• Overfishing is a big problem

    Overfishing is a big problem because fish and other sea creatures are a very big source of proteins. In the 30 to 40 years seafood will be off the menu. Because of overfishing, the bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna and many more are diminishing because people do not care about the oceans. All they care about is making profit.

  • More be done to prevent overfishing.

    If over-fishing continues at its current rate, there will be no fish left for future generations. Governments and fishermen should come together to help stop the problem an preserve current fisheries. If current breeds of fish go extinct, fishermen will be out work, and people will loose an important source of food.

  • Yes more should be done.

    There are many breeds of fish that have been over fished to near extinction. This is not good for the environment or humans. If we are not careful there will not be any edible fish left in the lakes or oceans. We need to limit fishing on those fish that are at risk and have a low population.

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