. By doing so, America has denied the world its sovereignty. It is not America's duty to place large standing armies at foreign territories. As the leader of the free world, the United States must lead the world towards democracy with a peaceful approach. Then can we only reduce the defense budget.

  • Less spending on the military and prisons, more on education!

    Young people today are in crippling debt thanks to the price of education. No other "first world" nation puts its students in quite as much economic distress. While the government continues to push education costs on families and individuals, they increasingly use more and more of the budget for prisons and the military. Education is key to decreasing war and crime, so the current spending model just doesn't make sense.

  • It seems excessive

    While I think the U.S. should maintain its status as the greatest military force in the world, we probably shouldn't spend so much on it. This Is where I differ from the Republican party (even though I agree with them on social issues). My approach to the budget would be pragmatic. We shouldn't dramatically increase taxes since that would be unfair to those who work hard (I am also talking about rich successful business people. It isn't easy to manage a business). What we should do instead is cut back on spending. I would prefer making cuts in all areas of the budget (including defense) until our budget matches what we take in. It is ridiculous that the government spends about a trillion more than it takes in. By the way, even if many people were taxed at 100% rates, it would still not be enough to pay down the defecit.

  • Is v v important

    I know the stuff so much of the stuff is known i know it all i am even writing this argument we spend way too much on military and very little on schools. We spend almost 40% of the world military spending. (thats a lot). Seriously. We spend more that china, the uk, and other conries combined, too much

  • Is v v important

    I know the stuff so much of the stuff is known i know it all i am even writing this argument we spend way too much on military and very little on schools. We spend almost 40% of the world military spending. (thats a lot). Seriously. We spend more that china, the uk, and other conries combined, too much

  • We spend way to much

    I agree that we need a large military, but the problem is that we are neglecting things that can aid our economy and our military in the long run. We need to put more money into education, and we need to make sure we do not go to far in debt. We already have too much money to pay off why make it even worse.

  • Cancer eating away at this country

    Like the Roman Empire, we have a huge military with hundreds of bases around the world but now it is consuming 60% of federal budget. Like a cancer it will kill the patient. Rome became rotten inside. We have a dysfunctional government, our schools have to have constant fund raisers to educate our children, our sick and elderly are thrown into the streets because our healthcare system is broken, our corporations move manufacturing overseas, and the middle class is disappearing. We are becoming a hollow shell of a once proud country. All we have left is a powerful military that meddles in the affairs of other countries, creating hatred around the world. It must stop. The revolution is coming.

  • Yes, Yes, Forever Yes

    - We don't need to police the world. It's arrogant to think we need to.
    - Military people are one of the few jobs where a person can support a family. You get housing, good pay, and benefits. Try asking someone making $8 an hour to support anyone other than himself.
    - For those who say we won't have the best technology. We will. If we cut down 20,000 soldiers, a bunch of bases, and decommission a few ships, we can use that money to treat the soldiers better and still have money left over. The only way your argument makes sense is if we cut spending and still tried to keep the same amount of people in the military. That makes no sense. It should be a military REDUCTION and part of that is spending. It's not like we are going to keep the same number of soldiers. Some soldiers will have to go to the private sector. Once that happens, you can see how bad it is. I know it's going to be hard giving up the great pay/benefits.
    - Simple plan: Shut down all bases except one in Europe, one in Asia, one in South America and one in Africa. Just ONE! That's 100+ bases we can shut down and save money. Reduce our military numbers in half. We are more advanced than any other country in terms of military. We have more bombs and most countries want our trade so they wouldn't start wars. The only legitimate enemies we have are so far underpowered it's funny. Yet you military people act like there is a major war we should be fighting. We are bleeding money to give it to contractors.
    - World War 2 showed us a horrible enemy... And do you know what happened? Teachers, factory workers, and people from every walk of life signed up for the military to defend our great country. If we ever get into a major war again, we will sign up and defend us again. But to have a constant, incredibly large standing army is ridiculous. It's about time we reduce our army to peacetime levels and stop looking for wars just to keep it growing. The only people that win are the government contractors.
    - We have children graduating high school without being able to read, graduating math and science students somewhere around Somalia's percentages, children going hungry, people unable to afford insurance for their families, wondering how they are going to eat next, home ownership is down, people's savings are down, the men and women who stood up and fought in World War 2 when we needed them aren't going to have Social Security... And you greedy, ignorant, narrow-minded people want to have a standing army at a level that is unsustainable. When the country fails, it won't be from a war. It will be from economic collapse and you have no one to look at but yourselves. No more blank checks for you!

