Should Modeling Agencies Change Their Standards For Weight and Size?

Asked by: Paristime123
  • There needs to be plus size models for plus size women to make them feel better about themselfs

    If i was a plus size women and i saw a skinny model i would feel bad about myself and i would think that i could never do something i wanted if i wanted to be a model because modeling agencies would not hire me because i am plus size. That is why there needs to be plus size models to make plus size women feel good about themselves.

  • They should let girls of any size join, not only the overweight people

    I am a skinny girl, i just got accepted to be an aberkombie kids model. I noticed a lot of the girls are REALLY skinny, their is nothing wrong with being skinny, but there were not any ¨big¨ girls, girls of all sizes are beautiful. I totally understand that they might not want to have the obese people modeling, but they also dont want to have anerexic moldels....... Therefor they should let anybody, with the accepton of so,e.

  • Do you own the place?

    You do not own these agencies. Therefore, what they do is their choice, not yours. They can hire whoever they wish to, and you have absolutely no say whatsoever in the matter. You do not get to dictate the choices made by modeling agencies. If you honestly dislike who they hire and what they stand for, do not send money their way. It is not a difficult concept.

  • Nope, they can do whatever they want.

    I don't go into a person's establishment and tell them to sully thier image and what they want to promote because I don't agree with it. It makes no sense to do this.

    If you believe a modeling agency would do better with larger weight and size requirements, by all means start your own company that does this, and kick the crap out of the other people who didn't.

    In short, if you think the market wants something, give that thing to the market, it'll tell you if it wants it. If it does, great, if not, oh well, you tried.

    No reason to enforce a company to change its values simply on the basis it makes some people upset. Well, lawfully anyway.

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