• Yes because people love it

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  • I definitely agree that MMA should be a high school sport because it encourages the fighting of others

    This increased knowledge behind fighting will increase the number of interesting battles in the hallways and classes, making school much more fun! Such occurrences may further result in meming opportunities from audiences nearby, thus helping both the fighters with fame and the audiences with fun! With this as well, more injuries would result in more health bills, helping doctors and their families. It's a win-win-win situation! Most importantly, who doesn't enjoy memes?

  • It should be

    But not as something that students have no choice but to choose. I suggest that it should be one of the sports a student can choose for athletics. There are many students who would want to learn real combat sports but they either can't afford it, it's too far, or no transportation. MMA may have violence and aggression, but it's the students choice if they want to be in a competition or not. MMA teaches discipline and those who takes it seriously will not be able to be part of a fight unrelated to the class. MMA is also for all ages, just because it's violent does not mean only adults can do it. Although I suggest the sport to be available only in 8 grade, or higher, when the students are starting to mature. It's all the students' choice, students at this age should already know what they are able and cannot do. And they can always quit if they think it's not for them.

  • MMA would toughen kids up and teach them discipline hardwork

    I am a high school student i think they should because most my classmates are pussy and don't know how to fight and defend themselves also it would teach everyone hot to work hard. MMA would be fun and teach kids what life is like teach them are they gonna stay down and cry or get back up and keep fighting

  • This is mainly why it's safer and would be of help.

    How many fist fights break out in schools per year? How many settle things more dangerously on the streets? Well I can say a lot. Most can be killed on the street because the outside world is very dangerous at times, especially in rougher and low to middle class environments. This sport would give an opportunity not only self defense education, but it would also provide a safe environment for tensions to deescalate if talking is no longer an option. With proper equipment, set of rules, safety crew, etc. Some may argue that what about the people who are recording the fights, spread negative rumors, bullying and ect. My answer to you is back in the days when people didn't have technology or really used weapons how were the fights? Majority of the senoir citizens I have engaged in talking to about how fighting back then differs from now is they (meaning senior citizens) would have a good old fist fight one on one with someone in a park in somewhere to there liking and not have to worry about other's joining in to assist not having to worry about weapons coming into play. Today most kids use social media to record illegal activity including primarily fights, drugs, and weaponry where in some places are not allowed either by law, by state or city limits. So again would you rather want your kids to engage in an activity where not only can they learn a self defense combat sport and have a safer environment on the streets and community or should we let it go at the rate it's going with more school fights, school shootings and other types of violence and bullying.

    To those who still think that it's too violent of a sport and some kids will get their teeth kicked in or lights knocked out, keep one things in mind. Out on the street where your are lost or encounter a problem, if you think calling the proper authority figures will help, remember also that it takes time for them to get to your location and also what if your short on time and the other person is already prepared to harm your child or you, are you going to want to that your child can be safer now that he/she can defend themsleves or would you rather make it a worse case scenario for these kids. Rape, Violence, Even death can happen to people in the streets and it would be better to know that your child knows to fight back and call for help rather be fear driven and get taken advantage of.

    Keep in mind children K-12 can not have weaponry in schools or any near so if they walk home with no protection then really who has to face danger at the end of the day?

    Keep your kids safe and let their be combat sports and other type of defense classes and activities in schools. We want the best for our children.

  • Very honest sport

    This sport is very diverse. As a high school student, I would like this sport to be a part of my school. Many of my peers do some type of martial art outside of school and I'm sure many of them would participate in the sport. If we have wrestling then why not mixed martial arts?

  • Yes because its a very discipline sport

    Mma its a very discipline sport and it should be added in high schools all around the country to show our students discipline and well behavior. And the requirements you need to join a mma team . Mma is not about violence its about discipline. Also it can teach self defense to our students.

  • Builds discipline in people

    I have noticed most student don't have the discipline to properly keep a healthy life style. Obesity is one of the biggest issues in America and M.M.A. Can help bring obese people to a healthy weight if they do participate in the sport and keep doing it. At the same time it builds confidence to stand up to bullies. Plus it will teach the kids positive moral lessons.

  • Its a sport.

    We have football which does alot of damage to people anyways. Plus kids get into fights everyday in school. So why not have an environment where they can battle it out, but it is being watched over. It is an official sport plus it can teach self defense in the process.

  • It teaches self reliance

    In team sports you are used to having a teammate helping you out. If kids are constantly being helped they can't survive alone. In life you won't always have a teammate to help you, and what good can kicking a ball do in your life?
    In high school the students are not little kids anymore. I am in high school and I learn Martial Arts and compete in MMA, I rarely get bullied and never bully anyone. On the other hand my classmates who don't train constantly get into fights, bully the smaller kids, and get bullied by the bigger ones. They don't realize how dangerous fighting is, and the only way to learn it is through training. I think MMA should be a high school sport, anyone about thinks it's too violent, you are right but that does not mean it should not be learned. Most movies and video games are more violent, but Martial Arts teach how to avoid that violence and use it for self defense. After all, it's not a math lesson, anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to join.

  • No

    While I think it's fine if high school kids in their free time want to train for MMA in a gym with somebody, I think you're going to have too unbalanced a playing field if you include it in high school sports. You're going to have naturals going up against kids that are completely unprepared and they're going to get their lights knocked out.

  • No. It is for adults.

    Because of the extreme violence and danger involved, and the limited benefits (no teamwork), there are more negatives than positives to offering this in high schools. I don't believe that people under 18 have the capacity to decide if this is something they truly want to pursue. Many kids may even feel pushed into it. There is no need to rush into this sport.

  • Not necessary at academic institutions.

    Allowing for combat sports at institutions of compulsory education has lead to serious problems. Those who are weak and don't realize that they are weak get humiliated by the strong and that ruins their teen life.

    In case of any lawsuit, it becomes a problem with the institution/school district. I have enough problems with bullying on high school wresting teams; and, I myself am a victim of it.

    Combat sports at such places are not necessary. In fact, all combat sports including wrestling can be learned somewhere else. I respect those who want to take up combat sports, just as long as they learn it NOT on school grounds. Combat sports have NO place at such institutions.

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marc222 says2017-11-07T01:19:03.887
It should be. It would teach kids to be disciplined, brave and not be afraid to stand up for themselves. If kids are being bullied, then they can go teach the bully a lesson and bullying rates would go down, and with MMA and fight training kids would be working out hard and start to get fit lowering child obesity rates making less obese adults. And boxing should also become a high school sport for the same reasons, plus if we make boxing and mma high school sports, we could get scholarships and have a chance at going pro and j say this because I’m a high school student and I think it’d be a good idea.