  • Yes, Yes, Forever Yes

    - We give money and weapons to people (like Afghans) who then turn around and use it against us, starting wars which cost even more.
    - Most countries don't want to fight. We spend multiples more than any other first world country on our military.
    - To people who say "well we won't have weapons and armor," Yes you will. We won't have as many members in the military and we won't have as many bases. This way, with the money we save, we can treat our current military better and reduce the overall size of the military.
    - It's a lame argument to assume that just because there are cuts doesn't mean it will come out of a soldier's pocket. We will have less soldiers, so the ones who are left will be treated better.
    - To the wife who complained that military cuts are hurting her and her family. Military families are one of the few types of careers where a single parent can support a family. You get housing, money and benefits. Try telling the guy making $8 an hour to support a family or afford a house. He can barely support himself on that salary much less children or a wife.
    - We have schools shutting down or going private because we don't have enough teachers.
    - To the person who said we won't have the best technology if we cut military spending... If our schools are shut down, we will need to hire foreign scientists, which mean state secrets will be in foreign hands since we don't teach our own children science.
    - The military is huge because its a decent pay for many people who are uneducated. The world changes. It isn't military that is going to win anymore, it is economics. Our country will not fail from being invaded. It will fail from superinflation and the poorest of the country not having enough to survive. The only way to change is to keep the economy healthy and educate our people so they can survive in an increasingly advanced world. We are low on the list of countries pumping out math and science graduates. We have people graduating high school who can't read. We have children going poor. We have homeless. With all of these problems, we don't need to spend 50% of our budget policing the world. We bring ALL the troops home. Defend our country with our army, our navy and our airforce. We have oceans on both sides. It's a military defensible country. We are going to have a worldwide army while we have poor, uneducated, starving people at home.
    - Finally.... If we ever want to have peace in the world... We either need to take over every other country or reduce are military. Russia was defeated by overspending and ignoring its people. Millions died. Same with Germany in world war 1. If we don't cut spending, we will turn into just another idiotic country who couldn't learn from history.

  • All of this is completely useless.

    Even though many people think that we are in need of as much protection as we can get, in reality, we do not need all of this protection. In fact, all of the countries that people claim want to attack us have absolutely no interest in the United states. Basically we are throwing money to the wind buying all of this useless protection that is not needed. Now I’m not saying that we shouldn't’t have any protection at all, but I am saying that we should not be wasting all of this money on useless protection that does not serve any purpose. Protection should also have it’s limits.

    We spend far too much annually. We are the one country that spends more than any other country with our military spendings. Second is China, but we spend about 39% of the total world military spendings, and China only spends about 9%.

    Also, many people say that cutting the spending money wouldn't really do anything because we are already deep in dept, but that is not necessarily true. Think of it like a piggy bank. You want to buy that one toy that is always on the shelf, but you can’t afford to buy it right away. You have a piggy bank and each week you earn a certain amount of money. Over time, you will have saved enough money to buy that toy, and you may have even saved a little extra, so that you have a head start on your next saving. The military spendings could be used in the same way. If they saved instead of spend, then over time they could come out of their dept and also possibly have the extra money to spend when you next need it.

    We are wasting money on putting our troops out to “Protect” ourselves and other countries. All that we are doing is wasting our money and making every other country see us as the enemy. If we could just stop all of this then maybe the world as a whole could slowly come together.

  • We don't need it

    The United States has outspends the next 16 countries in the world in military spending. If we cut that in half, we still outspend the next eight. The United States does not need a vast gigantic military, but a smaller more elite and efficient army. We have bases in Germany, Turkey, Korea, and Japan. Do these countries really need our military bases anymore? As Bill Maher said, get rid of the American Empire and bring our troops back home.

