• We need the ocean to survive.

    Given the rate at which we're dumping wastes into the ocean and the rate of over fishing, we definitely need to allocate more funds to oceanic study so that advances can be made in the sector. Apart from preserving the ecological balance, maintaining our oceans is important because a rise in water levels has the ability to wreak havoc on human civilizations.

  • Yes, more advances should be made.

    Oceans are the next unexplored frontier. There is so little about our oceans that we understand, and so much more that we could learn. There is so much worth knowing about the ocean. It could hold so many secrets, including things that could change life as we know it. At the very least it would be exciting and new.

  • Oceanic studies have potential

    I believe that further advances should be worked towards in the field of Oceanic Studies. The depths of the Ocean are less known to us than the surface of the moon and the lifeforms and creatures that could live down there have the potential to change how we think about life.

  • Sure, why not?

    I am all for advances in any scientific area. As we explore more of the ocean, we learn more about our planet as a whole. It would be great to see some of today's students passionate about studying science instead of just being excited to chase these fake Pokemon around everywhere.

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