Should Mitt Romney run in the 2016 Presidential Election?

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  • He is he only level headed candidate in the Republican Part.

    He is not very good at image crafting, which is why he struggled to gain traction and fight the negative perception created around him. His advisors foolishly held him back, didn't let him speak from the heart -- they managed him. People know him well enough not to get jumpy when they see some weird piece of news, he will be more comfortable and better understand the election process. He's very competent.

  • Thoroughly vetted, no skeletons and more likeable and human than Hillary or other GOP hopefuls...

    The new documentary "Mitt" has done more to humanize and endear Mitt Romney and his family than anything I have seen to date. He comes off as humble, authentic, genuine, hard working and likeable than any candidate I have ever seen since Reagan. If only the electorate saw this side of Mitt in 2012, the outcome would have been different. However, compared to Hillary , he comes across as a truly honorable man who has no hidden agenda and someone that you would want as your boss, friend of dad vs the Machiavellian Clinton.

  • Run, Mitt, run!

    Romney would hit the ground with both feet running as soon as he would be elected. He has experience and knowledge in business, both starting up and saving businesses from going under. He understands economics and how the capitalistic system works and thrives. He represents a solid role model for a family leader, an American patriot, and someone who believes in the greatness of America and in Americans. He is a leader of men.

  • The Perfect Man to "clean up" Washington!

    Last night I watched the Mitt documentary on Netflix, and I couldn't help but notice how often Mitt rose out of the comfort of his seat to gather trash, pick up a piece of paper from the floor, or go onto the balcony to gather windswept garbage -- and throw it away. Never once did he look to someone else, his kids, or an aide to collect the mess -- or even ignore it altogether -- he took care of it -- graciously and humbly -- not once, or twice, but several times. Actions speak louder than words. This man is no slouch! When it comes to cleaning up, he literally gets down to business and gets the job done!!! Mitt, please run again in 2016! As the saying goes, "three times is the charm!"

  • America Needs Mitt Romney

    Americans made a huge mistake electing Obama not just once but twice. It's going to take a man like Mitt to cleanup this mess we are being led into daily. We need a man that knows how to create wealth and jobs. For all you socialists out there, wealth creates more wealth, opportunity. We are weaker domestically, not to mention internationally. Romney is a real man who loves the USA and will do what's right for her, not for the leftist anti American bunch that Obama loves......

  • We Beat Him Once We Can Beat Him Again

    Maybe the 47% will not remember and the middle class will vote for him to put them out of their misery. He has lots of kids and lots of money maybe he will start to spread the wealth. Maybe he has seen the error in his ways and will try to be a better human being.

  • He continues to be a class act - even after his own party beat him up!

    Occasionally I hear idiot talk show hosts say, "if we had run any other candidate..." and it makes want to scream! These blow hards do not grasp that Romney was the last man standing because he was able to fund raise and complete his sentences without relying on assault tactics used by bullies like Newt Ginrich and Rick Perry. I am frustrated by the Tea Party because they can't seem to grasp that refusing to find middle ground is as bad for the country as what the left is doing. We need someone who is able to provide a calm. Convincing arguement - not a baby who just digs in his heels and refuses to budge. We have that already and no "tea party" candidate has shown an ability to compromise. This country is screwed unless we find common ground somewhere and I believe without any doubt that Mitt Romney is the only one out there right now with that capability. Talk show hosts should just shut up.

  • Best man for the job!

    Mitt Romney predicted that Obama care would not deliver as promised. He was right about so many things. I think America needs a strong leader with integrity and a head for business. Yes he is successful, but don't we need someone who can lead our nation to success! Since when is the American dream a crime to achieve.

  • Best Person For The Job

    Most qualified person to run for this office in the last 100 years,has extensive business experience very honest ans a true family man who could lead this nation to new prosperity and growth,he has great family values,would never lie to the American people and would select qualified people to be on his cabinet

  • A Born Leader

    We need a honest and truthful President. Legally Romney is President, the Election was not legal. Obama was NOT born in the USA. He lies to the American people, plus he is distroying America. The media won't let people know the truth about Obama and what he is doing to America.

  • Why The Heck Would He?

    Obama is not a good president. Debt has gone up, unemployment has barely budged, and there has been NO CHANGE. But we could have done worse, enter Romney. There is nothing wrong with being religious. But The man wears magic Mormon underwear. The Church of The Latter Day Saints borders more on cult than religion. Any man who believes that God lives on the Planet Kolob having sex with thousands of women to continue the human population or that a man found gold plates in the woods and put them in a top hat and everything he said was true. Like the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, Native Americans were originally white and Israeli or that Jesus came to the Americas. Shouldn't HOLD ANY GOVERNMENT POSITION. Religion shouldn't be involved in government anyway.

  • No,Mitt Romney should not run in the 2016 election.

    No,Mitt Romney should not run in the 2016 election.First,he is perceived by many as being out of touch.Many may feel like they just can not identify with him and therefore won't vote for him.He also needs more to raise money because running for president in this day and age can be a very expensive proposition.

  • I disagree with this

    Shall have a different person besides obama and romney. Romney is so a strict person and we hate romney just because of his rumors of getting rid of other things that disturb him. They want everything the way they wanted it, not changing again and again. It's not fair to us.

  • No he should not run

    Romney should not run in a national election again because he was part of such an inept campaign in 2012. He would not "go for the juggler vein" in the debates. He could have said "Bain Capital at its worst created less unemployment than Obama at his best. And Obama at his best created fewer jobs than Bain at its worst" However he was to reserved, and it cost him. A person needs to be both suited and experienced to be President. Romney had only one of those qualities.

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