  • Cut Military Spending for the Sake of Mankind

    Why do the local police need to be militarized? Why are we spending billions of dollars on full metal jackets for "training" exercises? On a study conducted by the Huffington Post, it showed where we spending $516 billion dollars more than the country that comes in second in the world for its military; China. Then with the money sucked from the taxpayers used to make weapons we export 30% of that. Do the taxpayers ever see that money or is that money invested back into the American people?

    We spend billions to spy on so-called "terrorist organizations" and any threat to America and even spy on our allies. For what? For the safety of the American people? Anyone with half a brain knows that the "War on Terror" is something that could never be won, because there is no true enemy, thus more money spent on the military, and more freedoms are taken away little by little.

    Cut military spending because as we all know every single aspect of our government is corrupt. Politicians are paid of to put laws in favor of "Corporate America". George W. Bush was paid $3 mill. To write legislation in favor of Shell. This was proven. Debolt, a company that wrote code for voting machines, accidentally released source code confirming that voting data can be manipulated. It was confirmed that the voting machines themselves were corrupted, even the mainframe computer that tallies all the votes in America was corrupted. It took a guy 5 minutes to break into every single voting machine. It was also discovered that documents shredded and thrown in trash showed where the Republican party paid Debolt in one report over $100k to basically write the code and do things in their favor.

    For the fiscal year of 2014, a proposed and estimated 57% of our discretionary spending will be on our military. This has pretty much been this way for some time, the numbers are there, there is no denying this. Not a single other aspect of our government's discretionary spending will exceed 10%, with government, education, and veteran's benefits, the next largest amount of discretionary spending, totaling out at 6%.

    Cut spending because it has been proven that our military spending budget cap has been exceeded by nearly $55 billion dollars, and this is illegal because to go beyond the cap is against the law. We need, no WE MUST cut spending on the military because, this isn't a democracy, this isn't even a limited democracy, republic, empire, or so on. CUT SPENDING BECAUSE THIS IS AN OLIGARCHY. Cut spending because it's obvious to those that do their research that the Illuminati is real, and have an agenda to control the world. Cut military spending because in order for the world to maintain an equilibrium through the current implemented system, 500 MILLION PEOPLE can only remain alive in the world. So to stop this, you hit them where it hurts, their wallets.

  • Spending more than EVERYONE

    Data from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute shows that we spend more than China, Russia, the UK, Japan, France, Saudia Arabia, India, Germany, and Brazil combined. That's a lot of countries. So even if we did cut our military spending, we're still going to be spending more than other nations. And according to the SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, in 2012 the United States spent 39% of the world’s total of military spending. China spent only 9.5%, and they’re the country that spends the most after us.

    That means that even with some cuts we're still going to be spending the most in the world and we will still be number one. Cutting some of the budget isn't going to suddenly throw us into some spot of weakness.

  • We will still have the most powerful military in the world, only our economy will grow EVEN MORE in other things.

    The U.S. Is currently spending more than 500 billion $ on military expenditures. This money should shift to supporting domestic infrastructure, food, health, and education for our future generation and out people to prosper which ultimately builds our economy.. It should not be cut suddenly but gradually to further grow our economy.

  • No Real Benefit

    The size of our military is much less based on our need for an adequate defense as it is to impose our will on the rest of the world. The budget could be cut dramatically without appreciably reducing our capacity to defend ourselves. What we would lose is our ability to use our military in countries where they are not wanted. It seems far wiser to reform the UN so that it has teeth, greater resources, and a clear policy and allow the UN to take over the role of peacekeeping. Also, it was our economy and production capacity that was the United State's true legacy in the previous world wars. As the national debt grows and production capacity wanes we will not have the same ability in future wars. It seems far more prudent to make cuts now, and preserve this wealth for when it is actually needed.

  • Congress is neglecting our youth, our future.

    We are spending too much on defense. We already have the best and most advanced military technology, but we almost completely neglect education. I know that education and public funding for schools are managed by the state government, but there is so much that the federal government could do for public schools.

  • Yes, if we are serious about dealing with the deficit.

    If we are going to have serious budget cutting at the federal level, then there should not be any 'sacred cows.' We can more than adequately defend this country and reduce defense spending by setting priorities.

    Two ways we could start to do this could be done would be (1) move the bulk of the heavy force (the Air Force and Army) in the National Guard and Reserve (2) close overseas bases instead of in the US.

    As JFK said, we should figure out what threatens us, develop strategies to counter those threats, build structures to implement the strategies, and finally cost it. If we did that, we could do a lot more for a lot less.

  • infrastructure expenditures vs. the military industrial complex spending.

    Even one of our greatest generals and President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, warned of the dangerous military industrial complex. Even though military expenditures are 5% of the GNP, U.S. Military spending is 41% of the entire world spending on defense. All efforts should be concentrated to eliminate the huge wasted monies spent by such a large budget. Any efforts to eliminate waste in the military budget are obviously superficial. All future wars need to be for our national survival and not to feed the military industrial complex and the egos of our leaders.

  • Food, Health and Education First!

    We need have a special treaty with all nations to stop manufacturing guns and bombs for at least a trial period, maybe say a year or two. And we can put the defense money to better use like food for the poor, better health care and education, which will lead to healthy and happier lives. We need to have an open debate and negotiation with all countries to slow down on weapons and bombs, there are already too many bombs. We should think about coming generations and humanity which will only last if we act now. Let's not create the situation where we have to go to war in the first place.

  • Economic security

    We need to focus on our economy and focus our security efforts in social economic justice. Our "military industrial complex" has given rise to military dominance and arrogance but more importantly it has depleted our ethical and financial legitimacy, created fear, and has put too much of an economic dependency on our country.

    It isn't terrorism or nationalism that threatens our country... It is our deficit. If we can not pay for defense there will be no defense.

  • Military budget should not be cut.

    Military needs to be strong, We want to be number 1 in power. We don't want to be the last in world. China has the biggest army. We should at least beat China. Yes we need to pull our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. We had enough. We did what we can.

  • Who will protect you?

    I am currently deployed, I was taking college courses while I had free time here, they took our tuition assistance, no more school for me. The budget is effecting our food sources, the food is now rationed. Our equipment is diminished and becoming more outdated by the second compared to foreign military units. The people who are voting yes are saying lets spend our money on the poor and education.... they are making us soldier poor, hungry and taking our education. Please understand the effects of less military funding. I have a daughter who I work hard to support. Less military funding means us not being able to afford food. Now there is rumor of cutting tricare, how will I afford to take my daughter to the hospital?...Just think before you say cut from the military, we are only 2% of the American population.

  • Freedom isn't free

    We need to cut pork, fraud, waste and illegal immigration. The White House operational budget last year alone was $1.5 bil. With countries like China, Iran and North Korea threatening our security, and an unstable Middle East, we need to increase our defense budget. We don't need an ill-equipped, half depleted military defending our national interests. Proper troop levels, sound equipment and training are not only just, but necessary to maintaining a free state. You cannot allow our national defense to operate on a shoe string budget.

  • Military means safety

    Why would we want to cut the one thing that protects us. The U.S. has already meddled in so many other countries that friendships are definitely dwindling. No one expected to have a WW2 either but we did, and there is a possiblity that we will have a WW3. And think of all the people who have died for our country. How is it fair to take Americans out now when so many have already sacrificed their lives for us.

  • The government has three major roles.

    These are protection of its people, helping its people by promoting commerce and trade, and building things such as roads, bridges, etc. If we quit spending money on the military, it will go to the useless crap that much of it goes to now. We need to cut a little bit from the military, but the debt will be lowered once we cease spending money on the useless bills that Pres. Obama and company are trying to force trough.

    Posted by: jjow
  • Our troops over seas

    Police officers and firefighters risk their life daily but until they wake up at 0500 in a plywood shack in 110 degree weather with the fear that if they walk out that door in their uniform they might step on a IED or try to help a kid who needed it but instead had a bomb blow up in their face. Until they wake up with an M16 hanging above their head knowing that tonight when I fall asleep the front gate to my base could be blown open we could be overrun I could be shot right here where I lay my head. Until they live over seas from their family, from their kids, from their girlfriend or wife not knowing if they will survive the 9 month tour they are on. Until they wake up every morning wondering if my wife or girlfriend whom is thousands of miles away is staying faithful or is waiting for me on our couch we bought. Until those police officers and Firefighters have a chance of their vehicle being blown to bits on a routine patrol, then they may get their benefits and the salary that military has. Until then and only then could that happen police officers and firefighters are risk takers to but they get to sleep on a nice bed at night and they get to be right down the street from their family not only that they have the benefit of standing on American soil surrounded by those who love them, unlike our troops who are surrounded by those who wish the worst upon them even though they are just following orders and doing what needs to be done to avoid having the horrible accident of 9/11 happen again.

  • We are Freedom

    When the world comes crashing down...Were do the people look? They look Straight at the stars and stripes. How can the united states help others when she can barley defend her own borders and the military is constantly being cut? How on earth can the people being slaughtered by ISIS be helped by America if we cannot protect and save ourselves? Yes It sounds like a good idea to cut down on spending...But we need to be cutting that spending in places that are taking more and more money that the Government should not be spending. They are supposed to be defending us not handing us money and buying us healthcare. Because in the end if we don't have a strong military what good are those things. This last best hope on earth Is a better than anywhere else in the world and we need to keep it that way.

  • No it shouldn't be decreased

    If we decrease military spending will the military people get less money for risking their life's for our service which they could have gotten killed? Or what about the military's family they will get less for their love ones being in service? We need to take all this in consideration when we look at a question like this.

  • It weakens our military and keeps us from getting the equipment we need.

    I say this because we need top of the line equipment to better protect and defend our soldiers. Would you go into combat with a faulty M16 or a messed up flak jacket? No, but if military spending is cut more and more faulty, messed up, and broken pieces of equipment will find its way into the arms of our soldiers. Obama has no right to cut military spending, and so I ask you do you honestly believe that military funding should be cut.

  • Why cut it?

    First of all, the military should be given what they need regardless of cost. What are we suppose to do without a strong military. Very basically stated, some other countries would be like " Hey look, Americas been downsizing their military for a few years now. We weren't that stupid however. Our militaries together could totally whoop Uncle Sam's ass now."
    Do you see my point here? It doesn't even make sense to downsize the military for economic reasons either. Like I said earlier, they should be given what they need. If our military is badass enuogh then who would dare threaten us?
    Think about it for a minute then ignore it as anyone with power would do; oblivious to the constituency opinions.

  • Who will protect the right the Military has given us?

    We are the free, because of the brave. That saying says it all. Without the Military, we wouldn't have the freedom we do now. Cutting the spending, will slowly decrease the freedom we have. What will happen when we can't fight back? Other countries might invade our country and put our people in danger.

  • Absolutely not, military budget cuts will only hurt our country and the rest of the world in the long run.

    If you are one who agrees with cutting military spending in order to allocate tax revenue to 'more important' causes, not only are you foolish, but you do not understand the current geopolitical climate and are in desperate need of a history lesson.
    Our nation's military IS the most important thing we spend our taxes on hands down. One thing people need to understand is that the world has been in a constant state of conflict since World War 2. There has not been one short break of peace for over half a century. We were lucky enough to have a generation of Americans back then who put our nations interests above self interests and worked hard to keep our country free. With becoming the strongest country in the world came great responsibility. It is now our nation's burden to protect our allies and be able to respond to a crisis anywhere in the world within hours. This is why our military spending is so high in the first place. We have bases located all around the world and have the largest Navy operating in every major body of water. China and Russia do not have a global military presence and that is why their budgets are significantly less than ours. It is important that our military is this big because it allows us to secure our overseas investments and it serves as a deterrent to World War 3. If you honestly believe it is impossible for another world war to occur, you are wrong. Its not a matter of IF, but WHEN, and the more money we cut from our military's budget, the quicker it will happen.
    Who is going to step up and volunteer when the next world war breaks out? The young people in America are a lot different from our grandparents generation. Back then it took months to mobilize and create the infrastructure to deploy our forces into battle and there was little opposition to the draft as many joined up and volunteered for military service and jobs in manufacturing. In today's world, a modern military is capable of striking anywhere in the world within days, even hours. In the 1960's there were widespread protests to the draft during the Vietnam War, what do think the young people in America are going to do today? We need a strong military that is well equipped and able to protect our nation and our allies without conscription because there are only a handful of Americans that are willing to give their lives for our country. People these days have no morals or honor and selfishly feel entitled. Do you really think an upper middle class female college student who only cares about taking selfies and the number of people who follow her on Instagram is really gonna get her hands dirty welding armor plating to a new tank on the production line in Detroit? Probably not, but you bet the Chinese are gonna have their people working overtime.

  • Who would have more influence?

    Who would influence you the most? Strongest and the best in the world or just an average nation? I rest my case. Should increase every year not decrease. If you want other nations to tell us what to do, go ahead and why don't you get rid of all the military and see what happens to the world especially us.

  • More military is better

    The united states of americas newest tank is a 50 year old design, Russia and China have been investing tons of money and people in new tanks, Russia says they are disbanding there nuclear program, there not, we have so far closed 18 minute man 3 sights. We have a week military at this point.

  • Obama is an IDIOT!!

    With all that is happening in Crimea and the Malaysian Airlines flight, we should be helping search for the airplane and help the EU. We are doing the opposite. The Pentagon is shrinking the army to pre-WWII amounts. This is an outrage! We should be a world superpower, not an nobody in military strength.

  • Because merica a

    The continued paycheck increase for all troops also would be slowed from 40 percent since 2001 down to only 1 percent in the proposed budget. One-star generals and admirals and above would have their pay frozen. All housing budgets also would drop from 100 percent down to 95 percent, and commissaries would get cuts to some of the subsidies that keep prices at the on-base shops low.

    The Marine Corps would lose a significant number of troops, dropping from its current level of 190,000 to 182,000, and focusing on its traditional role of crisis response and maritime-based missions.

    Airmen also would say goodbye to the U-2 spy plane in favor of a drone alternative, the Global Hawk. This decision represents a broad approach for the military, enticed by the cost-effectiveness of unmanned platforms like the Global Hawk, as well as the Predator and Reaper drones that cut their teeth in the skies over Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • No it should not

    It should not be cut for two reasons. One is that we could be threatened by other countries at any point in time. Also that we have to cut this because of our downfall in money if it was not for the economy's money crisist we would not have to cut. Plus the number has not changed just are money crisis

  • It puts us in a for worse position if there were an attack.

    I am doing a current event on military budget cuts for my government class and these are just some of the cuts that they're doing:

    The number of Army soldiers would fall from 520,000 current active troops down to between 490,000 and 440,000 -- a level unseen since the end of World War II. If sequestration persists through 2016, that number could fall to 420,000.

    The continued paycheck increase for all troops also would be slowed from 40 percent since 2001 down to only 1 percent in the proposed budget. One-star generals and admirals and above would have their pay frozen. All housing budgets also would drop from 100 percent down to 95 percent, and commissaries would get cuts to some of the subsidies that keep prices at the on-base shops low.

    The Marine Corps would lose a significant number of troops, dropping from its current level of 190,000 to 182,000, and focusing on its traditional role of crisis response and maritime-based missions.

    Airmen also would say goodbye to the U-2 spy plane in favor of a drone alternative, the Global Hawk. This decision represents a broad approach for the military, enticed by the cost-effectiveness of unmanned platforms like the Global Hawk, as well as the Predator and Reaper drones that cut their teeth in the skies over Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Navy would scrap the 20 extra littoral combat ships (LCS) it originally thought it would build, leaving the force of “vanilla platforms” designed to fight submarines and find mines at its current projected level of 32. Concerns over the LCS’ ability to operate in a hostile environment has prompted the Pentagon now to develop a more lethal alternative.

  • Stop government spending!

    This government is so incompetent and enough is enough! They need to stop spending on entitlements because the only ones entitled to anything are those who work hard and those who defend this nation! STOP cutting the military and control your own spending!! We need real leadership in this country!

  • We need the troops

    I think a cut down to 500 or 600 billion dollars a year is understandable but more than that is crazy. We need to reduce foreign bases, army strength down to 450000 or so, and nuclear capabilities. But we need to keep our navy and air force strong for power projection because if we dont our allies will lose faith in us and our ability to protect them. To get rid of the deficit cut entitlement!!

  • Like a kid in the candy store.

    The problem isn't the amount of money it's how we spend it. We spend billions on new military toys that could blow Russia off the face of the earth while the men and women that man those toys are payed in gum. Don't take money away from the military just make them spend it better

  • It should not be cut

    In order to stay on top we require the best and most equipment, training etc. If we had anything less we would be a target for many. Until you know how important our spending are you don't have a say, this is the only way to insure the safety of the U.S. Because when you are the top dog you have to be strong in all aspects .

  • We are the Number One Military power in the world

    If we cut the military budget, we cut their funding for new technology, as well as funding for building weopns, bullets, and body armour. If our millitary didnt have these things then we would not be here right now. If you cut the millitary budget, then our troops would have less ammunition, weopons, and ways of protecting their bodies from enemy fire. You people need to think on how this would affect us as a country if we cut the budget. Then think about how it would affect us if we didn't cut the budget. Which would you feel safer with?

  • Cutting spending for the military won't help domestic programs.

    People think that cutting money from the military will help domestic programs; that the money will be put into helping education and health when in reality it won't. I do believe that funding those two programs is beneficial, cutting money from the military won't help them. That money would go straight into the governments officials pockets and other useless programs. Why cut money from the military, the people who protect you and keep your country safe and keep you able to LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT?

  • We should not cut spending.

    The point of a strong military, is so that other countries don't dare to mess with it. You have Marines talking about how Obama is now funding an $8 million dollar uniform change for women to change their hats to look more 'girly', as fellow Marines say. They say they hardly enough funding for bullets, and yet we are going to waste it on useless uniform change? You guys act like cutting the military wont do harm to it, however it will. If you are heads and shoulders above other countries, then no one will mess with you. You do realize out biggest threat to our LIFE are foreign nations? Why put that in jeopardy to save a few bucks when cutting military spending wont even come close to getting us out of debt since you can't obviously cut it all that much.

  • Effects the others as well

    It should not be cut. We are the world power and help every country that needs us. How can we continue to do that with less troops and equipment. I am a Marine wife and I feel the effects on our paychecks to how my husband feels when he comes home. No military tuition assistance doesn't give our service members a life outside when the get out of the armed forces. Taking away benefits for retired and disability vets is bull crap. They risked there life and for what now to be crapped on and become homeless. Military life is not an easy one and if they do the pay cut it will be almost impossible to even survive.

  • Cutting the military won't get us out of debt.

    We have spent since 2001 $1.4 trillion dollars due to the War on Terror. Our current debt is $17 trillion, so in other words only 8% of our debt was caused by the war. Cutting the military won't do anything to slow it down. The real problem is our Social Security. If we really want to get out of this tremendous debt, our government officials need to find ways to fix our Social Security, not take away from what protects our country. It's the same as turning off your A/C and radio in your car to save on gas, but then refuse to actually stop at the gas station and fill up; eventually you will run out.

  • no we're living in a time where we need to be combat ready

    In this time and age we need as many resources for our military as possible, with the sequestration we're looking at around 100 billion in cuts this year alone. All branches except the air force are being cut and its not right. We are a world super power and we need to stay at our current level. We want to protect all these allied counties and what not but we're overselling and under supplying.

  • Our military is what keeps us free.

    I wish it was that simple as to just cut spending, but what made this country so strong was our military. We have been on the brink of economic collapse many times and most recently the worst since the Great Depression, but one of the reasons no other country tries to over take us is because of our military. To cut that would be to open up the back door and turn our heads and let the enemies walk right in.

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